Goleta Valley Beautiful News - October 2009

October is NeighborWoods month - Check Volunteer Calendarfor tree planting and care events.

Photo by Dos Pueblos High School photographer Hana Giorgi


  1. Merlyn and Al - First Time Investors
  2. NeighborWoods Month/Volunteer Events
  3. Free City of Goleta Street Trees Sponsored By California Releaf
  4. September Newsbriefs
  5. GVB Interns

Merlyn and Al - First Time Investors

For the first time in the history of Goleta Valley Beautiful, two long-time Board members have formally bequeathed a portion of their estate to Goleta Valley Beautiful. Board members Merlyn and Cummings and Al Turnbull have invested in the long-term future mission of Goleta Valley Beautiful. This is a ultimate belief in the ability of GVB to plant for tomorrow. As the old adage goes "a society is judged truly great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in".
You too can bequest a portion of your estate to Goleta Valley Beautiful. The portion can either be an amount that you tell us or a percentage. Sample language for your bequest is stated below.

" I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to Goleta Valley beautiful of Goleta, California, a not-for profit California charitable corporation, the sum of $____________ (or the following described property or securities), to be used in such manner as its Board of Directors deems best to carry out its work and effect its purposes".

Through other similar language, the donor can make a charitable bequest of a percentage of an estate, or all the remainder of the donor's estate after other specific bequests have been made. Donors may also designate a bequest for a special purpose or establish a names memorial fund.
The federal estate tax and inheritance tax advantages of a charitable bequest can be significant. All estate assets given to the charity are fully deductible. Please contact us ad 685-7910 to learn more about how you can invest in Goleta Valley Beautiful through estate planning.

NeighborWoods Month/Volunteer Opportunities for October

No experience needed, all tools provided. All volunteer opportunites are supervised by experienced Certified Arborists. Families welcome as long as adults are present to supervise their children. Please RSVP at 685-7910 to confirm your attendance. Community service credits available for all activities, bring your forms to the volunteer event.
    Tree Care
  1. Sat. Oct 3 , 9 am - Noon - Young tree care at Devereux Greenhouse and Growing Grounds . Meet at 6980 Falberg Dr on the Devereux Campus. RSVP and Call for directions 685-7910
  2. Sat. Oct 3 1 pm - 4 pm - Young tree care at Devereux Greenhouse and Growing Grounds . Meet at 6980 Falberg Dr on the Devereux Campus. RSVP and Call for directions 685-7910
  3. Sat. Oct 10 9 am to Noon - UCSB Tree Planting and Care . Meet at UCSB Central Stores parking lot #37 on Mesa Rd. RSVP and call for directions 685-7910
  4. Sat. Oct 10 , 1 pm - 4 pm - Street Tree Planting . Meet at Calle real and St. Charles Place . RSVP and Call for directions 685-7910
  5. Sat. Oct 17 - 9 am - Noon - Dos Pueblos High School . Meet at 7266 Alameda Drive. RSVP 685-7910
  6. Sat. Oct 17 - 1 pm - 4 pm - Tree Planting. Meet at Devereux Greenhouse and growing Grounds, 6980 Falberg Dr. RSVP and call for directions 685-7910
  7. Sat. Oct 24 - 9 am - Noon - NeighborWoods Event . Meet at Positano Apartments, 11 Camino de Vida, off Turnpike, next to Highway 101. RSVP 685-7910
  8. Sat. Oct 24 - 1 pm to 4 pm - NeighborWoods Event . Meet at Positano Apartments, 11 Camino de Vida, off Turnpike . RSVP 685-7910
  9. Wed. Oct 28 - 9 am - Noon - Street Tree Planting. Meet at Devereux Greenhouse and growing Grounds, 6980 Falberg Dr. RSVP and call for directions 685-7910
  10. Sat. Oct 31 - 9am - Noon - tree Planting and care. Meet at Devereux Greenhouse and growing Grounds, 6980 Falberg Dr. RSVP and call for directions 685-7910
  11. Sat. Oct 31 - 1 pm to 4 pm- tree Planting and care. Meet at Devereux Greenhouse and growing Grounds, 6980 Falberg Dr. RSVP and call for directions 685-7910
  12. Greenhouse - variable hours in October - call us to see when we are there - we can make a special weekday trip if you give us a couple of hours notice
  13. Roadside trash collection in the Goleta area, 2nd and 4th Saturdays from August through October, and 1st and 3rd Saturdays in November and December. Trash grabbers and bags provided. Call Don and Judy Nason 964-4895 to RSVP
  14. Call 964-7117 to participate in graffiti removal and to report incidents in your area.
  15. Goleta Valley Beautiful award nominations - Call 685-7910 . We'll accumulate the nominations for the annual awards. Call us if you are interested in contacting owners and writing descriptions of properties.

