Tips for Growing Tomatoes in an Urban Garden

Tomatoes are a staple in every home. So it makes sense to give it a try and grow them at home. But for urban farmers, you need extra research due to limited space.

Homegrown tomatoes taste better and are blemish free. They are also firm but juicy with a sweet but tangy taste. You also get to know where your food is coming from.

Determinate varieties – Determinate tomato plants are smaller and more compact than indeterminate varieties. They make a good choice for urban gardens. They also have a shorter growing season. This is a big plus in areas with a shorter growing season.

Tomatoes need a lot of space, if you consider growing tomatoes in pots, Backyard Gardeners Network recommends you choose a large pot. A suitable pot should be twenty inches in diameter. But for most dwarf varieties, you can still grow them in smaller containers.

Benefits of Having a Garden in the City

Living in a city is challenging. Obtaining a plot of land to plant your ideal garden is even more difficult. However, this does not have to be the case.  Even in small spaces, you may grow food by using urban gardening techniques including community gardens which are public plots of land, whether rural, suburban, or urban, where residents can cultivate fruits, flowers, and vegetables  But should you even try to grow your own food? Is urban gardening worth the time and effort? Let’s look at the 8 incredible benefits that come from having a garden in the city and why…Read More