Goleta Valley Beautiful News -May 2007

33rd Annual Awards Banqueton May 19 - RSVP by May 10

    GVB Volunteer Opportunities-GVB Office and message phone number 685-7910
  1. SaturdayMorning Tree Plantings/Tree Care - 9 am to noon
  2. May 5 -Dos Pueblos HighSchool, 7266 AlamedaDr.Cathedral Oaks & Tennis Courts
  3. May 12- San Marcos High School, 4750 Hollister Ave. Entrance to Hollister Parking Lot
  4. May 19 - Ellwood School, 7686 Hollister Ave. Meet in parking lot.
  5. May 26-Memorial Day Weekend - No Project
  6. June 2 - Isla Vista School, 6875 El Collegio Rd. Meet in parking lot
  7. Thursday May 24, 5:30 pm- 7 pm. Science Night at Isla Vista Elementary. Call 685-=7910 to assist.
  8. Wednesday morning Tree Care events, April 11, 18, 25, 9 to noon - call685-7910 for locations
  9. Devereux Greenhouse/Growing Groundsyoung tree care - Mon & Fri9 am to Noon- Call 685-7910
  10. Litter pickup2nd and 4thSat.-Call Don and Judy Nason 964-4895
  11. Graffiti removal and reporting - Call Ed Graper 964-7117, edgraper@yahoo.com
  12. Monthly Goleta Valley Beautiful award nominations - Call Bonnie Freeman 683-1878 or Phebe Mansur 685-2277
  13. Citizen Pruners - Saturday AM young tree care projectsin conjunction withplanting projects. Call 685-7919
  14. 2 Student representative seats on the GVB Board of Directors beginning September 2007. Call 685-7910
  15. Additional GVB ongoing indoor/outdoor volunteer community service activities, call 685-7910

33rd Annual Award Winners Announced

The 33rd Annual Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday May 19 at the Goleta Holiday Inn from 6 to 9 pm. Larry Crandell returns as our master of Ceremonies. Prior to the awards we^ll have a Silent Auction to benefit GVB. Local sponsors have provided a surprisingly wide variety of products and services that you use every day, including restaurants, lodging, theme parks, theater, movies, and a whole lot more. Please see our web site for a full listing of sponsors and awardees, including our Evergreen Volunteers and our Citizen Pruners.
In case you haven^t received the invitation in the mail, we^ll be sending aPDFof the invitation to our e-mail list, and you can also access it on our website www.goletavalleybeautiful.org.
    The winners in our 12 main categories include;
  1. Single Family Residence -7910 Rio Vista, Multi-Family
  2. Residential/Apartments - 360 Ellwood Reach Drive
  3. SustainablDevelopment 481 Via El Cuardro
  4. Homeowners Association Common Area - Brookside-7386 Calle Real
  5. Business/Office - Occam -77 Robin Hill Road
  6. Preservation of Goleta Valley Heritage - Timbers - 10 Winchester Canyon Road
  7. Public/Institutional - UCSB Engineering Science Building
  8. Business/Retail - Santa Barbara Humane Society Education Center 5399 Overpass Road
  9. Public Open Space- North Kellogg Open Space Project
  10. Firescape Design - 962 North Patterson Avenue
  11. Commercial Orchard - Bottiani Family Orchard
  12. Open Category - The Specimen Trees of Bishop Ranch

47 New Trees Planted During April

April was another busy tree planting month. 45 UCSB Environmental Affairs Board members planted 15Catalina Ironwoods to offset carbongenerated atEarth Day celebrationsat El Estero Park on 4/7 with 139 volunteer hours. 4 Santa Barbara City College Communications Dept volunteers braved spotty showers and weeded34 trees at Glen Annie Open Space on 4/20 with 12 volunteer hours. Our ^Sneezeless Tree^ event on 4/21 attracted 43 volunteers planting 22 trees with 130 volunteer hours. El Camino Principal Kim Bruzzese led the volunteers withthe support ofSouthern California Gas, and The American Lung Associating. Assemblyman Pedro Nava andCounty supervisor Janet Wolf also lent their support.
To sign up for a volunteer activity, send an e-mailScottor leave a message at 685-7910.
-Also Click here to see the calendar

GVB2007 Membership Drive ends - Thanks for your support

This year we didn^t have the funds to send a mass membership mailing to everyone in the Goleta Valley. We also asked members to use their cancelled checks/credit card receipts as their receipt in lieu of another mailing from us. Although we^ve picked up only a few new members, our renewing members have been more generous thanin previous years. Your support helps us leverage our funds with grant and corporate funders. For those of you who still haven^t renewed, better late than never!

