Goleta Valley Beautiful News- February 2009       

Learn Pruning and Young Tree Care from Professionals at our February 7th Workshop   

GVB Volunteer Opportunities - RSVP 685-7910 or 252-1952 day of event.  Community service credits for school, church, scouting and all legal community service requirements available. All tools, refreshments and expert training provided.  All ages and groups welcome, with no experience necessary except as noted below.  Smaller children should have family members present for supervision.  Look for the one-ton white box GVB truck at the site.  Restroom not always conveniently available. For additional information, opportunities and current updates, visit the GVB Volunteer Calendar at www.goletavalleybeautiful.org 

  • Sat Jan 31st 9am to Noon Tree Planting and Care at Brandon Elementary School, 195 Brandon Dr
  • Sat Jan 31st 1 pm to 4 pm Greenhouse tree plantings. Planting acorns  and nursery care for the next generation of  trees at the GVB Greenhouse and Growing Grounds.   GVB Greenhouse is located at 6980 Falberg Way on the Devereux property west of Isla Vista. At the corner of Storke Rd. and El Colegio Rds, take Slough Road (unmarked-its really an extension of Storke Rd) one half mile and turn left onto Devereux Way.  Go up the hill 50 feet to a stop sign at the Falberg/Devereux Way intersection.  Make a right onto a a circular road that you take 1/2 way around (about 500') to an unmarked dirt road that leads down to the Greenhouse.  Call 252-1952 if you get lost. 
  • Sat Feb 7th 8:00 am - 2:30pm  Young Trees: Planting, Pruning and Care workshop @ Goleta Union School District Board room (401 N Fairview Ave) 6 Community Service hours/CEUs for attending.  Call 685-7910 to preregister.  
  • Sat  Feb 14th  No Projects, President's Day Weekend.    
  • Sat  Feb 21st   9am to noon.    Dos Pueblos High School Tree Care.  Meet in the faculty parking lot at 7266 Alameda Drive near the Distinguished School Sign  
  • Sat  Feb 21st   1 PM to 4 PM.  Tree planting.  Meet at  southwest corner of Los Carneros and Covington Way. 
  • Fri Feb 27th  8 AM to 5 PM Hollister Avenue Anti- Graffiti and Beautification Project #2.  On the south side of Hollister Avenue between SB Shores and Palo Alto.  Project to include planting of trees, vines and shrubs to deter graffiti and green the area.  Contact 685-7910 to volunteer. 
  • Sat Feb 28th 9 AM to Noon  Tree care at San Marcos High School.  Meet at the student parking lot on the Turnpike side of the school.  We'll be continuing the pruning and care of the trees that we have previously planted at the school. Call 685-7910 to RSVP. 
  • Sat Feb 28th 1 PM to 4 PM Tree Planting at La Goleta Open Space.  Meet at the southeast corner of Manzanillo Dr and La Goleta Drive.  Call 685-7910 to RSVP 
  • Science Nights Volunteers needed-we'll train you to help teach math and science concepts using tree-related exhibits .  Upcoming: Foothill Elementary (Jan 28th), El Camino (Feb 24th) and/or Ellwood (Feb 26th)  Call 685-7910 to volunteer. 
  • Devereux Greenhouse/Growing Grounds tree nursery care - Every Friday 9am  to noon and by appointment - Call 685-7910
  • Litter pickup 2nd and 4th Sat. - Call Don and Judy Nason 964-4895
  • Graffiti removal and reporting - Call Ed Graper 964-7117, edgraper@yahoo.com
  • Monthly Goleta Valley Beautiful Award nominations - Call  Zea Bauer  967-2211 
  •  Additional GVB ongoing indoor/outdoor volunteer community service activities including the Devereux Greenhouse and Growing Grounds, call 685-7910  
  • SAVE THE DATES!!  Friday March 13th 8am - 4pm  Project Learning Tree workshop emphasizing wild land interface planning and recovery. Held at UCSB as part of TEAWET training. 
  • Sunday May 3 in the afternoon - GVB Annual Membership and Awards Barbeque at Stow House Gardens  

Sign up now for Young Trees: Planting, Pruning & Care Workshop - Saturday Feb. 7th - Free with Advance Registration !   


Amateur gardeners, student volunteers (6 hours community service credits) and seasoned professionals (6 CEU's available) are welcome to attend our hands on young tree care workshop on Saturday February 7th.  Some of the best arborists in and out of the area will be leading the workshop, including Dan Condon (visiting from Michigan), Bill Spiewak (see his class description below) and our ever popular pruning expert Dougal House, Jr.  We'll have classroom activity interspersed with hands-on training and we'll provide the tools.  Even if you've taken this class before, if you haven't been actively working on trees within the past year and you want to get acquainted with the latest research on tree care techniques, we'll be exploring new information not provided in previous workshops.  All work done from the ground, no climbing involved. 

The workshop will be held at the Goleta Union School District Board Room from 8 am to 2:30 pm. The workshop is free if you register in advance and $10 at the door.  Registration forms are available by visiting the GVB website www.goletavalleybeautiful.org.  For more information call 685-7910. An optional box lunch is available for $7 if ordered in advance. Those who successfully complete our morning activities will then proceed to our annual pruning and care of the Optimist Grove in Lake Los Carneros Park in the afternoon. Due to some paperwork requirements for the City of Goleta, we've had to postpone the February 7th dedication of the Al Turnbull Grove that was to take place at the end of the workshop. We hope to reschedule it very soon. We'll keep you posted!  

