Goleta Valley Beautiful News - August 2009

GVB Volunteer Opportunities (Community Service Credits available) - RSVP: 685-7910 or day of event: 252-1952. Also visit our Volunteer Calendar

  1. Coastal Fund Grant helps GVB Get Greener
  2. Volunteer Opportunities for August
  3. What Internet Tree Donation Sites don^t Tell you
  4. News Briefs
  5. NeighborWoods Projects Continue
  6. July volunteer projects
  7. What Oprah Knows for Sure
  8. Support our supporters

Coastal Fund Grant helps GVB Get Greener

With the aid of a $3700 grant from the UCSB Coastal Fund, GVB has purchased a Chipper/Mulcher, weed whip and exendable pole saw for the Devereux Greenhouse. This equipment will not only allow us to reduce the mountain of green waste we generate, it will also allow us to make our own compost. GVB goes through about 150 3 cubic foot bags of commercial compost a year in our tree growing and planting efforts. By reducing and ultimately eliminating our use of synthetic fertilizer, we are getting a better organic compost product, and we are moving closer to our goal of sustainable urban forestry. The grant also funded UCSB interns to work at the Greenhouse this summer and fall. Aplications for interns now being accepted at 685-7910

Volunteer Opportunities for August

No experience needed, all tools provided. All volunteer opportunites are supervised by experienced Certified Arborists. Families welcome as long as adults are present to supervise their children. Please RSVP at 685-7910 to confirm your attendance. Community service credits available for all activities, bring your forms to the volunteer event.

What Internet Tree Donation Sites Don’t Tell You

It seems like everyone is offering to plant a tree if you buy their product, or they’ll purchase a carbon credit for you. Please read the fine print before you give your money to internet organizations who plant trees. Many have good intentions, but please read the fine print before you give your money to internet organizations. Investing in Goleta Valley Beautiful is better for three reasons, 1) We’re local (which I assume you are since you are reading this newsletter) and accountable because we live down the block from you, 2) we plant in public areas of the Goletta Valley, which means our trees will be sequestering carbon for many decades, and 3) we take care of our trees after they are planted because we depend upon you to help us. See our website for ways to support GVB

NEWS Briefs

10 tons of mulch stolen at Los Carneros Interchange-The 140 trees GVB platned last year at the Los Carneros Interchange are gernally doing well, until we discovered last week that the estimated ten tons of mulch that we have placed around all the trees had disappeared. It turns out that the mulch material is great for building nests and the local creatures lo9ved it so much that they took it away from the trees. Unfortuantely with our hot summers, many of the trees are feeling the effects of not having the mulch, so we will be watering this weekend.

GVB Board positions open -We have two UCSB student positions open, one San Marcos High position and one one general Board position open, preferably someone with a financial /accounting background. We^re looking to diversify our Board, so unique individuals are encouraged to apply.

Website updates- Check www.goletavalleybeautiful.org to see archived copies of photos from past projects dating back to 2000. A new website oriented to urban forests in the greater Santa Barbara County region is being developed at www.caufc.org, and specifically http://www.caufc.org/Regional%20Councils to learn more about the Central Coast Region Urban Forest Council.

Free trees and treegators - Goleta Valley Beautiful offers a free treegator (portable tree irrigator) upon request from any GVB donor member for the care of their trees. We also offer a variety of native trees including coast valley and live oaks, alders, cottonwoods, sycamores and other assorted trees. Call us for further information at 685-7910.

NeighborWoods Projects Continue

Sand Piper Apartments
We’ll be planting 5 trees at the Sandpiper Apartments in Ellwood on Saturday morning August 29th from 9 to noon. Come join us and the residents in making affordable housing more green. This project is sponsored through the support of the Alliance for Community Trees, the Home Depot Foundation, the Goleta Home Depot Store, West Covina Nurseries, the UCSB Coastal Fund, the Santa Barbara Foundation and the generous donations of hundreds of Goleta Valley Beautiful Donor Members.

Our final NeighborWoods affordable housing tree planting project is on October during NeighborWoods month when we will be planting 42 trees at Positano Apartments.

July Volunteer Projects

See website for additional photos www.goletavalleybeautiful.org
Date-Event-Volunteers-Service Hours-Trees Planted-Trees Maintained
7/3/09 AM-Greenhouse-5-12-0-0
7/18/09 AM-Los Carneros-2-8-0-0
7/18/09 PM-Greeenhouse-3-9-0-0
7/23//09 AM-Fun in the Sun-Ellwood School-1-2-0-0
Totals=Volunteers =11 Service Hours=31 Planted=0 Maintained=0

The GVB/Cambridge Community Church litter collection crews provided 17 service hours collecting 7 thirty-three gallon garbage bags of roadside trash in July, for a 2009 cumulative total of 203 hours and 86.5 bags of trash.

Volunteer groups participating included: UCSB Honors Program, Santa Barbara County Resource Recovery and Waste Division, San Marcos High and Dos Pueblos High School.

Sponsors for these events included: UCSB Coastal Fund, City of Goleta, Green Park Foundation, GreenWorks!, the Alliance for Community Trees /Home Depot foundation, Devereux of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Foundation, Goleta Home Depot , Santa Barbara County Hhabitat for Humanity and Santa Barbara Beautiful. and hundreds of GVB donor members.

What Oprah knows for sure
Check page 168 of the July 2009 issue of O. One of her favorite places to read is underneath the huge oak tree in her Montecito backyard.

Support our Supporters
Please mention to our supporters how much you appreciate their support of Goleta Valley beautiful. You can find the list of our donor members at membership and those who have supported our Stewards of Goleta Valley fundraising campaign.

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