    Upcoming Goleta Valley Beautiful Events- call 685-7910 for information/reservations

  1. May 19 - 33rd Annual Awards Banquet & Silent Auction. Invitations also posted on our website www.goletavalleybeautiful.org
  2. June 24- 6th Annual Goleta Valley Heritage Tree Tour - One bus + one popular professor + specimen trees in places you rarely see, including Bishop Ranch, Dos Pueblos Ranch, and Randy^s Secret Garden.
  3. July 4 - Goleta Fireworks Raffle - Although this is a Rotary event, GVB is also selling raffle tickets as a joint fundraiser.
  4. July 14 - 1st Annual Garden Tour & Bazaar 6 award-winning landscapes on self-guided tour, + drawing to win Landscape Consultation by one of 4 top designers, and much more. Contact Bonnie at 683-1878 orGVB website

GVBMay ResidentialAwardWinner-

5055 Del Monaco Drive,Paul and Mary Jo Chrestenson
The May award goes to 5055 Del Monaco Drive in Santa Barbara County. Recently retired, Mary Jo and Paul Chrestenson spend a lot of time in their gardens and it shows. A cottage garden that also pays great attention to wildlife, scents and sounds, there are vignettes at every turn and a charming fence topped with copper newels made by Paul. The Honey Locust tree (Gleditsia triacanthos), orange tree and bedding plants come alive in spring. Mary Jo said they compost everything and conserve inside so they can spare water outside.
You can nominate your favorite Goleta Valley Residential property by downloading a nomination form from the website at www.goletavalleybeautiful.org. You can also contact Goleta Valley Beautiful at 685-7910.

Dry weather is here Water Kings and Queens,fill your Treegators

It was so dry thiswinter that we never removed the Treegators(the green portable tree irrigator bags) from the newly planted trees. We didn^t forget them. If you tree was planted anytime since May 2005, you should continue to use your Treegator throughout this summer.Its time to startdeep wateringyour young trees twice a month, using your Treegator if you have it.Keep up on the weeding around your tree and add up to 3-4 inches of mulch except by the root crown within 4 " of the trunk. Call us at 685-7910if you need help, additional mulch (Treegators work best on a bed of mulch-it helps prevent the bottom holes from clogging),or if youneed aTreegator.

Updates on the Sister Witness Tree, Girsh Park Honor Trees et al.

Thanks to those who spoke up about the status of the Sister Witness Tree at recent hearings about the San Jose Creek Flood control Project. Although the City staff claims there will be no impact, we are still pursuingefforts to identify and fence the tree^s critical root zone before the project begins. Anyone wishing to help on efforts to assess this tree please call us at 685-7910.
At a recent Girsh Park Foundation Facilities meeting, there was general consensus on establishing tree planting zones inGirsh where the trees won^t get splashed by above ground irrigators. These non turf tree zones are currently under consideration for future implementation.
The Hollister Beautification Project may or may not begin in June. We^re still negotiating with the County Roads Division to determine future maintenance responsibilities.
Exec Director Ken Knight attended aGreenprint Conference hosted by the Sacramento Tree Foundation that described how areas like Santa Barbara County can initiate and elicit support large scale regional tree planting projects

    MoreApril 2007GVB accomplishments/Kudos

  1. Despite San Marcos Assistant Principal Ed Behrens aggressive work with a mattock, he and 17 other volunteers couldn^t penetrate the concrete at our4/28 event. We worked 41 service hours on irrigation instead and will return May 12 with a jackhammer.
  2. 82 Dos Pueblos volunteers planted 3 Jacarandas and relandscape another Quad at DP on 7/14 using 240 service hours.
  3. Five Jewish Federation volunteers celebratedTu B^Shvat and Earth Day on 4/22 by planting 5 oaks in the Queen Ann Open Space. Thanks to neighbor Jack Wacholz for water and Greg Janee for watering
  4. Evergreen Devereux Greenhouse volunteersStacia and Adran Younghelped 20 of Jessica Morgan^s first and 2nd grade La Patera students celebrate National Arbor Dayby planting 2 trees on 4/29.
  5. Work Training Program crewsfinished planting work at El Estero and El Camino, as well as supporting the other tree care efforts this month.
  6. Devereux clients are potting up sycamores and cottonwoods, and Big leaf Maples at the Greenhouse.
  7. The Nason Litter Crewspent13 hours collecting9.5 bags of roadside litter. They wish to recognize Spectrum Health Club for assisting them in their efforts to dispose of the collected waste

Citizen Pruners - Sharpen Your Snips, We need you.

For those of you recently trained at our February workshop, we have young tree care pruning projects all over the Goleta Valley to deal with frost damage, raising crowns to allow for ground maintenance, and formative pruning. Flexible hours. Call 685-7910 for assignments.

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