Goleta Valley Beautiful E-Mail News - June 2007

6th Annual GVB Heritage Tree Tour on June 24th - Student Scholarships Available

    GVB Volunteer Opportunities-GVB Office and message phone number 685-7910
  1. Saturday Morning Tree Plantings/Tree Care - 9 am to noon
  2. June 2 - Isla Vista School, 6875 El Collegio Rd. Meet in parking lot
  3. June 9 - Kellogg School, 475 Kellogg Drive. Meet in parking lot
  4. June 16 - Hollister Avenue Beautification - Meet at Evonshire and Hollister
  5. June 23 - San Marcos High, 4750 Hollister, Meet in rear Hollister parking lot in back of tennis courts
  6. June 30 - Honor Tree Maintenance, Meet at the Dos Pueblos High Tennis Court entrance off Cathedral Oaks
  7. Wednesday morning Tree Care events, June 6, 13, 20, 27, 9 to noon - call 685-7910 for locations
  8. Devereux Greenhouse/Growing Grounds young tree care - Every Mon & Fri 9 am to Noon - Call 685-7910
  9. Litter pickup 2nd and 4th Sat. - Call Don and Judy Nason 964-4895
  10. Graffiti removal and reporting - Call Ed Graper 964-7117, edgraper@yahoo.com
  11. Monthly Goleta Valley Beautiful award nominations - Call Bonnie Freeman 683-1878 or Phebe Mansur 685-2277
  12. Citizen Pruners - Saturday AM young tree care projects in conjunction with planting projects. Call 685-7919
  13. 2 Student representative seats on the GVB Board of Directors beginning September 2007. Call 685-7910
  14. Additional GVB ongoing indoor/outdoor volunteer community service activities, call 685-7910
  15. 10 Garden Tour Docents needed. Complimentary admission to the July 14 Garden Tour Party for those volunteering to be a docent for half the time at one of our homes. Contact Bonnie at 683-1878

6th Annual Goleta Valley Heritage Tree Tour - Sunday, June 24 Sponsored by Santa Barbara Airbus

The 6th Annual Goleta Valley Heritage Tree Tour - One bus + one popular professor + specimen trees in places you rarely see, including Bishop Ranch, Dos Pueblos Ranch, and Randy^s Secret Garden. You^ll see the south coast^s largest collection of giant mature Moreton Bay Fig Trees (over 50!), trees planted in traditional ranchero style at the turn of the century at Bishop Ranch, and a view of the Sister Witness Tree, the largest and possibly oldest tree in the Goleta Valley. This is another fun event to benefit Goleta Valley Beautiful^s ongoing activities.
We^ll meet at noon on Sunday June 24th at the Sizzler Restaurant, 5555 Hollister Avenue for a no-host lunch and tour of the Witness tree and the sister Witness Tree across the street. At 1:00 PM we^ll board a comfortable Santa Barbara Airbus for a tour hosted by Santa Barbara City College Professor Emeritus Jerry Sortomee and return at 5:00 PM to the Sizzler Restaurant. Reservations are $60 for Non -GVB members and $50 for GVB members by calling 685-7910 by June 22nd. Student scholarships available.

Click here to download the form & reserve your seat for 2007 Tour

May was a Maintenance Month

The weather warmed up in May, and while the number of volunteers starts its seasonal decline, we^re still extremely busy maintaining the trees we^ve already planted. At our last Dos Pueblos High event, 31 volunteers contributed 101 hours to plant 2 oaks (our 100th tree on the campus this year!), replace two other trees that failed, install an irrigation system to the lower Cathedral Oaks oaks, and weed and mulch the M Quad. Our last San Marcos High event (on the May 12, the day of the Prom!) 11 Volunteers contributed 33 hours and planted 5 Euryop shrubs, 3 Island Oaks, repaired and extended drip irrigation systems and watered trees not on irrigations systems, and removed 3 Ironwood trees planted earlier in the year. On May 19, 6 volunteers contributed 18 hours of service to install drip irrigation systems at Ellwood School and at El Estero Park.
To sign up for a volunteer activity, send an e-mailScott or leave a message at 685-7910.
-Also Click here to see the calendar

    Other Upcoming Goleta Valley Beautiful Events - call 685-7910 for information/reservations

  1. July 4 - Friday- Goleta Fireworks Raffle - Although this is a Rotary event, GVB is also selling raffle tickets as a joint fundraiser.
  2. July 14 - Saturday 1st Annual Garden Tour & Bazaar – 6 award-winning landscapes on self-guided tour, + drawing to win Landscape Consultation by one of 4 top designers, and much more. Contact Bonnie at 683-1878 or GVB website. See volunteer section above
  3. July 18 - Wednesday - Participate in the cloning of the Sister Witness Tree. Call 685-7910

