Goleta Valley Beautiful E-Mail News - July 2008
MY FAVORITE TREE- a new feature. Every tree seems to have a story. Tell us yours by phone or e-mail. See our first feature below. WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT OAKWORMS? See below. GVB Volunteer Opportunities- RSVP 685-7910 or 252-1952 day of event. Also visit the Volunteer Calendar at www.goletavalleybeautiful.org Because the days are hot, the ground is dry and hard, and most student volunteers are on vacation, most of our summer activities will be limited to maintenance, primarily watering. We'll be meeting at the Devereux Greenhouse, where we still have a lot of activity going on with mixing soil, repotting, extending irrigation lines and caring for over 2000 trees under production. Groups welcome with advance notice. • Sat July 5, Independence Day weekend-No Project • Sat. July 12, 9 am to Noon and 1 pm to 4 pm - Irrigation of trees at Los Carneros. Meet at corner of Los Carneros Way and Calle Kozal, off Los Carneros Road at the entrance to the Willow Springs subdivision. Prior RSVP required 685-7910 • Sat. July 19, 9 am to Noon -Devereux Greenhouse/Growing Grounds tree nursery care . Meet at 6980 Falberg Drive at the Devereux campus. All tools, refreshments and expert training provided. Call for directions, prior RSVP required 685-7910. • Sat. July 26, 9 am to Noon - Young tree care in Isla Vista. Meet in Isla Vista School parking lot 6875 El Collegio Rd, 93117. All work from ground level, tools, refreshments and expert training provided. . • Sat. July 26, 1 am to 4 pm -Devereux Greenhouse/Growing Grounds tree nursery care . Meet at the Greenhouse near 6980 Falberg Drive on the Devereux campus. All tools, refreshments and expert training provided. Call for directions, prior RSVP required 685-7910. • Devereux Greenhouse/Growing Grounds tree nursery care - Every Fri. 9 to noon and by appointment - Call 685-7910 • Litter pickup 2nd and 4th Sat. - Call Don and Judy Nason 964-4895 • Graffiti removal and reporting - Call Ed Graper 964-7117, edgraper@yahoo.com • Monthly Goleta Valley Beautiful award nominations - Call Bonnie Freeman 683-1878 or Phebe Mansur 685-2277 • Additional GVB ongoing indoor/outdoor volunteer community service activities, call 685-7910 Thanks to SB Airbus for Sponsoring the 7th Annual Goleta Valley Heritage Tree Tour Thanks to all that participated in our 7th Annual Goleta Valley Heritage Tree tour. The Tour was made possible by Santa Barbara Airbus, which provided our bus and driver for the 7th consecutive year. Kudos also to Sizzler manager Mike Howell and his staff for allowing us to use the Witness Tree Patio for lunch. The 300 year old landmark sycamore provided an appropriate beginning and ending location for the tour. The Exotic Flora tour at UCSB, a new location on the tour this year, was hosted by Bree Belyea of the Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration. along with San Marcos Growers manager Randy Baldwin who helped lay out the tour, we explored many of the non-native trees that are unique to this area. City Arborist/Parks and Open Space Manager Bill Millar walked us through the grove of 300 90 year old redwoods at Stow Grove Park, as well as introducing us to 60 new redwoods planted by Laguna Blanca students this past year. Tour guide Jerry Sortomme, who is making his 6th appearance as a guide, led us through a captivating explanation of tree sex. Goleta Valley Beautiful Man of the Year Norm Beard invited us into his 5 acre tropical fruit orchard for a personal tour of his 400 mostly tropical fruit trees. Our final stop was a visit to the Dos Pueblos Ranch where over 50 90 year old Moreton Bay Fig trees provide a quarter mile column of continuous canopy. Despite an infiltration of invasive ivy, they remain as impressive reminder of the majesty of this area. Thanks to Henry Schulte for permitting us to enter. Mark your calendars for the all new 8th Goleta Valley Heritage Tree Tour, June 20th, 2009. July 2008 Business Award - 5827 Hollister Avenue, Goleta, 93117 Our July award winner is Community West Bank at 5827 Hollister Avenue, Goleta. A complete landscape renovation was completed to tie in with the new building façade with the assistance of a grant from the City of Goleta. Color was added to the landscape with Iceberg Roses and Bitsy Day Lilies. Customers are treated with home grown flowers at the tellers’ windows. The arched entrance is flanked with two large potted Amazing Red Flax plants surrounded by