Goleta Valley Beautiful News - September 2009

NeighborWoods Month

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago when you were young
GVB Volunteer Opportunities (Community Service Credits available) - RSVP: 685-7910 or day of event: 252-1952.
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  1. Sandpiper NeighborWoods Project Inspires Residents
  2. Volunteer Opportunities for September
  3. News Briefs
  4. August volunteer projects
  5. How trees and forests inspire architects
  6. Support our supporters

Sandpiper NeighborWoods Project Inspires Residents

Thanks to the 17 volunteers who contributed 39 community service hours at the Saturday morning August 29th NeighborWoods Tree Planting and care event at the Sandpiper Apartments on 375 Ellwood Beach Drive. We planted 5 trees and did structural pruning to another 8 trees on site. The three New Zealand Christmas trees (Metrosideros excelsus) planted in the front parkway required rootshields per City policy, so we rented a trencher to assist in working through the dry clay soil. We also installed extra tree stakes for protection while these 15 gallon size trees get established. The Sweetshade (Hymenosporum flavum) and Australian Willow (Geijera parviflora) planted in the rear were much more easily installed, as they did not require rootshields. We also filled a pickup truck with tree limbs from 8 existing Australian Willows that had not been structurally pruned in some time.
In addition to the Sandpiper Manager and residents who participated in the tree planting, many neighbors dropped by and got involved in the action. Two Team Depot volunteers from the local Goleta Home Depot store provided muscle, along with a staff member from the Housing Authority of Santa Barbara County. Goleta City Councilman Michael T. Bennett stopped by to congratulate the volunteers on their efforts, and we topped off the occasion with a pizza lunch for the hardworking volunteers.
This planting was the third event in Goleta Valley Beautiful’s NeighborWoods initiative. Already this summer the group's volunteers have planted and maintained dozens of trees and vines at affordable housing sites throughout the region, and on October 24, they will join hands to plant 50 trees at Positano Apartments. Through its partnership with the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara, Goleta Valley Beautiful is helping to make local housing communities healthier, greener, and more affordable.
This campaign to improve the quality of life in Goleta through trees was made possible by a $10,000 National NeighborWoods Grant from the Alliance for Community Trees and The Home Depot Foundation. Goleta Valley Beautiful is one of ten organizations nationwide that received this highly competitive challenge grant in support of urban forestry and affordable housing partnerships.

Volunteer Opportunities for September

No experience needed, all tools provided. All volunteer opportunites are supervised by experienced Certified Arborists. Families welcome as long as adults are present to supervise their children. Please RSVP at 685-7910 to confirm your attendance. Community service credits available for all activities, bring your forms to the volunteer event.
    Tree Care
  1. Greenhouse - variable hours in September - call us to see when we are there - we can make a special weekday trip if you give us a couple of hours notice
  2. Sat. Sept 5, 9 am - Noon - Young tree care at Devereux Greenhouse and Growing Grounds . Meet at 6980 Falberg Dr on the Devereux Campus. RSVP and Call for directions 685-7910
  3. Sat. Sept 5, 1 pm - 4 pm - Young tree care at Devereux Greenhouse and Growing Grounds . Meet at 6980 Falberg Dr on the Devereux Campus. RSVP and Call for directions 685-7910
  4. Fri . Sept 11, 9 am to Noon - Los Carneros Interchange. Meet at the corner of Los Carneros and Calle Koral. RSVP and call for directions 685-7910
  5. Fri . Sept 11, 1 pm to 4 pm Los Carneros Interchange. Meet at the corner of Los Carneros and Calle Koral. RSVP and call for directions 685-7910
  6. Sat. Sept 12, 9 am to Noon and 1 am to 5 pm Street Tree Planting. Meet at Devereux Greenhouse and growing Grounds, 6980 Falberg Dr. RSVP and call for directions 685-7910
  7. Sat. Sept 12, 1 pm - 4 pm - Young tree care at Devereux Greenhouse and Growing Grounds . Meet at 6980 Falberg Dr on the Devereux Campus. RSVP and Call for directions 685-7910
  8. Sat. Sept 19 - 9 am - Noon - Day of Caring, Dos Pueblos High School . Meet at 7266 Alameda Drive. RSVP 685-7910
  9. Sat. Sept 19 - 1 pm - 4 pm - Day of Caring, Dos Pueblos High School . Watering and weeding. Meet at 7266 Alameda Drive. RSVP 685-7910
  10. Sat. Sept 26 - 9 am - Noon - San Marcos High School. Tree care. Meet at 4750 Hollister Avenue. RSVP 685-7910
  11. Sat. Sept 26 - 1 am to 45 pm Street Tree Planting. Meet at Devereux Greenhouse and growing Grounds, 6980 Falberg Dr. RSVP and call for directions 685-7910

