Goleta Valley Beautiful E-Mail News - December 2006



    GVB Volunteer Opportunities-GVB Office and message phone number 685-7910        
  1. - Saturday Morning Tree Plantings 9 am to noon, meet at 8:30 am at Fire Station 11 parking lot (Storke Rd at Frey Way) to caravan to planting site
  3. Dec. 2  - Dos Pueblos High School,  7266 Alameda Dr.
  4. Dec. 9  - San Marcos High School, 4750 Hollister Avenue
  5. Dec. 16 - Tree pruning, watering, mulching, tie and stake removal 
  6. Saturday December ? (Depends upon rain), 1:30- 4:30 PM Winchester Canyon Entryway replanting call 968-8576
  7. Wednesday morning County Park tree plantings, Dec 6, 13, 20, 27,  9 to noon - call 685-7910 for locations
  8. Greenhouse/Growing Grounds young tree care - Monday/Friday mornings - Call 685-7910
  9. Litter pickup 1st and 3rd Saturdays (note changed times) - Call Don and Judy Nason 964-4895 for locations and times
  10. Graffiti removal and reporting - Call Ed Graper 964-7117, edgraper@yahoo.com
  11. Monthly Goleta Valley Beautiful award nominations - Call Bonnie Freeman 683-1878 or Phebe Mansur 685-2277
  12. Goleta Valley Beautiful Board of Directors openings - For information call 685-7910

Seventy six volunteers Make Ellwood School Even More Green with the Addition of 33 Trees

      Seventy six people planted 33 trees on the Ellwood campus on November 18 contributing 207 community service hours.  About half of the volunteers were Ellwood parents and students, while the other half with UCSB students, including members of the Chinese American association, the Environmental Affairs Board and Alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority.  Andy Holland made the digging quite a bit easier by contributing his backhoe to dig half of the tree sites and move mulch into position.  The trees were chosen for their ability to sustain themselves once established, including Coast Live Oak, Island Oak, Ironwood, Torrey Pine, Catalina Cherry and New Zealand Christmas Trees.  These trees are part of a California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Green Trees for the Golden State Grant to plant 744 trees at Goleta Valley Schools and parks. To sign up for a volunteer activity, send an e-mailScott or leave a message at 685-7910.
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What^s New on the GVB Website www.goletavalleybeautiful.org? You can now use our website to renew your membership online using a secure PayPal system.  In the next few months, Webmaster Thom Myall will be adding other items to our Online Store including reservations to workshops, tours and the annual banquet.  Another new item in the archives is our annual Form 990 report.  It is like the Tax form 1040, but this is one that non-profits have to file for public review.  Among other interesting information in a rather dry report is the fact that we planted 486 trees last year, and about 45% of our annual revenue comes from local resources, with the rest being grants.  Thanks for keeping us afloat!  

December Tree Planting Projects Continue at Goleta Valley High schools Dos Pueblos and San Marcos  Schools will again benefit from our tree planting efforts in December.  Dos Pueblos will install a temporary drip irrigations system  for the trees along Cathedral Oaks Road and Alameda on Dec 2, as well as 10 trees in the interior Court M/B.  San Marcos High will get another ten oaks hear its softball fields.   Call 685-7910 to join in.

December 2006 Goleta Valley Beautiful Award - 339 Princeton Avenue-LaBouve residence

        The December award goes to 339 Princeton Avenue in the Goleta Valley unincorporated area. Owners Frank and Diane LaBouve were inspired to renovate their property after Mr. LaBouve attended a landscape design class at SBCC.  With advice from instructor Billy Goodnick, (a City Landscape Architect) in sustainable concepts, the LaBouves selected appropriate plants and ended up doing much of the work themselves. As to hardscape, the replacement of a cement slab driveway with bricks in a permeable zig-zag pattern warms up their entry and reduces rainwater runoff.  The driveway was installed by Custom Hardscapes Inc.

     You can nominate your favorite Goleta Valley Residential property by downloading a nomination form from the website at www.goletavalleybeautiful.org or by contacting Bonnie Freeman at 683-1878.  For all other categories (Multifamily residence, Commercial, Firescape, Sustainable Development, Home Owners Association, Preservation of the Goleta Valley, Public/Institutional, Open Space, Shopping Center, Commercial Orchard, Open), contact Phebe Mansur at 685-2277 or call 685-7910.   


Water Kings and Queens-

Please continue to water in December Due to the dry weather, we are asking all residents with new trees to give them a deep watering once or twice in December.   If you have Treegators, please fill them up as we are not removing them until we have a good soaking rain of 1/2 inch or more.  If you would like to help us water trees in December that would normally have been watered by rainfall, please call 685-7910

Mid State Bank and Trust Foundation Donates $3000 to Goleta Valley Beautiful Youth Tree Projects

Mid State Bank and Trust Assistant Vice President/Customer Services Manager Tami Mason presents a check for $3000 to Goleta Valley Beautiful Executive Director Ken Knight on behalf of the Mid-State Bank and Trust Foundation.  The Foundation is supporting Goleta Valley Beautiful^s efforts to work with local youth to plant trees in public areas.  The Award was made during a recent tree planting at Ellwood School conducted by mostly student volunteers.  To volunteer, call 685-7910 or visit www.goletavalleybeautiful.org.


Teachers! - Coming January 19/20, 2007 - Project Learning Tree Workshop

Elementary and high school teachers are invited to attend a Project Learning Tree Workshop on late Friday afternoon January 19 and Saturday morning January 20 at the Goleta Union School District.  State instructors will be conducting a workshop training in the latest Project Learning Tree materials with numerous lesson plans for teaching required environmental curriculum with a tree-related theme.  Registration details coming soon. 

November 2006 GVB accomplishments/Kudos

Another big month!  70 trees (mostly natives grown by GVB) were planted including 10 at San Marcos High, 17 at Dos Pueblos High, 33 at Ellwood Elementary, and 10 along Ribera Ave/Tabano Hollow Bikeway.  The Nason litter crew picked up 13 bags of post-Halloween/Election trash with 20.5 volunteer service hours.  Greenhouse volunteers Stacia and Adran planted hundreds of new trees at the Greenhouse in 24 volunteer hours with our new trees. And Interns Juliette and Iara continued crunching numbers for a  tree research project.  Whew-we^re workin^. 

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Despite generous contributions of snacks and sodas from Sam Alfano and Helen McPherrin, our supplies have been all used up by the increased number of volunteers.  Donations of water, packaged healthy snacks (granola bars/pretzels) and 100%% fruit juices are appreciated.  We^re moving away from offering sodas as most student volunteers prefer less sugar. 

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