December 2013 Newsletter

GVB Donates Trees to Habitat for Humanity

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     Joel from HOH and GVB volunteers with donated trees                Tom Tran root pruning

       On Saturday, Nov. 23rd GVB donated nine trees to be planted at Habitat for Humanity’s Canon Perdido Affordable Homes project. The trees will be part of landscaping for the 12 new affordable homes. The nine GVB volunteers, providing 27 community service hours, prepared the trees for transport from the Devereux nursery by structurally pruning the roots and branches. The 15 gallon size trees all grown by GVB included 6 Catalina Cherries (Prunus illicifolia lyonii), 2 White Alders (Alnus rhombifolia), and 1 Fern Pine (Podacarpus gracilior). If you would like to volunteer to help build these homes contact .

Trees for Veterans Program Continues

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               Mary Jochum                                       Earl Stanfield                             Robert Crowder                                     Jim & Nancy Harvey

       Veterans are continuing to take advantage of Goleta Valley Beautiful’s free shade or fruit tree program.   The project focuses on getting veterans involved in community service, and benefiting them directly with free trees and supplies for their homes, and on the grounds of veteran’s services buildings.  We’ve had some veterans walking into Home Depot and asking for a tree, but although the Home Depot Foundation is providing funds,  the program is actually operated through Goleta Valley Beautiful so contact us please.  Veterans have a wide choice of shade or fruit tree species, but DELETE , BUT according to available supplies.  All supporting planting materials will be provided with the trees, including a hose to water the trees if needed.  Goleta Valley Beautiful arborists will provide technical assistance and lead all volunteer planting projects aimed at involving interested veterans of any ability, along with a strong network of supportive community volunteers and available Team Depot staff. 

      Veterans living in Santa Barbara County interested in participating in this program either as a tree recipient and/or as a volunteer can contact Goleta Valley Beautiful at 685-7910, by e-mail, or by mail at PO Box 6756, Goleta CA 93160-6756.  This is a limited time offer.  This program will continue through the end of February or as long as funding permits.  

November Activities

Young Tree Pruning Workshop

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      Dougal House, Instructor                                              Bill Spiewak, Instructor

Goleta Valley Beautiful kicked off the 2013-2014 pruning season with our annual Young Tree Pruning workshop in November. Instructors Dougal House, Bill Spiewak, and Ken Knight presented the latest in structural pruning techniques according to ISA and ANSI standards. This year we also concentrated more on young tree care specifications as well as fruit tree pruning. This is the time for structural pruning of young trees. If you have questions, call us at 685-7910 before you prune. Your trees are a valuable investment, and many times pruning may not be appropriate or necessary.


Currently scheduled GVB pruning events include the following dates:

December 7th, , 14TH, 21ST – 9 - noon – Meet at Devereux Greenhouse, then onto Goleta elementary schools    

Science Night at Foothill Elementary

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Science Night at Coastline Christian Academy

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    All of our events are posted on our website volunteer events calendar at  Summaries of our events are also listed on our website calendar.  We do have special projects for students interested in earning community service credits, and weekday events.  Roadside trash collection in the Goleta area continues on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays.  Call Don and Judy Nason 964-4895 to RSVP.  Call 964-7117 to participate in graffiti removal and to report incidents in your area as soon as you see it.

Intern Positions Available for Winter Term 2014

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         Goleta Valley Beautiful has multiple openings for student interns to work  directly with Certified Municipal Specialist Arborist Ken Knight.   We have part-time paid and unpaid positions of 4 hours or more per week available beginning after the first of the year.  Each intern with develop a flexible weekly schedule totaling 40 service hours or more per term.  We want to accommodate student class schedules, while at the same time maximizing student learning opportunities.

         Position titles include Urban Forester Interns working on tree nursery and educational outreach, Urban Forest Researchers developing new projects with the Executive Director, Urban Forestry Environmental educators working with school projects, Mapping Interns updating our Google Earth and Access database systems containing our inventory of over 3000 trees planted by Goleta Valley Beautiful, and Grant Writing Interns preparing funding proposals provided by the Executive Director.  For more information on intern positions and community service projects contact Goleta Valley Beautiful Executive Director, Ken Knight, at    

City of Goleta Public Tree Advisory Commission (PTAC)

       At the November 20th,  Public Tree Advisory commission meeting, staff reported that they are developing specifications for young tree care and sending it to their contractors.  At the previous PTAC meeting, GVB had urged the adoption of these standards and we are pleased to see the City acting quickly to initiate them.

       Among other concerns, GVB requested the PTAC address the contradictions in the urban forest management plan caused by the Goleta City Council March 2013 actions. The contradictions have created conditions that have prevented GVB from doing any street tree planting in the City of Goleta during 2013.

Goleta Valley Beautiful News Briefs

In Memoriam

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    Jonny Wallis 4/14/46 to 11/3/13              2/2/02 First Day Tree Plaque           Jonny & Council planting tree on 1st day of new city  

     Longtime Goleta Valley Beautiful supporter Jonny Wallis passed away recently.  One of her first acts on 2/2/02 as Councilperson for the new City of Goleta was to join with her fellow Councilmembers and GVB to celebrate the first day of the City by planting a tree.  The Coast Live Oak on the grounds of the Goleta Valley Community Center stands today in tribute to her support for planting trees in the City of Goleta. 

GVB is working with the City, with the support of Peoples Self Help Housing, to plant an oak in Old Town Goleta in commemoration of her contributions to the Goleta community.   


2014 Annual Membership Renewals Coming in the Mail and Online

        Our 2014 annual membership renewals have been mailed. If you like what we do, please help support GVB in any amount you can.  If you would rather renew online, please remember that the credit card companies charge a 3% fee.  In light of increasing costs, please consider increasing your support from last year.


Providence Hall Students Movin’ On Out

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Providence Hall students helped move our work tables as we transition from our Devereux Greenhouse site. 


Holiday Tree Rental Program Suspended for 2013

       Due to the moving of trees from the Devereux Greenhouse, the GVB Holiday Tree Rental Program will not take place this year.  Check back with us again next year.


New Video!  Investing from the Ground Up: Community Tree Success

      Did you know that trees improve mental health, reduce stress, reduce heating and cooling costs, and increase property value by 15% or more?

These are just a few benefits of trees, to learn more check out this 5 minute video:


Help Wanted – Goleta Valley Beautiful Committee Assignments

       Don’t have time to volunteer for service on the Goleta Valley Beautiful Board - we have several limited term projects where we could use your assistance in areas such as grant writing, office assistance, data input, phone contacts, and other projects that could be done in either the Goleta Valley Beautiful office or at home.  Call 685-7910 to let us know what you are interested in doing.

Thanks also to last month’s sponsors including: Devereux, Sares-Regis Groups, Pacifica Suites, Marborg Inc., Alpha, City of Goleta, UCSB Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (CCBER), California Urban Forest Council, UCSB Coastal Fund, Goleta Union School District, Santa Barbara Unified School District, California ReLeaf, Santa Barbara County Resource Recovery and Waste Management Division,  and hundreds of GVB donor members. Please mention to our supporters how much you appreciate their support of Goleta Valley Beautiful.  You can find the list of our donor members at our website at

Statistical information about previous tree care events including the amount/locations of trees and volunteers can now be found in the archives of the education section of our website.   

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