Litter Pickup

Roadside trash collection in the Goleta area, 2nd and 4th Saturdays from August through October, and 1st and 3rd Saturdays in November and December. Trash grabbers and bags provided. Call Don and Judy Nason 964-4895 to RSVP

Graffiti Removal

Call 964-7117 to participate in graffiti removal and to report incidents in your area.

Award Nominations

Goleta Valley Beautiful award nominations - Call 685-7910 . We'll accumulate the nominations for the annual awards. Call us if you are interested in contacting owners and writing descriptions of properties.

Internships Photo GVB 2009 interns – Aaron Chinea

Part time fall internships (4 hours or more per week) for high school and college students in the areas of office work assistance, grant writing, tree inventory, greenhouse maintenance. Gain valuable experience and receive community service hours. Positions available now! Also 6 part time paid Greenhouse internships (4 hours/week-$250/term) available to UCSB students only for the fall term sponsored by the UCSB Coastal Fund. Call 685-7910 for details .

Stagecoach Sign Maintenance

Volunteers are needed to monitor and repair the 56 Stagfecoach signs installed almost ten years ago by a coalition of local groups including GVB. Wells Fargo is supporting the cost of doing maintenance to provide addition support to the wooden posts. Call 685-7910 to participate.

Free Street Trees For City of Goleta Residents and GVB members

The State tree planting grant funds are once again available. GVB is taking orders to plant one of the following allowed species in your parkway at no cost to you if you qualify; Australian Willow, Arbutus, Chinese pistache, Chinese Flame, Chinese Parasol, Cape Chestnut, or Ginkgo. The qualification has to do with whether there is sufficient room for the tree at your site given City requirements. We have to take into consideration the location of driveways, utility lines above and below ground, street lights, fire hydrants and distance to intersections. Even if you once had a tree in a location is no guarantee that you would be allowed to replant a new tree in the same place. We also get encroachment permits from the City, call Underground alert to find out what is under ground, and install root shields (they are really diverters) where needed.
Give us a call at 685-7910 and we’ll come check your property to see if you qualify. Aside from City requirements, the only other requirement is that you agree to water the tree once a week during extended dry periods over the next two years while the tree is getting acclimated.
Free trees and treegators - Goleta Valley Beautiful offers a free treegator (portable tree irrigator) upon request from any GVB donor member for the care of their trees. Treegators hold 20 gallons of water and it is a convenient way to put the correct amount of water on your trees each week. GVB also offers to our members a variety of native trees including coast valley and live oaks, alders, cottonwoods, sycamores and other assorted trees. Call us for further information at 685-7910.

