How to Fertilize Roses for Big, Beautiful Blooms?

Roses perform quite well when they have a continuous supply of nutrients. Knowing when and how to fertilize your roses is important to keep the plants healthy and productive.

Roses, like all other plants, require various primary nutrients to grow and produce healthy flowers.

Ideally, a good fertilizer should have a great balance of all these nutrients. If you are growing roses in pots, we highly recommend you to check out this article on Living Boosts, 20-20-20 fertilizers will quickly add nutrients to your potted roses with a great balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, and nitrogen.

Benefits of Having a Garden in the City

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5 Ways to Turn a City Green and Beautiful

The fast industrialization and population increase that the world has seen in the 20th century has had a variety of effects. Urbanization has accelerated due to expanding industries and building activity, which has also caused the environment to lose its greenery. It has even made people too busy with their daily lives to communicate with one another.  The absence of green space in cities has led to the world becoming a concrete jungle with tall buildings on every corner.  This has an adverse effect on both the physical and mental health of its inhabitants. In order to restore equilibrium due…Read More