GVB June Residential Award Winner: 5242 Austin Rd Gordon & Patricia Feingold

The June award sits above the cliffs at 5242 Austin Road in Santa Barbara County. Gordon and Patricia Feingold inherited this dramatic seaside landscape along with their new contemporary home in 1994, but since 1996 Patricia Feingold has been editing and caring for the large collection of palms (Queen, Canary Island, Pygmy, King, Mexican Fan) Salvias, Tagetes lemmonii, and grasses, to name a few. A wide dry creek bed dotted with tons of local stone winds through the entire property, while a living wall of Oleander encloses it. Annual mulching keeps weeds down, covers drip lines, and aids the drought tolerant plantings.
You can nominate your favorite Goleta Valley Residential property by downloading a nomination form from this website. You can also contact Goleta Valley Beautiful at 685-7910.

Young trees need supplemental summer water, like we said last month

It was so dry this winter that we never removed the Treegators (the green portable tree irrigator bags) from the newly planted trees. We didn^t forget them. If you tree was planted anytime since May 2005, you should continue to use your Treegator throughout this summer. Its time to start deep watering your young trees twice a month, using your Treegator if you have it. Keep up on the weeding around your tree and add up to 3-4 inches of mulch except by the root crown within 4 " of the trunk. Call us at 685-7910 if you need help, additional mulch (Treegators work best on a bed of mulch-it helps prevent the bottom holes from clogging), or if you need a Treegator.

    Updates on the Sister Witness Tree, Hollister Beautification, et al.

  1. The Final Mitigated Negative Declaration/Environmental Assessment for the San Jose Creek Project will be heard by the Goleta City Council on June 4, and it appears that the Sister Witness Tree will not be directly impacted by the project. We are still pursuing efforts to identify and fence the tree^s critical root zone before the project begins. Our measurements indicate the circumference of the Sister Witness tree is over 50 feet, with a width of approximately 100 feet and a height of 105 feet. The Witness Tree in comparison is 30 feet in circumference. Unless anyone else has better information, the Sister Witness Tree may be the largest tree in the Goleta Valley, when measuring trunk size. Any challengers?
  2. The Hollister Beautification Project is tentatively scheduled for June 19. We^re still negotiating details with the County Roads Division and hope to have the details resolved by June 8th, or the project will be postponed.
  3. GVB received notices of grant awards from several different agencies this past month, including a $500 grant from the City Of Goleta Community Projects Fund to do as assessment of the Sister Witness Tree to determine if it is a Heritage Tree, and $1000 to finance tree planting efforts at Girsh Park.
  4. The UCSB Environmental Affairs Board provided a $2000 grant to GVB to cover costs of tree planting projects to be conducted this fall in Isla Vista to help offset the carbon impacts of Earth Day related activities.
  5. GVB also received a $33,191 Grant from the Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Program from the Resources Agency to plant 140 native trees in the southbound 101 offramp at Los Carneros Interchange. We^ve been chasing that last grant for 3 years. Most of these grants will be implemented this fall and winter.
  6. New Board member Oscar Briones became our newest board member this month, as we say farewell to student Board members Danielle Havicon and Juliette Wigley. Juliette is studying in Costa Rica for the summer, while Danielle is graduating and getting married. Good luck to our departing members and we look forward to two new student Board members in the fall.

    More May 2007 GVB accomplishments/Kudos

  1. Our hardworking group of current and former Board of Directors produced a stellar 33rd Annual Awards Dinner and Silent Auction. 105 people attended to recognize the Annual award winners and a series of awards that recognized our noteworthy volunteers, including our Master of Ceremonies Larry Crandell. Thanks to the Valley Voice and the News Press for their follow-up coverage. See our website for more information and please patronize our generous Silent Auction sponsors, efficiently coordinated by the lovely Nancy Knight.
  2. Volunteers Joe and Zea Bauer, Page Hiller-Adams, and Phebe Mansur staffed the GVB tables for the 5/24 Science Night at Isla Vista School. May all your acorns sink.
  3. Work Training Program crews are mulching School and Park trees this month, with help from County Public Works Solid Waste mulch deliveries.
  4. Devereux clients and Evergreen Devereux Greenhouse volunteers Stacia and Adran Young are finishing repotting sycamores, cottonwoods, and Big Leaf Maples at the Greenhouse.
  5. Helen McPherrin provided our volunteers with goodies after one of her periodic trips to Costco.
  6. The Nason Litter Crew posed for photos in the VV and spent 15 hours collecting 13 bags of roadside litter.
  7. And thanks to the great recognition we received from the San Marcos High PTSA- Very Special Person Honorary Service Award
  8. UCSB Associated Students Community Affairs Board 2006-07 Outstanding ^Agency of the Year^

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