Goleta Valley Beautiful E-Mail News -February 2007

Save the date - March 10 Arbor Day Tree Planting Celebration and Barbeque

    GVB Volunteer Opportunities-GVB Office and message phone number 685-7910
  1. SaturdayMorning Tree Plantings 9 am to noon
  2. February 10 -Dos Pueblos HighSchool, 7266 AlamedaDr.
  3. February 17 - San Marcos High School, 4750 Hollister Avenue (rescheduled Jan 27 rainout)
  4. February 24 - San Marcos High School, 4750 Hollister Avenue
  5. February 3 - Pruning Workshop -WORKSHOP FULL - call 685-9710for waiting list
  6. Wednesday morning County Park tree plantings, Feb 7, 14, 21, 28, 9 to noon - call685-7910 for locations
  7. Devereux Greenhouse/Growing Groundsyoung tree care - Mon & Fri9 am to Noon- Call 685-7910
  8. Litter pickup2nd and 4thSat.-Call Don and Judy Nason 964-4895
  9. Graffiti removal and reporting - Call Ed Graper 964-7117,edgraper@yahoo.com
  10. Monthly Goleta Valley Beautiful award nominations - Call Bonnie Freeman 683-1878 or Phebe Mansur 685-2277
  11. Additional GVB ongoing volunteer community service activities, call 685-7910

January was a great month for planting trees in the Goleta Valley
January was bone dry and cold until the soaking rains we really need came at the end. On January 13, the water froze in the garden hoses but 104 volunteers managed toplant 43 trees on the Isla Vista School campus, with some wrap up work by 16 volunteers on January 20 that also involved planting3 trees on the Kellogg School campus.On January 6, 39 volunteers planted 14 trees at Dos Pueblos High, while on January 27, 6determined volunteersplanted one tree at San Marcos High and mulched others before getting rained out.Along with 2 other trees planted at Kellogg by Work Training Program crews, that^s 63 new trees in January!

To sign up for a volunteer activity, send an e-mailScottor leave a message at 685-7910.
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For additional photos of the Isla Vista planting, seeclick here

February 3 Citizen Pruner Workshop Full
In an effort to keep a high quality instruction, enrollment at the February 3 Citizen Pruner Workshop was capped at 60. If you did not pre-register and receive a confirmation notice, you may be one of those that will be on the waiting list fora future workshop.Call 685-7910 toconfirm your status. This workshop concentrates on shade tree pruning. Future workshops may deal more with fruit tree pruning.More details on the workshop in next month^s newsletter

GVB February Residential AwardWinner-7218 Evanston Place, 93117- Al and Joni Gregson
The February award goes to 7218 Evanston Place in Goleta. Homeowners Al and Joni Gregson sought to create a year-round, low maintenance landscape, and with the aid of Gil’s Landscape Services they came up with a design. Working around the original Japanese Pine, pygmy palms and grasses were added, along with a ton of local boulders and stone for the dry creek bed. Recycled materials were used wherever possible. A wide Arizona flagstone walkway draws you through the garden as it curves its way to the entry, with solar lighting marking the path.
You can nominate your favorite Goleta Valley Residential property by downloading a nomination form from the website or by contactingBonnie Freeman at 683-1878. For all other categories (Multifamily residence, Commercial, Firescape, Sustainable Development, Home Owners Association, Preservation of the Goleta Valley, Public/Institutional, Open Space, Shopping Center, Commercial Orchard, Open), contact Phebe Mansur at 685-2277 or call 685-7910.

GVBJanuary commercialAwardWinner-75 Castilian, 93117, Biomechanics Institute
The January 2007 goes to 75 Castilian in Goleta. Biomechanics Institute completed a renovation of the site in August 2006. To achieve a "modern tropical" landscaping theme, a variety of palms were added. Hearty ground covering and drought tolerant plants consisting of flax, Cotoneaster dammeri "Low Fast", and Society Garlic create dramatic borders in the flower beds. Blue Fescue, Fuchsias, Impatiens, and Birds of Paradise add splashes of color. Drip irrigation was installed. Kitson Landscape Design completed the design, installation, and now maintains the site.

The rains have come- Water Kings and Queens,remove your Treegators
We normally come around and remove Treegators in October/November, but this year we have left them on till the first soaking rains.We ask that our tree waterers (our Water Kings and Queens) can now unzip the bags and remove them from the trees, fold them flat and store them in your garageuntil April/May when they should be reinstalled. The tree will not be harmed if you decide to leave your Treegator on. Call us at 685-7910if you need help or if you are unable to remove/store your Treegator.

Project Learning Tree Training for EducatorsGVBhelped sponsor a Project Learning Tree Workshop at the Goleta Union School District Board Room last month. State instructorsconducted a workshop training for Project Learning Tree trainers to learn aboutthe latestmaterials available, with GVB Executive Director Ken Knight now a Certified Instructor. There areapproximately 100 Project Learning Tree lesson plans for teaching required environmental curriculum with a tree-related theme. Elementary and high school teachers who would like to schedule a 4 hour training workshop in how to use the Project Learning Tree materials are requested to contact GVB at 685-7910, or Project Learning Tree State Coordinator Kay Antunez at (916) 653-7958 or e-mailKay.Antunez@fire.ca.govKay.Antunez@fire.ca.gov.
On January 4th, Ken Knight previewed a Project Learning Tree Activity23 - The Fallen Logwith Julie Armstrong^s 2/3 class at Isla Vista School, and on February 13, he^ll be doing Activity 77 Trees in Trouble at Vicki Kornharens 3/4 class at Brandon School.

More January 2007GVB accomplishments/Kudos
Our hungry/thirsty volunteers received drinks and snacks through the support of Beautify Dos Pueblos, and the Isla Vista and San Marcos PTAs, many of whom have helped pre and post water our tree planting sites-there are so many wonderful helpersthat we would like to recognize-we^re working on developing a separate web site page for this.
The Nason litter crew collected 14 bags of litter in 21 1/2 hours,including a rubber snake and those little liquor bottles.
Ongoing Greenhouse volunteers Stacia and son Adran spent 18 hours at the Greenhouse fixing irrigation andformative pruning of the trees, along with our great Devereux clients (see photo above)who clean, repot and keep the place looking good.
Work Training Programs crews have been busy helping provide logistical support for our large scale plantings, as well asreplacing 3 trees that were destroyed by gophers. And a special thanks to all the media coverage we^ve been getting recently. Our scrapbook is getting huge.

Membership Drive continues!
For past members, if your name isn^t on our list of supporters at www.goletavalleybeautiful.org , you may be getting a friendly reminderabout your2007 membership dues.For any omissions or errors on our web, please let us know at 685-7910.Business sponsor ads are coming soon, along with our 2007 Silent Auction supporters. Forthose who still need to renew, you can now use our website to renew your membership online using a secure PayPal system. If the hyperlink does not work, you can cut and paste the linkinto theaddress area of your browser. Your comments to kennethknight@cox.netkennethknight@cox.netwill help us build a better communications link.