Goleta Valley Beautiful E-Mail News-June 2008
7th Annual Goleta Valley Heritage Tree Tour on Sunday June 22nd Noon to 5 PM, sponsored by Santa Barbara Airbus. New locations on the tour and reduced $25 tickets. Limited number of seats available. Call us at 685-7910 GVB Volunteer Opportunities- GVB Volunteer Opportunities- RSVP 685-7910 or 252-1952 day of event. Also visit our Volunteer Calendar Sat. May 31, 9 am to Noon - Young tree care along Mesa Rd, El Estero and Camino Corto . Meet in Isla Vista School parking lot 6875 El Collegio Rd, 93117. All work from ground level, tools, refreshments and expert training provided. Sat. May 31, 1 pm to 4 pm - Young tree care at Kellogg, La Patera and Foothill schools. Meet in Kellogg School parking lot, 475 Cambridge Drive, Goleta 93117. All work from ground level, tools, refreshments and expert training provided. Sat. June 7, 9 am to Noon -Young tree Care at Mountain View, Hollister and El Camino Schools. Meet in Mountain View School parking lot, 5465 Queen Ann Lane. All work from ground level, tools, refreshments and expert training provided. Sat. June 7, 1 am to 4 pm-Young tree Care at Brandon and Ellwood Schools. Meet in Goleta Union School District headquarters parking lot, 401 N. Fairview Avenue. All work from ground level, tools, refreshments and expert training provided. Sat. June 14, 9 am to Noon and 1 pm to 4 pm - Irrigation of trees at Los Carneros. Meet at corner of Los Carneros Way and Calle Kozal, off Los Carneros Road at the entrance to the Willow Springs subdivision. Sat. June 21, 9 am to Noon -Young tree Care and anti-graffiti beautification project along Hollister Ave next Girls Club. Meet in Girls Club parking lot, 4973 Hollister Ave. All work from ground level, tools, refreshments and expert training provided. Sat. June 21, 1 am to 4 pm-Mature tree pruning at George Adams Grove, Los Carneros Park by the Train Depot. Meet in parking lot by Fire Station 14/Stow House/Train Depot, 304 N. Los Carneros Road. All work from ground level, tools, refreshments and expert training provided. Sat. June 28, 9 am to Noon -Young tree Care at Glen Annie Open Space and City parks. Meet at corner of Glen Annie and Del Norte. All work from ground level, tools, refreshments and expert training provided. Sat. June 28, 1 am to 4 pm -Devereux Greenhouse/Growing Grounds tree nursery care . Meet at 6980 Falberg Drive at the Devereux campus. All tools, refreshments and expert training provided. Prior RSVP required 685-7910. Devereux Greenhouse/Growing Grounds tree nursery care - Every Fri. 9 to noon and by appointment - Call 685-7910 Litter pickup 2nd and 4th Sat. - Call Don and Judy Nason 964-4895 Graffiti removal and reporting - Call Ed Graper 964-7117, edgraper@yahoo.com Monthly Goleta Valley Beautiful award nominations - Call Bonnie Freeman 683-1878 or Phebe Mansur 685-2277 Additional GVB ongoing indoor/outdoor volunteer community service activities, call 685-7910 UPCOMING GVB EVENTS June 22nd - 7th Annual Heritage Tree Tour - 12-5 pm. Tickets available from any GVB Board member or call 685-7910 New locations, lower ticket prices for 7th Annual Heritage Tree Tour The 7th Annual GVB Heritage Tree Tour, sponsored by Santa Barbara Airbus, will take place on Sunday afternoon June 22nd from 1 to 5 pm. We'll meet for lunch at the Historic Witness Tree in Sizzler Restaurant in Old Town. New attractions this year include the Exotic Flora Tour on the UCSB campus led by Randy Baldwin, a look at the sixty new redwoods at Stow Grove, a personal tour of Norm Beard's 400 fruit trees, as well as old favorites including the Moreton Bay Fig Tree Forest at Dos Pueblos Ranch. Reserve your seat now, reduced ticket prices of $25 until June 10, and $35 after June 10th. Call 685-7910 for reservations Irrigating Los Carneros Trees a time consuming effort Thanks to the 13 volunteers who contributed 40 community service hours at a tree maintenance event at Los Carneros/101 off ramp on Saturday afternoon May 10. Volunteers installed 60 Treegators (portable tree irrigators) on previously planted trees. With the aid of a 1000 gallon tanker generously provided by Kitson Landscape Management and several hundred feet of hoses, volunteers also assisted in filling 50 of the Treegators with 20 gallons of water in each. The water will gradually drain out of the Treegators onto the rootball, providing a very effective and efficient way of watering the new trees. Volunteer groups participating included the UCSB Muslim Student Association and Mountain View School students and parents. Twelve volunteers from UCSB Career Services and Mt View School came together Saturday afternoon May 17th at the Los Carneros southbound offramp off of 101 for a tree irrigation project. The volunteers contributed 40 community service hours as they provided irrigation to part of the 140 native trees planted late last year as part of an Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Project for the State of California. Once these trees are established in a few years, they will continue to grow without supplemental watering. The trees should provide environmental benefits for as many as 100 years or more. Kudos to the volunteers for tackling a project with rough terrain, hot weather, and heavy lifting. This is the first of a series of monthly summer irrigation of the trees, and the volunteers patiently waited while logistical difficulties were overcome in parking the water trailer and extending the hoses. This event was made possible by grants from the California Resources Department, UCSB Coastal Fund, Santa Barbara Foundation, Devereux of Santa Barbara, and the generous support of Goleta