succulents. Privet Hedging is used for screening the windows and trash enclosure. Mature trees, Liquid Amber, Chinese Elm, and Ash Trees (one of the largest in Goleta) surround the property. Cotoneaster and Dietes serve as low water maintenance ground cover. The site was converted to drip irrigation with a weather sensor timer. Kitson Landscape and Maintenance designed, installed, and maintains the site. How do I get rid of oakworms? We're getting a lot of calls this year about oakworms. While they are messy, generally they don't cause a long term problem to your trees unless they get defoliated several times in one growing season. Cork oaks are getting hit particularly hard this year. The usual course of action is to allow nature to take its course, although there are some alternatives available to try. If you want to take action to control oakworm growth, we suggest the least toxic method as described in the University of California Integrated Pest management Guidelines at http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/PESTNOTES/pn7422.html. You may require the assistance of a licensed pest applicator. For more information, call us at 685-7910. Water Kings and Queens Needed to Adopt FREE street trees in Goleta through a California ReLeaf Tree Planting Grant We're looking for volunteers within the City of Goleta that are willing to water and weed a tree in a parkway (between the curb and the sidewalk) next to your house for the next two summers. In return, GVB volunteers will install a FREE street tree, along with rootshields (if needed). Specific tree species and locations are subject to City selection criteria. The time to act is now as GVB has secured a grant for only a limited number of trees. To sign up as Water King or Queen, call 685-7910. My Favorite Tree - 5510 Somerset Drive Laura Verhassalt and her late husband moved into their brand new house 5510 Somerset in 1961. Mr. Verhassalt wanted a red maple (Acer rubrum) tree in front of his house like the one he had at his Wisconsin farm. The staff at La Sumida Nursery tried to persuade him not to plant a red maple in Goleta. Red Maples like water and cooler weather so this type of tree isn't recommended for this area. Mr. Verhassalt insisted and the tree was ordered. Forty-seven years later, the tree is thriving Tell us about your favorite Goleta Valley tree. It doesn't have to be the biggest, oldest or most unusual, but every tree has a story. Send us your story of your favorite Goleta Valley tree to KennethKnight@cox.net or mail it to PO Box 6756, Goleta, 93160-6756. A lot gets accomplished in June with dedicated tree care volunteers The May 31st Saturday afternoon Goleta Valley Beautiful tree care event involved 34 volunteers contributing 101 community service hours for projects at Goleta Union School District Schools. Our projects included replacing 4 previously planted trees at the south end of the IV School ballfields abutting Camino Corto Open Space. The 3 replaced Canary island pines and one Bishop pine are now irrigated with a system installed by other volunteers earlier in the day. We also replaced one Coast Live Oak in the Camino Corto Open Space, replaced a White Alder at Kellogg School, and three White Alders and a Jacaranda at La Patera School. Volunteer organizations represented included UCSB Honors Society, Alpha Epsilon Phi and a large contingent from Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike). Thanks to the 7 volunteers who contributed 23 community service hours providing tree care to 4 Goleta Union School District campuses on Saturday morning June 7th. During UCSB finals, volunteers came from San Marcos, Dos Pueblos, Raytheon and Goleta Valley Beautiful. At Mountain View School, the trees were weeded, watered, mulched, restaked, retied, and pruned where needed. At Foothill, in addition to tree care, we replaced one Ginkgo that we thought had been weed whacked to death, but in fact it had been eaten by gophers. Hollister School had a number of fast growing trees requiring staking of center leaders to encourage straight growth. Finally at El Camino in addition to tree care, we watered several trees at the periphery. Several trees beyond the irrigation system have not become established as anticipated and will likely require replacement in the fall. Five volunteers, including two UCSB Tri Deltas taking time out from finals to spend 18 community service hours providing tree care to 3 Goleta Union School district campuses on Saturday afternoon June 7th.At