Goleta Valley Beautiful News   - December  2009 

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  • Goleta  Residents  Receive Free Street Trees Sponsored By California Releaf
  • Fickle Rains Require Ongoing Monitoring of Young Trees for Water, Mulch Needs
  • December Volunteer Calendar
  • 2010 Calendar Year Membership Renewal Fliers Mailed Did you get yours?
  • State of the Goleta Urban Forest Report -November 18th Meeting 
  • Goleta Valley Beautiful News briefs
  • November Volunteer Project Summary
  • Are County Street Tree protection Procedures Adequate?





 Goleta Residents Receive Free Street Trees Sponsored By California Releaf

GVB volunteers in November planted trees on parkways at Amherst, Stow Canyon and Daytona Dr.   Your street could be next!   GVB is taking orders to plant one of the following allowed species in your parkway at no cost to you if you qualify; Australian Willow, Arbutus, Chinese Pistache, Chinese Flame, Cape Chestnut, or Ginkgo. Unfortunately we have been unable to secure Chinese Parasol trees as no nurseries are currently supplying them.     

We have to take into consideration  city requirements for the location of driveways, utility lines above and below ground, street lights, fire hydrants and distance to intersections.  Even if you once had a tree in a location is no guarantee that you would be allowed to replant a new tree in the same place.  We also get encroachment permits from the City, call Underground alert to find out what is under ground, and install root shields (they are really diverters) where needed.

Give us a call at 685-7910 and well come check your property to see if you qualify.  Aside from City requirements, the only other requirement is that you agree to water the tree once a week during extended dry periods over the next two years while the tree is getting acclimated.  

For residents in the unincorporated areas of Goleta Valley, although the free street tree program is not offered in your area right now, give us a call if you want a street tree and we'll find a way to get one for you.

Free trees and treegators - Goleta Valley Beautiful offers a free treegator (portable tree irrigator) upon request from any GVB donor member for the care of their trees.  Treegators hold 20 gallons of water and it is a convenient way to put the correct amount of water on your trees each week.    GVB also offers to our members a variety of native trees for your own property including Island, Valley and Coast Live Oak, White Alder, Black Cottonwood, Sycamore, Torrey Pine, Redbud, Catalina Cherry, and other assorted trees.  Call us for further information at 685-7910. 

Fickle Rains Require Ongoing Monitoring of Young Trees for Water, Mulch Needs

As of this writing, it hasnt rained for over a month.  Even when the rains finally do come, it may not be enough.  If you have a tree planted within the past two years, the chances are your tree needs supplemental irrigation every two weeks.  Give you tree a good soaking with 20 gallons of water, or enough that the water slowly sinks in to a depth of a foot to two feet.  A maximum four inches of mulch around your tree (not touching the trunk) will help to prevent runoff.  I you are in need of some mulch and or a Treegator give us a call and well deliver some to you.

December  Volunteer  Calendar    

No experience needed, all tools provided.  All volunteer opportunites are supervised by experienced Certified Arborists. Families welcome as long as adults are present to supervise their children.  Please RSVP at 685-7910 to confirm your attendance.  Community service credits available for all activities, bring your forms to the volunteer event.

Tree Care 

Sat. Dec 5 am  9 am to Noon Dos Pueblos High Learn how to correctly prune a shade tree - meet at 7266 Alameda Faculty Parking Lot by the Distinguished School Sign. RSVP 685-7910

Sat. Dec 5 , 1 pm to 4 pm  - Young tree care at Devereux Greenhouse  and Growing Grounds .  Meet at 6980 Falberg Dr on the Devereux Campus.   RSVP and Call for directions 685-7910

Sat. Dec 12 , 9 AM to Noon  - Young tree care at Devereux Greenhouse  and Growing Grounds .  Meet at 6980 Falberg Dr on the Devereux Campus.   RSVP and Call for directions 685-7910

Sat. Dec 12 , 1 pm to 4 pm  - Young tree care at Devereux Greenhouse  and Growing Grounds .  Meet at 6980 Falberg Dr on the Devereux Campus.   RSVP and Call for directions 685-7910

Sat. Dec 19 , 9 AM to Noon  - Young tree care at Devereux Greenhouse  and Growing Grounds .  Meet at 6980 Falberg Dr on the Devereux Campus.   RSVP and Call for directions 685-7910

Sat. Dec 26 Christmas - No projects scheduled

Sat. Jan   2 9 AM to Noon Young tree care at Devereux Greenhouse and Growing Grounds.  Meet at 6980 Falberg Dr on the Devereux Campus.   RSVP and Call for directions 685-7910

  Litter Pickup

  •  Roadside trash collection in the Goleta area, 1st and 3rd Saturdays in November and December.  Trash grabbers and bags provided by the City of Goleta  Call Don and Judy Nason 964-4895 to RSVP  

Graffiti Removal

  • Call 964-7117 to participate in graffiti removal and to report incidents in your area.   

