Goleta Valley Beautiful E-Mail News -April 2007

33rd Annual Awards Banqueton May 19 - Member invitations to be mailed in mid April

    GVB Volunteer Opportunities-GVB Office and message phone number 685-7910
  1. SaturdayMorning Tree Plantings 9 am to noon
  2. March31 Spring Break-No Project
  3. April 7Estero Park Tree Planting, Isla Vista. UCSB Environmental Affairs Board Project
  4. April 14Dos Pueblos HighSchool, 7266 AlamedaDr. H/A Patio Project
  5. April21 El Camino Elementary School, 5020 San Simeon Drive. American Lung Assoc. and The Gas Co. are co-sponsoring ^Sneezeless Tree^ plantings. Registeredvolunteers eligible for a pizza lunch. Families welcome
  6. April 28San Marcos High School, 4750 Hollister Ave. Meet north of tennis courts.
  7. May 5Dos Pueblos HighSchool, 7266 AlamedaDr. Campus location to be announced
  8. May 12San Marcos High School, 4750 Hollister Ave. Campus location to be announced
  9. April 20 Glen Annie Open Space maintenance, NW corner of Del Norte and Glen Annie, 3:30 -5:30PM
  10. April 22 Tu B^Shvat/Earth Day Tree Planting Celebration at Queen Ann Open Space - call 685-7910 for info
  11. Wednesday morning Tree Care events, April 11, 18, 25, 9 to noon - call685-7910 for locations
  12. Devereux Greenhouse/Growing Groundsyoung tree care - Mon & Fri9 am to Noon- Call 685-7910
  13. Litter pickup2nd and 4thSat.-Call Don and Judy Nason 964-4895
  14. Graffiti removal and reporting - Call Ed Graper 964-7117,
  15. Monthly Goleta Valley Beautiful award nominations - Call Bonnie Freeman 683-1878 or Phebe Mansur 685-2277
  16. Additional GVB ongoing indoor/outdoor volunteer community service activities, call 685-7910

GVB volunteers celebrate Marchwith 76 new trees March had terrific planting weather, starting with Foothill School where on March 3 Principal Ed Armstrong led 68 volunteers in planting 34 treesusing 200 community service hours. Notice the young children learninghow to avoid girdling roots.Thirty two volunteers celebrated Saint Patrick^s Day by planting 3 trees and laying 1000 of irrigation line using 83 volunteer hours. And on March 24, 13 La Patera family members joined Principal Patty Santiago in planting 10treesaround the new classrooms using 37 volunteer hours.Now for some late seasonrain!
To sign up for a volunteer activity, send an e-mailScottor leave a message at 685-7910.
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GVB releases first inventory ofmanaged trees in Goleta City Parks

Several years in the making, GVBtransmitted to Goleta City Manager Dan Singer the first individual assessment of management needs for 3,128 park trees within 20 City of Goleta Park and open spaces. Park trees are usually not maintained to the same level as street trees due to funding constraints. However the safety of the public and the health of the trees could benefit from more systematic tree management that in the long run may be more cost effective than management by pending hazard.
The survey also indicated 618 potential new tree sites on the peripheries of the parks. These locations were chosen to allow maximum use of interior open park space while providing shade and substantial environmental benefits.
This report is a gift from Goleta Valley Beautiful members to the City of Goleta to help staff improve their role as stewards of our public park trees.