For those interested in learning more about trees, register for Bill Spiewak's Santa Barbara City College Class "Arboriculture: The Study of Trees, Shrubs & Vines" beginning Monday evening January 26th from 6:30 to 9:30 pm and continuing for 15 weeks.  Bill is a Certified master Arborist and registered Consulting Arborist with decades of tree experience to convey.  You can register on line at www.sbcc.edu or at the SBCC Student Services Building.  For more information call SBCC at 965-0581.  



GVB February Residential Award Winner! 5031 Rhodes Ave, Goleta 93111- Frank and Mary Bischof Residence


It was on a road trip to Sedona, where desert style homes and landscapes inspired the Bischofs to transform the front of their suburban Goleta tract into a garden perfectly suited to Santa Barbaras climate and style. The clean lean lines and resilient plantings typical of Pueblo style make cacti and succulent specimens an ideal plant palette for this project. They are stunning against earth-colored courtyard walls and set off by decomposed granite beneath. With a mature Palo Verde tree as its center, the Bischofs designed and built the courtyard, its walls, flagstone patio and gates as a family. Fine care and craftsmanship make this sustainable design a neighborhood gem.  

This month's nomination write-up and photo provided by Awards Contact Lisa James. You can nominate your favorite Goleta Valley property by downloading a nomination form from the website at www.goletavalleybeautiful.org. You can also contact Goleta Valley Beautiful at 685-7910 or Lisa James (ljameslandscapedesign@cox.net , 805/570-7588).


State freeze on GVB  Bond funded projects continues - How you can help      

     GVB volunteers will continue working on non-State funded tree planting and care projects until the state's budget issues are resolved.  How you can help support GVB:

  •    Contact your elected state representatives. Urge them to find a solution to the current budget impasse.
  •    Renew your membership in GVB. Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted. Every dollar invested in GVB pays long term dividends.We only send out one membership letter a year, so if you have misplaced yours, please download one from our website www.goletavalleybeautiful.org  (see 'Support Us') or call 685-7910.
  •    Relink your Albertson's Preferred Savings Card to GVB. For Albertson's shoppers, many of you have linked your Preferred Savings Card that allows Albertson's Community Partners Program to donate to GVB at no cost to you with every purchase.That link will be removed as of February 28th as part of a regular update process. To relink your card, just follow these three steps:  1. log on to www.albertsonscp.com 2. Enter your Preferred Card number 3.  Enter the Goleta Valley Beautiful Community Partner ID# 49001008145.  Check the GVB website 'Support Us' section for additional information on how to sign up for an Albertsons Preferred Savings Card.
  •    Help with the GVB WishList. 
    •   granola bars/packaged snacks for volunteers 
    •   hoses, shovels, mattocks,  
    •   storage sheds 
    •   drip irrigation   

What do you think about this?!  

  • City of Goleta Community Grant Project Proposals Due February 13 Were looking for a service based project is a neighborhood or area that would benefit a maximum number of Goleta citizens.  The maximum dollar amount for the project is $2500 provided by the City, and GVB will leverage it with our volunteer and Greenhouse resources.  Let us know if you have a neighborhood cleanup, beautification, tree planting, anti-graffiti, or other project that you think we should apply for funding. The main criteria is that it should be an area that can be seen by the public. Call 685-7910 or send us an e-mail with your thoughts.  
  • Classroom teachers looking for field trips or in-room presentations GVB just secured a Greenworks! Grant to allow us to bring students to our Greenhouse and take back small trees to grow in the classroom.  This project is part of the Project Learning Tree program.  GVB is also available to providie  Project Learning tree training in the the Goleta Valley area at no cost for local educators.  Arbor Week is coming March 6-12, give us a call at 685-7910
  • GVB is looking for new Board and Committee members- With the recent resignations of John Ingram and Jill Tiegs, GVB has openings for two more Board members.  We are especially looking for a UCSB student for completing the remainder of the current Board term through July 2009.  We are also looking for occasional assistance with our Awards and Special Events Committee.  The time involved is variable according to your schedule.  
  • Tree Failure Reports If you know of any tree failures in our area, please let us know.  GVB is part of a Statewide network that reports on tree failures to a State database.  This information is helpful in letting us know the best growing conditions for trees, and how to manage our urban forest more effectively.               

 GVB January Volunteer Event Results - See our website for more photos  




Date        Location                       Volunteers       Hours   Trees Planted     Trees Maintained

1/10/09    Isla Vista School AM                  7          22         4 replacements              9

1/10/09    San Marcos High PM                 12         36         -                                   40

   1/10/09    Greenhouse PM                         4          12         -                                   9                     

1/17/09    La Patera Elementary AM           5          17         4 replacements              16

1/17/09    Greenhouse PM                        14         43         -                                   96        

1/24/09    Dos Pueblos High                      29         90         -                                   70

1/24/09    Greenhouse PM                         51         90         -                                   200

               TOTALS                                   122       310       8 replacements              440

  • The GVB/Cambridge Community Church litter collection crews spent 20 person-hours collecting 8.5 thirty-two gallon garbage bags of roadside trash. 
  • GVB also provided support to Marin ReLeaf as part of a mentoring project through the California ReLeaf Network.  We will be working with the Marin ReLeaf Executive Director to help her learn about our methods for creating a strong Board of Directors and establishing effective volunteer outreach programs. 
  • Volunteer groups participating included: representatives from UCSB, Dos Pueblos High School, The Rotaract Club of Santa Barbara, UCSB Environmental Affairs Board, UCSB Chicano Latino Grad, Alpha Phi Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha, Theta Nu Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Phi, and Goleta Valley Beautiful.
  • Sponsors for these events include: the Alliance for Community Trees, UCSB Coastal Fund, Beautify Dos Pueblos, The Goleta Union School District, The Santa Barbara School District, The Green Park Foundation, Western Farm Service, and GVB donor members. 


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