Free Street Tree Program Underway For City of Goleta Residents Sponsored by California ReLeaf

GVB volunteers recently planted trees at St. Charles Place median and LaSalle Dr. Volunteers will be planting street trees on Ancona Avenue and St. Charles Place in a few weeks. Your street could be next! GVB is taking orders to plant one of the following allowed species in your parkway at no cost to you if you qualify; Australian Willow, Arbutus, Chinese pistache, Chinese Flame, Cape Chestnut, or Ginkgo . Unfortunately we have been unable to secure Chinese Parasol trees as no nurseries are currently supplying them.
We have to take into consideration city requirements for the location of driveways, utility lines above and below ground, street lights, fire hydrants and distance to intersections. Even if you once had a tree in a location is no guarantee that you would be allowed to replant a new tree in the same place. We also get encroachment permits from the City, call Underground alert to find out what is under ground, and install root shields (they are really diverters) where needed.
Give us a call at 685-7910 and well come check your property to see if you qualify. Aside from City requirements, the only other requirement is that you agree to water the tree once a week during extended dry periods over the next two years while the tree is getting acclimated.
Free trees and treegators - Goleta Valley Beautiful offers a free treegator (portable tree irrigator) upon request from any GVB donor member for the care of their trees. Treegators hold 20 gallons of water and it is a convenient way to put the correct amount of water on your trees each week. GVB also offers to our members a variety of native trees including coast valley and live oaks, alders, cottonwoods, sycamores and other assorted trees. Call us for further information at 685-7910.

September NEWS Briefs

GVB Board positions filled - we will announcing three new board members in next month's newsletter. Stay tuned.
-Thanks to Kitson landscape Management for the use of their 1000 gallon water trailer. We used it again on September and October to water the 140 trees we planted at the Southbound 101 Los Carneros Interchange off ramp.
- The new chipper at the Devereux Greenhouse sponsored by the UCSB Coastal Fund made a small of compost-to-be out of a huge pile of green waste materials.
- Thanks to the Christ Lutheran Church at 6595 Covington Way for allowing us to use their water to temporarily irrigate the new trees allow Los Carneros Road. We appreciate their generosity.
- Thom and Doug have just completed the first repairs to the Stagecoach signs. Volunteers are needed to monitor and repair the 56 Stagecoach signs installed almost ten years ago by a coalition of local groups including GVB. Wells Fargo is supporting the cost of doing maintenance to provide addition support to the wooden posts. Call 685-7910 to participate.
- Website updates- Check www.goletavalleybeautiful.org to see archived copies of photos from past projects dating back to 2000. A new website oriented to urban forests in the greater Santa Barbara County region is being developed at www.caufc.org, and specifically http://www.caufc.org/Regional%20Councils to learn more about the Central Coast Region Urban Forest Council.

September Volunteer Projects

See website for additional photos www.goletavalleybeautiful.org Date Event Volunteers Service Hours Trees Planted Trees Maintained
9/5/09 AM Greenhouse -2-5-0 -0
9/12/09 AM St Charles Place -3-10-3 -0
9/12/09 PM Greenhouse - 3-10 -0-0
9/19/09 AM Day of Caring - DP -246-956-29-57
9/19/09 PM Day of Caring - Devereux -40-120 - 0- 0
9/19/09 AM Day of Caring - Goleta Valley JH -27-83-1 -7
9/19/09 PM La Salle -3 - 10-1- 4
9/26/ 09 AM San Marcos HS - 57- 74-15- 0
9/26/09 PM Greenhouse -2 -6 -0 - 0
Totals = = = =383 = 1274 = 49 = 68

-The GVB/Cambridge Community Church litter collection crews provided 17 service hours collecting 7 thirty-three gallon garbage bags of roadside trash in July, for a 2009 cumulative total of 203 hours and 86.5 bags of trash.
-Volunteer groups participating included: UCSB Honors Program, Santa Barbara County Resource Recovery and Waste Division, San Marcos High and Dos Pueblos High School.
-Sponsors for these events included: UCSB Coastal Fund, City of Goleta, Green Park Foundation, GreenWorks!, the Alliance for Community Trees /Home Depot foundation, Devereux of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Foundation, Goleta Home Depot , Santa Barbara County Hhabitat for Humanity and Santa Barbara Beautiful. and hundreds of GVB donor members.

A Bumper Crop of Fall Interns

Greenhouse interns sponsored by the UCSB Coastal Fund include Tyler Markowitz, Chelsea Atwater, Adrienne Gembala, Gabrielle Ponce, Christina Morelli, Ashley Fu, Bridgette Arndell, Jodi Walters and Leah Schulman.
Our Urban Forest Management Plan interns include Cristina Cook, Mauricio Perez, Cassie Roth, Amy Linn and Kyle Knoeble.

Support our Supporters

Please mention to our supporters how much you appreciate their support of Goleta Valley beautiful. You can find the list of our donor members at http://www.goletavalleybeautiful.org/Membership.asp and those who have supported our Stewards of Goleta Valley fundraising campaign.
If the hyperlink does not work, you can cut and paste the link into the address area of your browser. Your comments to kennethknight@cox.net will help us build a better communications link. To remove your name from the monthly e-mail newsletter list, please reply to this e-mail with the word 'remove ' in the subject.

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