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November 2005
NEW OFFICE SITE: 5638 Hollister Suite 200D Goleta CA 93117  Phone: 683-0121 Website; www.goletavalleybeautiful.org Mailing address PO Box 6756 Goleta CA 93160-6756 GVB cell phone 252-1952, E:mail kennethknight@cox.net
 Website www.goletavalleybeautiful.org

California Urban Forest Council awards Goleta Valley Beautiful  "Best Urban Forest Program 2005"

1. GVB Community Service opportunities -
General public welcome, especially jr.high to college students
- Nov 2,9,    Tree Plantings & Maintenance- Wednesdays 8:30 AM-11:30 AM Call us for location. 
-Nov 16,23,30   Working with Certified arborist and supervised Work Training Program clients.  RSVP 252-1952 
- Nov 5        Tree Inventory  - Saturday 1:30-4   Meet at Oro Verde Open Space at Cambridge and Via Solerno. Join UCSB Circle K volunteers in counting and measure trees in several parks. No experience needed RSVP 252-1952
- Nov 6        Tree Inventory  - Sunday 8-11   Meet at Santa Barbara Shores (Small) Open Space at Santa Barbara Shores and Seagull Drives.  Join Alpha Kappa Psi volunteers in counting and measuring trees in several parks. No experience needed RSVP 252-1952
Nov 12 - Tree Inventory  - Saturday 9-12, 1-4   Meet at Evergreen Open Space at Evergreen and Brandon.  Join UCSB volunteers in counting and measuring trees in several parks. No experience needed RSVP 252-1952
- Nov 19 - Tree Inventory  - Saturday 9-12, 1-4   Location to be determined. Join volunteers in counting and measuring trees in several parks. No experience needed RSVP 252-1952
-Nov- Tree Species Identification - Volunteer experienced in local tree species identification needed to assist during November tree inventories.  Call 252-1952 or send e-mail to kennethknight@cox.net  for more information 
- Wanted     Volunteer to assist in putting together a display case for the Goleta Valley Public Library.  Call 252-1952
-  Nov 12,26  Anti-litter cleanup - 9 to 11 AM Report litter problems to Don & Judy Nason of Cambridge Dr Community Church at 964-0436, and volunteer to help with clean-up crews on the 2nd & 4th Sat.
-  Ongoing   Winchester Canyon Entryway Maintenance - Variable hours-  NW Corner of Cathedral Oaks and Winchester Canyon -Assist in weeding site. No experience necessary. Tools provided.  Contact Lauren Gleason at 685-2653
  - Ongoing   Develop your own neighborhood public area beautification project! Goleta Valley Beautiful will provide resources and expertise to youth groups and service organizations interested in developing tree planting, maintenance, educational and clean-up programs in public areas.  Call 252-1952 to develop a project.
- Ongoing   Graffiti Cleanup -
Report graffiti to Ed Graper at 964-7117 or e-mail edgraper@yahoo.com  Contact Ed if you would like to help remove graffiti in your area. Supplies and training provided.

-  Ongoing   Board of Directors  Two openings for remaining one year terms (until 7/1/06) Call 252-1952 or send e-mail to kennethknight@cox.net  for more information.

   2. GVB Award of the Month

November Residential -5585 Armitos Avenue, Goleta CA 03117, Tom and Mary Lou Miller 
   Our November residential award goes to 5585 Armitos Ave. C, in Goleta. Tom and Mary Lou Miller moved into the Grossman Homes public housing complex in 1983 and soon lobbied to do their own landscape since they faced Kellogg, a busy thoroughfare. Now a landmark to passersby, many stop to look at Tom’s birdhouses that Mary Lou has decorated. While ailments keep Mary Lou out of her garden, their love of colorful displays, seasonal flags and holiday themes bring enchantment to Old Town

October Residential- 7653 Padova Drive, Goleta CA 93117 Larry and Margot Durham, owners.

        You can nominate your favorite Goleta Valley Residential property by downloading a nomination form. 

Click here to see and download the nomination form

     For residential properties contact Bonnie Freeman at  683-1878, for all other categories (Multifamily residence, Sustainable Development, Home Owners Association, Preservation of Goleta Valley, Public/Institutional, Open Space, Shopping Center, Commercial Orchard, Open), contact Phebe Mansur at 685-2277 or call 252-1952. Look for articles in the Valley Voice and the SB News Press.  

3. GVB News Tidbits 
  -Goleta Valley Beautiful 2006 Membership Renewals -
Membership renewal letters for calendar year 2006 will be mailed the first week of November.  This is our only membership mailing, so please take this opportunity to renew your support.  We are also contacting other members of the Goleta Valley community, so please excuse us if we have sent you more than one letter.   If by chance we have missed you, please use the form at the end of this newsletter.  