 Award Nominations

  • Goleta Valley Beautiful award nominations - Call  685-7910 .  We'll accumulate the nominations for the annual awards.  Call us if you are interested in contacting owners and writing descriptions of properties.       

2010 Calendar Year Membership Renewal Fliers Mailed Did you get yours?

We mailed the 2010 Calendar Year Membership Renewal Fliers just before Thanksgiving.  Please contact us if you havent received your flier, as we only do one mailing.

Why should you spend your hard earned dollars supporting Goelta Valley Beautiful?  Because of member support, we can leverage every dollar to earn an additional ten dollars.  And since we keep our administrative costs to below 15%, we maximize your dolarrs to spend  directly on programs.  So every dollar you donate is important, and no donation is too small.

 We have a few new options for Goleta Valley Beautiful membership for calendar year 2010.  We have a full time student membership option at $10.  For those interested in paying on line, we now offer the option of using Pay Pal for 2010 memberships.  Select the Store button under Support GVB on the website, and buy a membership    It is not as important how much you give, but the fact that a donation of any amount shows your support of what we do.  You can access it on our website www.goletavalleybeautiful.org .  If you have any suggestions on how we can do things better, or if you have a nomination or a question, please include that in your membership response, or give us a call at 685-7910.     


State of the Goleta Urban Forest Report - November 18th Meeting


      On Wednesday November 18th at 6:00 PM in the Goleta City Council chambers, the City of Goleta heard public feedback on the draft State of the Goleta Urban Forest.  This report is a compilation of known facts about the City of Goleta Urban Forest, which is simply defined as allof the public and private trees within the City.  A copy of this report is available on the city of Goleta website (www.cityofGoleta.org) and at the Community Service Department office at 130 Cremona Drive, Suite B.

      The preparation of this report is funded by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, along with matching contributions from the city of Goleta and Goleta Valley beautiful.  The City is still seeking comments on the State of the Goleta Urban Forest Report.  Additional meetings are tentatively scheduled for the third Wednesday of the month at Goleta City hall Council chambers, including December 16tth and January 20th. For additional information, please contact Cityof Goleta Arborist Bill Millar at 968-6848.  


  Goleta Valley Beautiful  News Briefs 

- Winter GVB Intern Positions available Were looking for a new crop of interns for the winter terms.  We have openings at the Devereux Greenhouse (UCSB students only eligible for a stipend, all other positions are voluntary, community service credit, or for academic credit) and positions connected with research and presentation of the Goleta Urban Forest Management Plan.  The term begins January 4 through March, and longer if desired.  These positions are valuable entry level experience that looks good on your resume.  Contact Ken Knight at 685-7910 for more information. 

-  New Goleta Valley Beautiful Logo unveiled The Board has updated the Goleta Valley Beautiful logo and youve seen it as part of the membership materials that came this month.  Let us know what you think.

-  Betty Rosness Honor Tree Dedication - On November 6th at 2 PM, a sycamore clone of the historic Goleta Witness Tree was planted by GVB volunteers in honor of Betty Rosness at the Goleta Girls Inc. facility on Hollister Avenue.   Betty was honored for her instrumental role in the construction of the Goleta Girls Inc. facility.  Betty was also a founding member of Goleta Valley Beautiful in 1974.   A large crowd of well-wishers turned out in Bettys honor.   

 - Venoco Grant Helps GVB Educational Programs Venoco Inc. provided a generous $1,700 grant to purchase educational materials for GVBs classroom and workshop educational programs.  Items included in the grant are two Flip video recorders.  These easy to use recorders will be used to record short instructional videos for our website (possibly through You Tube).  Also funded is a Dell PowerPoint Projector that will provide GVB with the capacity to make classroom and workshop presentations.