NEWS Briefs

GVB Board positions open –Marvin Faucett will e joining our Board in September. We have one UCSB student position open, one San Marcos High position and one general Board position open, preferably someone with a financial /accounting background. We're looking to diversify our Board, so all individuals are encouraged to apply.
-Thanks to Kitson landscape Management for the use of their 1000 gallon water trailer. We used it again on August 8th to water the 140 trees we planted at the Southbound 101 Los Carneros Interchange off ramp. And no, we can’t tie into the irrigation system being constructed to water the new landscaping going in on the rest of the interchange.
- We were saddened to get a call from Goleta Union School District Maintenance telling us that 2 Liquidambar styraciflua ‘rotundiloba’ trees that students helped us plant about 4 years ago have been irreparably vandalized. Although the trees were strong enough to stand up on their own and did not have tree stakes attached, vandals broke off the 4 inch diameter trees at their bases. It takes a lot a effort to do that, it’s not a soccer accident. May the tree fairy dump on you dude.
- Website updates- Check www.goletavalleybeautiful.org to see archived copies of photos from past projects dating back to 2000. A new website oriented to urban forests in the greater Santa Barbara County region is being developed at www.caufc.org, and specifically http://www.caufc.org/Regional%20Councils to learn more about the Central Coast Region Urban Forest Council.

August Volunteer Projects

See website for additional photos www.goletavalleybeautiful.org
Date—Event—Volunteers--Service Hours--Trees Planted--Trees Maintained
8/15/09 AM-Caroldale/La Patera—0—0—4—0
8/15/09 PM--La Patera—0—0—2—0
8/22/09 PM--Goleta Valley Jr High—25—75—8—15
8/22/09 AM--Marvilla Median & Parkway—2—9—6—0
8/22/09 PM--Calle Real median & Kellogg--0 –0—2—0
8/29/09 AM--Sandpiper Ellwood Beach Dr--17--39 –5—8
8/29/09 PM-- Foothill School --2--3—3—0
8/29/09 PM--La Patera watering--2—3—0—0

-The GVB/Cambridge Community Church litter collection crews provided 17 service hours collecting 7 thirty-three gallon garbage bags of roadside trash in July, for a 2009 cumulative total of 203 hours and 86.5 bags of trash.
-Volunteer groups participating included: UCSB Honors Program, Santa Barbara County Resource Recovery and Waste Division, San Marcos High and Dos Pueblos High School.
-Sponsors for these events included: UCSB Coastal Fund, City of Goleta, Green Park Foundation, GreenWorks!, the Alliance for Community Trees /Home Depot foundation, Devereux of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Foundation, Goleta Home Depot , Santa Barbara County Hhabitat for Humanity and Santa Barbara Beautiful. and hundreds of GVB donor members.

How trees and forests inspire architects

William McDonough (architect) and Michael Braungart (chemist) wrote the book “Cradle to Cradle - Remaking the Way We Make Things” and decided to publish it on recycled and recyclable plastic. This book is not a tree, McDonough says. He eally admires trees.
“If we think about the tree as a design, it’s something that makes oxygen, sequesters carbon, fixes nitrogen, distills water, provides a habitat for hundreds of species, accrues solar energy, makes complex sugars and food, creates micro-climates, changes colors with the seasons and self-replicates.” He believes buildings should be like trees, cities like forests. They can be built to heat and cool people comfortably, be naturally lit, generate their own energy, aid in managing the area’s water supply, be home to native species, purify their own waste water, be entirely healthy for its inhabitants and even return nutrients to the earth. The buildings he has built have even saved their corporate owners money.
Besides the buildings, there are all of the things in them to think about with regard to environmentally intelligent design. “Design is the first signal of human intention.” McDonough's intention begins with the question: “how do we love all of the children of all species for all time?” Why do humans constantly design things that contain known toxic substances, things that are inherently dangerous to life? For example, there are 104,000 chemicals used in manufacturing, and of those, only about 30% of them have been tested for human health effects. What is with this? His company analyzes and categorizes chemicals according to their risk, so that they and other designers can make things that will work to our advantage, not to our detriment, in the future. Good stuff, in good buildings. Way to go.
http://www.mcdonoughpartners.com/ http://www.mbdc.com/c2c_mbdp.htm http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/william_mcdonough_on_cradle_to_cradle_design.html

Support our Supporters

Please mention to our supporters how much you appreciate their support of Goleta Valley beautiful. You can find the list of our donor members at http://www.goletavalleybeautiful.org/Membership.asp and those who have supported our Stewards of Goleta Valley fundraising campaign.
NeighborWoods Month