Goleta Valley Beautiful E-Mail News - August 2007

Wanted: Part time Data Entry Clerk, 8 hrs/week, $8/hr. See below

    GVB Volunteer Opportunities-GVB Office and message phone number 685-7910

  1. Devereux Greenhouse/Growing Grounds tree nursery care - Every Mon, Fri, and Sat. mornings - Call 685-7910
  2. Litter pickup 2nd and 4th Sat. - Call Don and Judy Nason 964-4895
  3. Graffiti removal and reporting - Call Ed Graper 964-7117, edgraper@yahoo.com
  4. Monthly Goleta Valley Beautiful award nominations - Call Bonnie Freeman 683-1878 or Phebe Mansur 685-2277
  5. Additional GVB ongoing indoor/outdoor volunteer community service activities, call 685-7910

First Goleta Valley Garden Tour Shows Sustainable Beauty

The 1st Annual Goleta Valley Garden Tour and Bazaar on July 14th was a huge success. Chair Bonne Freeman, along with Co-Chairs Lori Roper, Marc Bradley and Cecilia Brown, coordinated almost 1000 volunteer service hours in producing this event. Many thanks to the 7 homeowners who opened up their homes for display, to our 4 exhibitors, 14 docents and 4 consultants who donated their services. You can read more about the event and see more photos on this website PostGTPressRelease

Help wanted - we're growing!

The paperwork is growing faster than our trees! Goleta Valley Beautiful is looking for a part time data entry clerk to help input data on membership, financial spreadsheets, volunteer hours and more. Experience with WORD and EXCEL desirable but accuracy in keyboard entry is essential. The position will work at the direction of the Executive Director and average eight hours per week at $8.00 per hour, with flexible work times. Applicant must be at least 18 years old. This position will be open until filled. First preference will be given to current Goleta Valley Beautiful members and their families. For information call 685-7910 or e-mail qualifications to kennethknight@cox.net

Devereux Greenhouse Tree Nursery Expands

Thanks to 200 supervisors and students attending a regional LDS Youth conference who took time out to contribute 400 service hours at the Goleta Valley Beautiful Growing Grounds at the Devereux Greenhouse. Also participating in the preparation leading up to and including the event was GVB Board member Al Scholl, 4 UCSB Environmental Affairs Board volunteers including Quentin Gee, Chris and the Devereux Crew, and GVB Greenhouse volunteers Stacia and Adran Young.
    Here's what we accomplished;
  1. Mixed 250 15 gallon containers of soil, perlite and fertilizer, transported to others who repotted 250 1 gallon coast Live Oak and Island Oak into them, watered them and transported them to growing grounds
  2. Covered the expanded growing ground area with ground cloth and added 7 irrigation lines, each with room for approximately 100 individual irrigation line extensions
  3. Prepared and installed 600 irrigation line extensions with irrigation spitters and barbs
  4. Mixed another 200 15 gallon containers of soil perlite and fertilizer for future plantings
  5. Replaced 50 broken slats on Greenhouse Growing tables
  6. Installed and prepared for installation 48 braces and supports for the interior Greenhouse growing tables
  7. Removed all weeds from the floor of the Greenhouse and from the Growing Grounds area.

Special thanks to the Shoreline Preservation Fund for their financial support in making this Greenhouse maintenance and expansion project possible. When completed, this project will expand the Devereux Growing Grounds from 1000 to 1500 trees. Goleta Valley plants approximately 500 trees a year in schools, parks, street parkways and other public areas of the Goleta Valley. Since it takes about three years to grow a tree to planting size, this expansion allows Goleta Valley Beautiful to have an ongoing supply of trees to plant.

Meet the Interns

GVB Greenhouse interns Abby Horn, Nathan Yee, and Eric Sander are UCSB Interns working at the Devereux Greenhouse this summer. Ryan Schauland (not pictured) is also assisting at the Greenhouse

Cub Scouts clone Sister Witness Tree

Thanks to the 130 Cub scouts at Day Camp on Wednesday 7/19/07 who helped clone 200 copies of the Sister Witness Tree. We also had help from Citizen Pruner Joe Bauer, City Arborist Bill Millar and Doubletree volunteer Gabe Suarez who visited the Sister Witness Tree site early Wednesday morning. We slashed away undergrowth around the Sister Witness Tree including nasty spined Canary Island Palm fronds) and used pole saws to prune some of the Sister Witness Tree's lower branches. We stopped a little early when we ran into a bee's nest, although fortunately no one was stung. Thanks also to Doubletree volunteer Gracie Lozaro who spent the day with the Scouts, and to other Cub Scout volunteers who assisted in the preparation and clean-up activities.

    July maintenance projects and other kudos

  • Martha and Gus Degassis join Trish Kreiss in keeping the Hollister Ave corridor watered and weeded each week.
  • Treva Yang joined the GVB Board of Directors in July. You can see photos of all the GVB Board of Directors on our website.
  • Winchester Canyon residents led by Kris Hayes mulched and will water plants at the entryway to their subdivision. To the person that 'borrowed' $75 dollars worth of 15 gallon containers awaiting pick up after the 7/28 project , please give them back.
  • Work Training Program crews provided lifesaving water to new trees in schools and County parks during July. Devereux clients and Evergreen Devereux Greenhouse volunteers Stacia and Adran Young worked 23 hours repotting trees and fixing squirrel damaged irrigation lines at the Greenhouse.
  • The Nason Litter Crew spent 21.5 hours collecting 13 bags of roadside litter. Thanks to The City of Goleta for replacing their Grip and Grab tools. Don Nason asked us to pass along this story to you, "On Graduation weekend I was collecting trash along Cathedral Oaks just west of La Patera, grabbing and bagging the isolated scraps of paper as usual, when I noticed one that was different, so I hesitated. It was a clean envelope, appearing like something lost rather than discarded. A single handwritten name was on the front. I decided this needed to be returned to somebody, rather than consigned to a dumpster. I opened the weakly sealed envelope to get some identification and saw a graduation card and a check, folded in half. Looking at the check for an address, I saw it was a "bank check" on a San Francisco bank and made out to the name with address of someone who lived there. From the amount I quickly figured this must be for a UCSB grad, not a DP grad! When I got home I tried to get a phone number for that name and address in San Francisco. No luck. Rather than get involved in playing detective to find the rightful owner, I turned it in at the S.B. County Sheriff as lost property. They gasped at the amount. So will you. The check was for $10,000! Leaving the police with my name and phone number, Judy received a call later that afternoon from a local lady (name withheld) who had been identified as the payer and had lost the graduation gift for her grandson. She thanked Judy and said she would be writing me a letter of thanks."

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