  -Shopping at Albertsons? Help them donate to GVB at no cost to you! -  GVB is a Community partner to Albertsons, and if you are registered with Albertsons, every time you shop there with your Preferred card, Albertsons will donate a percentage of your grocery total to GVB.  Its that easy.  To signup, see our website, or call us at 685-7910 and well walk you through the process.     

  -GVB Receives National Award - the Home Depot foundation and the Alliance for Community Trees presented the NeighborWoods award  to GVB Executive Director Ken Knight at the Partner's in Community Forestry National Conference in Portland on November 10th.  The award was in recognition of GVB being one of the ten non-profits in the nation to receive and implement tree planting programs in public and affordable housing sites.

 - Website updates- Check www.goletavalleybeautiful.org to see archived copies of photos from past projects dating back to 2000.  


November  Volunteer Project  Summary   




See website for additional photos www.goletavalleybeautiful.org

 Date                        Event                                           Volunteers    Service Hours      Trees Planted       Trees Maintained

Oct 29                      La Patera Science Night                    4                        12

Oct 31 AM                Greenhouse                                       4                        13

Oct 31 PM                Positano                                            2                         6

Nov 6 AM                  Goleta Girls Club                                2                         4                             1

Nov 7 AM                  Brandon Multipurpose Room               60                     261                           13

Nov 14 AM                Dos Pueblos High School                   48                     145                             9

Nov 14 PM                Dos Pueblos HS Tree Care                 10                       30                                                        30

Nov 21 AM                S Los Carneros Rd/ UCSB                  38                     102.5                         8

Nov 21 PM                Goleta Street Trees                             6                        18                           6


Totals                                                                             174                    591.5                        37                           30 


-The GVB/Cambridge Community Church litter collection crews provided  34 service hours collecting 14.5 thirty-three gallon garbage bags of roadside trash in November, for a 2009 cumulative total of 321 hours and 138 bags of trash. 


-Volunteer groups participating in November tree care included:  UCSB Honors Program, Dos Pueblos High School Leadership, Beautify Dos Pueblos, neighbors at Stow Canyon and Daytona Drive, Theta Nu Kappa, Santa Barbara High School, Circle K, Alpha Phi,, UCSB Environmental Affairs Board, Sigma Kappa Chi,  Sigma Pi, Santa Barbara City College, UCSB Vietnamese Student Association, United Community Church Youth Group, Delta Delta Delta, Kappa Alpha Theta, First Congregational Church, Chi Delta Theta,  Alpha Delta Chi, La Escuelita, Alpha Kappa Delta Phi, Hermanos Unidos, Brandon Elementary Students and parents, and Goelta Valley Beautiful,


 -Sponsors for these events included: UCSB Coastal Fund, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection,  City of Goleta, West Covina Nurseries, California ReLeaf, California Urban Forest council-Central Coast ChapterCamino Real marketplace, Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration(CCBER), Green Park Foundation, GreenWorks!, the Alliance for Community Trees /Home Depot Foundation,   Devereux of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Foundation,  Goleta Home Depot ,  Beautify Dos Pueblos, Goleta Union School District, Brandon Elementary PTA, La Patera PTA, Santa Barbara Secondary School District, Santa Barbara County Resource Recovery and Waste Division. and hundreds of GVB donor members.



        Are County Unincorporated Area Street Tree Protection Procedures Adequate?

The recent County Roads removal of a 28 Jacaranda at 5236 Plaza Aleman revealed a lack of due process for the treatment of mature street trees in the unincorporated area.  The County still does not consider trees as a priority when designing and reconstructing concrete infrastructure.  Modifications to typical road and sidewalk design to accommodate trees do not occur as a matter of policy as it does in neighboring cities of Goleta and Santa Barbara.  One of the purposes of a tree board is to solicit public input about the care and preservation of mature trees. 

The people at the National Arbor Day Foundation, which issues Tree City USA Awards, should take note of County procedures when the County is considered for renewal of its Tree City Award this year.   


   Support our Supporters

Please mention to our supporters how much you appreciate their support of Goleta Valley beautiful.  You can find the list of our donor members at http://www.goletavalleybeautiful.org/Membership.asp and those who have supported our Stewards of Goleta Valley fundraising campaign.

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