-Goleta Valley Beautiful Partners with Albertsons to help our youth-
When Albertsons shoppers link their Preferred Savings Card to Goleta Valley Beautiful^s community Partners ID number 49001008145, Albertsons  will make a quarterly cash contribution to Goleta Valley beautiful based on eligible purchases made by linked supporters.  It is an easy way to help support Goleta Valley youth that doesn^t cost you anything extra!  Funds will be used for Arbor Day projects at Goleta schools, children^s books for the Goleta Valley library, and community service projects involving at-risk boys.  Check our website or www.albertsons.com.  If you are already linked with another youth organization, ---Goleta Valley Beautiful Receives Best Urban Forestry Program 2005 from the California Urban Forests Council
- At the Annual California Urban Forests Council Conference in Lompoc last month, we were delightfully surprised to receive the 2005 award for Best Urban Forestry Program.  GVB was recognized for strong community support for a variety of urban forestry programs involving tree planting and maintenance, for our research work on establishing support for trees as part of urban infrastructure, and our educational and community service work with youth groups, at-risk boys, and developmentally disabled. 
  - Goleta Valley Beautiful Office Location -
In an effort to reach more Goleta Valley residents, Goleta Valley Beautiful now has an office at 5638 Hollister Avenue Suite 200D in Old Town Goleta.  We are subleasing from and sharing an office with the Gaviota Coast Conservancy, which is within the offices of the Nonprofit Support Center.  Office hours will be by appointment.  In addition to our office we now have a phone number (683-0121) that will allow Goleta Valley Beautiful to be listed in the phone book for the first time in our 32 year history.  We will continue to use our post office box mailing address for our mail communications, as well as continue with using our cell phone number as well.
   -Tree Inventory Project -
Goleta Valley Beautiful volunteers are conducting inventories of the trees in the City of Goleta parks and open spaces to gather data for our research project on the long term benefits of trees.  Amazingly, there has never been a complete inventory of the trees in City parks.  This is a big undertaking, for example, there are over 800 trees at Stow Grove Park alone. If you have some time to contribute, please check our community service opportunities.

4. Event results/kudo
- GVB Tree Planting and Care last month 

Trees- Species  - Location - Date  - Hours- Action
0 -Various- El Encanto Parkway -10/01/05  - 9 - Watering
0- Various -  Devereux Greenhouse -10/4/05 - 12 -Maintenance 
1 - Arbutus/Brisbane-Brandon/Cathedral Oaks-10/5/05-12- Planting-Maintenance
8 - Oak,Gingko-other Various in Isla Vista-10/8/05 -40 -  Planted
2 -Soapbark,Fringe -Grace Baptist Church-10/12/05-15 - Planted
  2 - Valencia, Apricot - IV/Stow Grove Park -10/22/05- 38- Planted, inventoried
0 - Various - Various - 10/26/05- 15- Treegator removal
0- Various - Stow Grove  -10/29/05 - 8 -  Inventory
0- Various- Winchester Canyon- Various -12 -  Watering, weeding 
  0 -Various  - Devereux Greenhouse- 12 days- 120- Repotting, Maintenance
13- Total Trees planted - 269   volunteer hours

Thanks this month to tree workers Bob Lugo and the Work Training Programs Crew, the Western Farm Service employees ( Chuck, Bart and Jose in Oct) who volunteered a total of 44 Community Service hours at the Devereux Greenhouse and Growing Grounds revamping the irrigation system, to UCSB Interns Stella Faturos and Jamie Jones for assistance with grant applications and implementation,  for the 10 Lambda volunteers who planted 8 trees in IV on 10/8, for the 9 Habitat for Humanity volunteers who planted two trees in IV and helped inventory hundreds of others in Stow Grove Park on 10/22,  and Merlyn Cummings for providing tree measuring sticks for volunteer use during our tree inventories.  
   -Neighborhood Cleanups  -
The Nasons picked up 3 big bags of roadside trash during their 10/8 cleanup, working Cathedral Oaks and Hollister.   Don, Judy and their group do projects on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month. GVB will sponsor cleanups with your neighborhood groups at your request, just call 252-1952 
Thanks also to Millie and Sal Castro of Forest Drive who pick up trash along Cathedral Oaks Rd every other day during their walks from Evergreen to Glen Annie.
-    Getting the Word Out -
Thanks to all our Lemon Festival volunteers - Bonnie Freeman, Merlyn Cummings, Melissa Ta, Marc Bradley, Lori Roper, Scott Bull, Tami Mason and Phebe Mansur.  Our days of retail sales are apparently over, but we still helped get word out to the community of what we do.  We also had many helpers at the UCSB Sustainability Fair (Bonnie Freeman, Stella Faturos, Jamie Jones, Scott Bull) getting the word out in IV.  Thanks! 

5. Water Kings and Queens.
- After our first decent October rain, GVB volunteers have been removing the Treegators around new trees for winter storage.  If we missed your Treegator, please give us a call at 252-1952.  If winter rains come as anticipated, supplemental watering shouldn^t be needed till spring.   An exception is for our plantings at Winchester Canyon.  Although the trees may be able to take extended periods without rain, until the native plants are established, they may need watering every two weeks, depending on how hot and dry it is.

6. Welcome New/Renewing donor members -
R designates renewing member, + designates exceeding minimum contribution for that category  
Honor Tree Donors:  Grace Baptist Church, Beverly Sudman, Joan Hanna 
Special Donor: Goleta Valley Beautiful Board member Al Turnbull has provided Goleta Valley Beautiful with a very generous donation to allow Goleta Valley Beautiful awards to be published in the Goleta Valley Voice for the next year. 
   Thanks for discounts/donations/reduced prices and services
from Pacifica Suites, Camino Real Marketplace, CopyRight, Growing Solutions Restoration Institute, West Covina Nurseries, Kitson Landscape management for the use of their 1000 gallon water trailer and all of our business sponsors and Silent Auction donors listed on our website www.goletavalleybeautiful.org.  We appreciate the ongoing coverage of our events in the Santa Barbara News Press, The Independent, and The Valley Voice.

7. 2005 Annual Donor Membership Information -

Board of Directors: Laura Funkhouser-President, Lori Roper -  Vice President, Doug Winter - Secretary, Tami Mason - Treasurer. Board members: Merlyn Cummings, Alan Cavaletto, Al Turnbull, Thom Myall,  Kristen Amyx, Phebe Mansur, Alan Scholl, David C. Fainer, Jr., Scott Bull   Executive Director - Ken Knight  - Member California ReLeaf Network -

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