the GUSD headquarters, we replaced a previously planted Black Walnut with a White Alder more suited to the moist conditions. At Brandon School we watered trees in the front that needed additional irrigation, and also at the west end of the school we watered where a drip irrigation system awaits reinstallation. Finally at Ellwood, we replaced two pines, two oaks and one ironwood in the north field due to a lack of irrigation (the drip system was turned off). Also one failed tree in the kindergarten area was replaced with an Island Oak. As part of a Goleta Valley Beautiful follow-up tree care event, fourteen volunteers contributed 35 service hours on Saturday morning May 31st to provide tree care for previously planted trees in the Isla Vista area. Our projects included extending a drip irrigation system to previously planted trees at the south end of the IV School ballfields abutting Camino Corto Open Space. We also replaced two sycamores along Mesa Road that did not survive the initial planting from late last year, along with weeding and pruning of the trees. We did not encounter the large bear that UCSB police warned us of as they were present patrolling the area. A new hazard to tree planting! We also fixed irrigation leaks and weeded ironwood trees installed last year by EAB volunteers. Volunteer organizations represented included UCSB Honors Society, Environmental Affairs Board, and Alpha Epsilon Phi. These events were made possible by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, UCSB Coastal Fund, Santa Barbara County Resource Recovery and Waste Management Division, Devereux Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Foundation, a California ReLeaf Urban Forestry Grant, San Marcos High PTA, the Santa Barbara High School District, Beautify Dos Pueblos, Neighborhood Defense League of California, Santa Barbara Beautiful, the Goleta Union School District, the City of Goleta, the Goleta Union School District, the Isla Vista Recreation and Park District, and the generous support of hundreds of GVB donor members that make the time to help us establish our trees. Additional June Volunteer news The GVB/Cambridge Church litter collection crew collected another 9 bags of trash with 12.5 volunteer hours to push their 2008 collection total to 81 bags of trash using 148.5 volunteer hours. to assist, call don or Judy Nason at 984-4895.<>Thanks to Gary Earle, Martha Degasis, Gus Albertson and Trish Kreiss for continued maintenance at the Hollister Avenue beautification site. On Saturday June 21st, We moved another truckload of mulch from a pile at the Girls Club to help keep the weeds down.<>New interns Elyse Bekins, Max Echt, Josh Kruger and Jessica Sprigg join us at the Greenhouse this summer through the support of the UCSB Coastal Fund, while interns CJ Cintas and Eirin Bareis join us to help work on the City of Goleta Urban Forest Management Plan.<> New on the website is a research paper completed by Executive Director Ken Knight with the support of a grant from the National Urban and Community forest Advisory Council (NUCFAC), The report entitled "Planning and financing Future Urban Forests" is an examination of how to fund the urban forest of the future, with a case study using the City of Goleta. It is available free as a download. June 2008 Award - 381 Sylvan Drive, Goleta, 93117 Sally and Barry Cunningham of 381 Sylvan Drive, Goleta, first thought of a yard remodel the motivation was to tear out the juniper hedge and open up the parkway. More ideas ensued: a new walkway, entryway, low maintenance plants where a thirsty lawn had been, and a dry river bed. With their input, Michael Snyder and California Landscapes did the entire job from hardscape to plantings. Favorites of the Cunninghams are the Senna ‘Ray’s Splendor’ tree, the many grasses (Pennisetums, Festucas,Seslaria) the yellow Achillea ‘Moonshine’, Phormium ‘Terracotta’, Loropetalum ‘Razzleberry’, the, creek, boulders, and brick walkway. Nominations are open to everyone, including self-nominations. You do not need to be a member of GVB. For residential properties contact Bonnie Freeman at 683-1878, for all other categories (Multifamily residence, Commercial, Firescape, Sustainable Development, Home Owners Association, Preservation of the Goleta Valley, Public/Institutional, Open Space, Shopping Center, Commercial Orchard, Open), contact Phebe Mansur at 685-2277 or call 252-1952. Your comments to kennethknight@cox.net will help us build a better communications link.