Valley Beautiful donor members. Mulching a priority during May Tree Care events A few inches of mulch around a young tree can help it make its way through the dry summers we have here. Thanks to the 18 volunteers who contributed 54 volunteer service hours for a tree care service project at San Marcos High School on Saturday May 3rd. The volunteers came from UCSB Circle K, SAHLUD, Mountain View School, and Dos Pueblos High to install irrigation systems, moved 6 cubic feet of mulch, and installed weedblock around previously planted trees on the San Marcos campus. This was the last regularly scheduled tree care event for the school year at San Marcos, although GVB volunteers will periodically check the status of the 100+ trees planted on campus throughout the summer. Another round of thanks to the 55 volunteers who contributed 134 community service hours at a tree planting and landscape maintenance event at Dos Pueblos High School on Saturday morning May 10. Volunteers moved 8 cubic yards of green waste mulch (enough to fill a 3 ton dump truck) to the h and m quads, where volunteers removed weeds and replace them with mulch. Additional volunteers moved another 8 cubic yards of construction mulch to the front entry by the redbud trees. Still other volunteers weeded the fire loop in front of the new theater, weeded 40 trees along Alameda and Cathedral Oaks, and weeded 40 trees east of the ball fields. Four honor tree plaques were also installed. A Cub Scout group planted one Coast Live Oak in the faculty parking lot. The tree was grown from a locally collected acorn and raised at GVB’s Devereux Greenhouse. Over the past two years, Goleta Valley Beautiful volunteers have planted over 200 trees on the Dos Pueblos campus. Volunteer groups participating included Dos Pueblos High students and families, Bishop Diego High, Kellogg Elementary, UCSB Circle K, Theta Nu Kappa, a crew from the Helpful Honda Team. Special thanks to Karen Nielsen who joins the ranks of GVB’s Evergreen volunteers who have served in 3 or more events this past school year. Karen brings the total number of 2007-08 GVB Evergreen volunteers to 78. Karen will receive a certificate and a GVB ball cap in recognition of her efforts. Forty one volunteers from 7 different groups came together Saturday morning May 17th at St Vincent’s on 4200 Calle Real to complete the tree planting project for the benefit of the low income and senior residents living there. The project is a joint operation of Goleta Valley Beautiful and Santa Barbara Beautiful. Among the groups contributing 125 service hours was UCSB Honors Program, Zeta Phi Rho, Sigma Chi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Mt. View School, Dos Pueblos High, and families and staff of St. Vincent’s with other community volunteers. The volunteers installed mulch and irrigation to 42 trees planted during last month’s Earth Day celebrations. Once these trees are established in a few years, they will continue to grow without supplemental watering. The trees should provide environmental benefits for hundreds of years to come. These events were made possible by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, UCSB Coastal Fund, Santa Barbara County Resource Recovery and Waste Management Division, Devereux Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Foundation, a California ReLeaf Urban Forestry Grant, San Marcos High PTA, the Santa Barbara High School District, Beautify Dos Pueblos, St. Vincent's, Santa Barbara Beautiful, the Goleta Union School District, the City of Goleta and hundreds of GVB donor members that help us to make the time to establish our trees. Daisies bloom at the Devereux Greenhouse. We enjoyed the visit of the ten Mountain View Daisy Girl Scouts to the Greenhouse with their 3 supervisors on May 1st. Goleta Valley Beautiful Executive Director and Certified Arbor Ken Knight gave the girls a tour of the Growing Grounds, and then led them through the process of planting Coast Live Oak acorns in the Devereux Greenhouse. If your group would like to participate in a group project or tour of our greenhouse operations, please give us a call at 685-7910. Use your tax rebate check to help GVB-Donate through TreeBank Now Online! The TreeBank is an online giving community comprised of organizations dedicated to engaging the public to care for our urban forests. Individual organizations join as local branches, providing members with an efficient online tool for accepting contributions at a local level, while helping the larger urban forest community on a national level. Click on the TreeBank link on the first page of our website www.goletavalleybeautiful.org or visit Tree Bank Additional May Volunteer newsThe Nasons led trash crew spent 17 hours collecting 8 bags of trash on 5 different days in May. Since January 1, they have collected 66 bags in 125 service hours. Contact 685-7910 if you are interested in one of the four openings for the GVB Board of Directors beginning in August of 2008. The term of office is for one year. We are looking for a high school student, 2 college students, and one general public member Larry Crandell Keeps the Annual GVB Awards MovingOver 100 honorees and members attended the 34th Annual Awards and Silent Auction, hosted by our perennial favorite emcee Larry Crandell and 2008 Man of the Year GVB President Merlyn Cummings. A full list of our winners and very generous sponsors is on our website. While we always enjoy our annual formal gathering at the Holiday Inn, we are considering a more informal and inexpensive event next year at Stow Grove with an afternoon barbeque. Tell us what you think. kennethknight@cox.net