Calendar for 2017

  • Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop on January 14, 2017; conducted by two local well known arborists at a one-acre private Goleta Valley orchard; lecture followed by hands-on opportunity to practice what you learned while guided by arborists
  • Promoting Pollinator Friendly Gardens. This popular event provides instruction on how to make your garden attract and nurture pollinators in your garden and will be presented on Saturday June 24, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at the Terra Sol Garden Center, 5320 Overpass Road, Santa Barbara
  • Garden Bugs – Keeping the Good, While Safely Reducing the Bad; local garden expert to discuss how to promote the presence of bugs helpful to your garden, while reducing bugs and pests that threaten our gardens. This event is in the planning stage. The date and location to be announced later
  • Late Summer Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop; late summer after fruit trees have produced their fruit is another good time to prune your fruit trees. Join us to listen to local experienced arborists explain how to maximize your fruit tree production and participate in hands-on training. This event is in the planning stage. The date and location to be announced later

About Goleta Valley Beautiful

Goleta Valley Beautiful is a nonprofit environmental, community service, and educational organization with an emphasis on beautiful, healthy, sustainable, water wise landscaping, serving the Goleta Valley and Santa Barbara County since 1974.

Goleta Valley Beautiful recognizes outstanding residential landscaping projects. We encourage creative drought tolerant planting solutions, including the planting of native, drought-tolerant plants, and water conservation measures. Look for garden tours, educational workshops, seminars, and volunteer opportunities. Properties may be residential, commercial, or public, such as schools. Award nominations may be submitted through our website or by leaving a message at (805) 203-6490.