June 2014 Newsletter

A Final Word From Executive Director Ken Knight

This is your last Goleta Valley Beautiful  newsletter from me. 

 Goleta Valley Beautiful will continue

The GVB Board is continuing and is in the process of discussing its future direction. Continuing on the GVB Board are: Jeff Boyle, Zea Bauer, Eli O’Donohue, Richard Turner and Phebe Mansur.  The mailing address remains the same, PO Box 6756, Santa Barbara CA 93160.   The primary contact for GVB will be President Phebe Mansur. 

Thanks to departing GVB Board members for Lea Hagglund, Adriana Garcia, Kristyn Payne, Tina Staroselsky, Stefanie Farmer, Jake Paschke and Tami Mason for their service.

Ken Knight is NOT retiring from urban forestry

Although I will not be working full time for Goleta Valley Beautiful, I will continue working in the private sector as a Registered Consulting Arborist as I have done part time for the last ten years.  I’ll be working full time as Kenneth A. Knight, LLC - Registered Consulting Arborist.  As a Registered Consulting Arborist, I serve as a consultant and advisor to individuals, businesses, legal and governmental entities, environmental organizations, homeowners associations and other arborists in complex tree cases.  More information about what I do is on my website

Ken Knight is NOT retiring from volunteer community service

I will continue to volunteer a portion of my time as a technical consultant for urban forestry projects that benefit the public throughout Santa Barbara County . 

Who will care for the trees GVB volunteer have planted?

Since 2001, GVB volunteers have planted 4,500 trees in public places and provided 36,000 volunteer hours to establish and maintain these trees.  Wherever GVB planted, we made arrangements with City/County/State agencies, school districts, UCSB and others to provide ongoing maintenance.  Most of the trees we planted are native or from Mediterranean climates that need little care once established, so the maintenance needs are not likely to be significant.  Of course no tree lives forever, and given the challenges of a tree surviving in urban areas, we still need to plant more trees.    

The volunteers are what made Goleta Valley Beautiful special, just like those that helped on our last major project, the creation of a 150 tree oak woodland at Coal oil Point.  That is a fitting way to end this chapter.