    Upcoming Goleta Valley Beautiful Events- call 685-7910 for information/reservations

  1. May 19 - 33rd Annual Awards Banquet & Silent Auction. Invitations to our annual celebration will be in the mail beginning in mid-April.
  2. June 24- 6th Annual Goleta Valley Heritage Tree Tour - One bus + one professor + specimen trees in places you rarely see.
  3. July 4 - Goleta Fireworks Raffle - Although this is a Rotary event, GVB is also selling raffle tickets as a joint fundraiser.
  4. July 14 - The firstannual GVB Garden Tour and Bazaar - 6 beautiful tour sites

California Arbor Day Event at Dos Pueblos Attracts 143 Volunteers

We thought we would have to turn people away at 100, but the Suburban Kiwanis served most of our 143 volunteers with a delicious Tri-Tip and Chicken lunch, topped off by cookies from the Native Daughters of the Golden West, and cake from Beautify Dos Pueblos. It was a fitting end to a day ofplanting 27 trees, completing landscaping of the H Quad, and Arbor Dayproclamations by local elected officials and their representatives. The 476 volunteer hours was a high for the year

GVBApril ResidentialAwardWinner-

944 N. Patterson Avenue, 93111, Jim and VeLoyce Schmidt,
The April award goes to 944 N. PattersonAvenue in unincorporatedGoleta Valley. Homeowners Jim andVeLoyce Schmidt enrolled the help of son-in-law Peter new, a Cal-Poly graduate inLandscape Architecture, to give a timeless update to their landscape. That was 15 years ago and the same low maintenance plants thrive today. New Zealand ^purpurea^ flax, three queen palms and a lavender star flower, Grewia occidentalis, make up the bones while blue festuca ovina glauca and Dymondia margaretae play against the beautiful flagstone pathway. A family installed project.

Water Kings and Queens,get out your hoses

Its been a relatively dry winter, so its time to startdeep wateringyour young trees twice a month, using your Treegator if you have it.Keep up on the weeding around your tree and add up to 3-4 inches of mulch except by the root crown within 4 " of the trunk. Call us at 685-7910if you need help, additional mulch,or if you are unable to install your Treegator.

Sister Witness Tree Needs Protection Before Planned San Jose Creek Project

We all know that the San Jose Creek Flood Control project is crucial to alleviating the flooding in Old Town Goleta. We at Goleta Valley Beautiful also think that early intervention will help protect the Sister Witness Tree from any negative impacts from the project. The Sister Witness Tree is a California Sycamore that we estimate is over 250 years old that sits on the west bank of San Jose Creek about 120^ north of Hollister. It isa ^relative^ of the Witness Tree several hundred yards away across Hollister in the middle of the Sizzler Restaurant.City Council will hear comments on the draft Environmental Assessment for the San Jose Creek Project on Monday evening at City Council chambers, 130 Cremona , beginning at 6:00 PM. Let your voice be heard.

    MoreApril 2007GVB accomplishments/Kudos

  1. Work Training Program crewsplanted 2 trees on the Kellogg campus and assisted in relocating 8 Honor Tree plaques at Girsh park to temporary locations.We^re working with Girsh Park officials to improve tree conditions there.
  2. Carpinteria Beautiful received another shipment of 10 Portola Sycamore clones grown at our Devereux nursery, which they planted in Carpinteria as part of their Arbor Day ceremonies.
  3. The Nason Litter Crewspent 21 hours collecting 12 bags of roadside litter, including an increase of Nyquil bottles. Hmmm.
  4. Although UCSB has bought the Devereux campus, Devereux will remain.GVB activities with the clients at the Greenhouse are increasing, with volunteers Stacia and Adran contributing 24 service hours in March.
  5. 27 members of the GVB Advisory Council and GVB Board of Directors met at the Edison Conference Room on 3/21. This is an annual review to map out strategies for what will and won^t be in futurework plans for GVB.
  6. GVB Board members Phebe Mansur and Zea Bauer led Science Night activities at Brandon School, while Zea^s husband Joe lent his considerable skills in Excel spreadsheets toa GVBresearch project projecting the long term benefits of costs of Goleta trees.

Whew, busy month. Time for a short vacation-no fooling.

Citizen Pruners - Sharpen Your Snips, We need you.

For those of you recently trained at our February workshop, we have young tree care pruning projects all over the Goleta Valley to deal with frost damage, raising crowns to allow for ground maintenance, and formative pruning. Flexible hours. Call 685-7910 for assignments.

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