Goleta Valley Beautiful News
July 2005

GVB cell phone 252-1952, E:mail kennethknight@cox.net
 Website www.goletavalleybeautiful.org

4th of July Fireworks at Girsh Park 4  to 9:30 PM
Visit and support Goleta Nonprofit vendors 

1. GVB Community Service opportunities - General public welcome, especially jr.high to college students NOTE: Projects have been curtailed in June and July due to the Executive Director^s knee surgery.  Projects should be back in full swing beginning in August. Individually designed projects still available.

July 4        Goleta Fireworks Festival -  Mon. 5 - 9:30 PM - Girsh Park  Volunteers needed to staff the Goleta Valley booth where we will be selling soft drinks, water, coffee, and fresh popcorn.  Two hour shifts beginning at 4 pm.  Call 252-1952

July 9, 23  Anti-litter cleanup - Report litter problem areas to Judy Nason of Cambridge Drive Community Church at 964-0436, and volunteer to help with clean-up crews on 2nd & 4th Sat., 9 to 11 am.

Ongoing    Board of Directors  There are currently two openings on the Goleta Valley Beautiful Board of Directors.  The Board meets once a month, and committees meet as project needs require. No non-profit experience necessary, we^ll help you learn about how we serve the community. Call 252-1952 or send e-mail to kennethknight@cox.net  for more information.

  Ongoing   Graffiti Cleanup - Report graffiti to Ed Graper at 964-7117 or e-mail edgraper@yahoo.com  Contact Ed if you would like to help remove graffiti in your area. Supplies and training provided.

Ongoing    Administrative Assistants - Part time volunteers, variable hours, work from your home. Assist in maintaining and verifying  membership and volunteer information, and grant compliance reports.  Experience in Microsoft Word and Excel preferred.  Call 252-1952  

     Upcoming events
July 4        Goleta Fireworks Celebration at Girsh Park- Monday 5-9:30 PM -   Goleta Valley Beautiful will be one of the non-profit food vendors operating a booth at our local fireworks festival.  There will be live music, giant slides and bounce rooms, lots of food (new this year-vegetarian selections) and of course Fireworks, all to benefit local groups.  Tickets $5 adults, $3 children. 

Aug 12-14  California ReLeaf Annual Statewide Conference - to be held in Atascadero. This is a chance to meet and trade ideas with 75 other non-profit organizations statewide.  Call 252-1952 if interested in attending.

Sept 17     Annual United Way Day of Caring- GVB project planned for 125 volunteers at entry to Winchester Canyon

Oct 6-8      California Urban Forest Council Annual Conference - to be held in Lompoc  

  2. GVB Award of the Month
Residential        - June    458 Merida Drive, Jeff and Karen Thomsen-owners, David Brown- landscaper

Business          - June    360 Storke Road, X Tech Systems, Sandy and Helen Roberts-owners, Jeff Perry Landscaping-Maintenance 

   Multi-Family Residence - July     60 Willow Springs Lane- Willow Springs Apartments, developed by Towbes Group, Inc., landscaping by Landscape Architect Philip Suding of Suding Design, aided by Project Manager Kim True, maintenance by Plowboy Landscapes, Inc.  

    Note: With the previous Business Award Chair Marc Bradley leaving the Board this month, we are restructuring our monthly award process.  Although our monthly award focus will still be on single family residences, we will accept nominations in any of our 12 annual categories for consideration of our monthly award.  These categories include Single Family Residence, Multifamily residence, Sustainable Development, Home Owners Association, Preservation of Goleta Valley, Public/Institutional, Open Space, Shopping Center, Commercial Orchard, Open Category 

Nominate your favorite place by downloading our nomination form on the Goleta Valley Beautiful website at www.goletavalleybeautiful.org, or contact Bonnie Freeman at  683-1878 or call 252-1952  Look for articles in the Valley Voice, the South Coast Beacon and the SB News Press.

   3. GVB News Tidbits
Winchester Canyon Entry Beautification Project -
Every year, Goleta Valley Beautiful selects one community beautification project to undertake.  This year, we responded to requests from Winchester Canyon residents to help beautify the entrance to their area at the  northwest corner of Cathedral Oaks and Winchester Canyon.  With the help of a $250 City of Goleta Community Projects grant, Project leaders Lauren Gleason and Ingrid Smith contacted over 400 residents of the Winchester Canyon, Winchester Commons and Mountain View subdivisions to determine if they would like to participate and fund a project.  Twenty one volunteers showed up at an on-site meeting on June 28 to discuss how to design the area, review site constraints (views, traffic visibility, debris on bikeway, etc.) and learn how to secure regulatory approvals from the City of Goleta.  Over $1000 has been raised from 32 supporters so far towards a goal of $2500.  If the details of the project can be worked out, this will become a United Way Day of Caring Project to be implemented with over 125 volunteers on September 17. 

        If you are interested in your neighborhood receiving Goleta Valley Beautiful support for a beautification project, please send us an e-mail and we^ll consider it as part of our long term planning for next year. 

         IVRPD Resolution Honoring Goleta Valley Beautiful -
At their meeting on June 16, the Board of Directors of the Isla Vista Recreation and Park District passed a resolution commending Goleta Valley Beautiful for the 90 trees planted in Isla Vista Parks in conjunction with the University of Santa Barbara^s Shoreline Preservation Fund.  We appreciate the recognition and look forward to continued cooperation with the District.

  Stagecoach Route Sign Map-
Maps are available identifying the route of the old Stagecoach that used to run from Santa Barbara through Goleta Valley and over the pass to Los Olivos.  Goleta Valley Beautiful still helps to maintain the 56 signs marking this route.  We^ll be distributing the maps to local Wells Fargo Bank branches in the near future. You can also view the map of the Stagecoach Route with signs on our website at www.goletavalleybeautiful.org. 

Board Member Changes -
We bid adieu to long time President Sam S. Alfano and Board member Marc Bradley this month.  A new member elected to the Board in July is Alan Scholl, Facilities Manager at the Santa Barbara Regional Health Authority.  Alan grew more interested in the work of GVB after receiving an award for his work at the Goleta Presbyterian Church site earlier this year.  Alan is well known for his barbequing skills with the Kiwanis.  Welcome aboard, Alan.

        There are two vacancies on the Board, so for those of you receiving this newsletter, please consider investing sometime with a great group of people and for a tree-mendous cause.  Send us an e-mail for more information.


4. Event results/kudos

GVB Tree Planting and Care last month 
Trees-Species -Location - Date - Hours- Action
40- Various - Isla Vista Parks- 6/4/05 -   6 - Mulched/Weeded
70 - Various- Calle Real-El Encanto Area- 6/20/05- 18 - mulched, weeded
140 - None- GVB Storage area- 6/27/05- 18 - mulch containers filled 
        110 = Total Trees maintained  - 42= volunteer hours
Thanks this month to tree volunteers Bob Lugo and the Devereux crews and GVB Board Member Scott Bull

Neighborhood Cleanups
 - On June 18, Cambridge Community Church volunteers led by  Judy Nason collected 3 large bags of trash in 5 1/2 man hours from Los Carneros and Los Carneros Way from the overpass to Hollister, along much of Cathedral Oaks from Patterson to Los Carneros, and Patterson from Cathedral Oaks to Calle Real. 

  On June 25, volunteers collected 8 orange bags in 8 1/2 man hours on Los Carneros from Hollister to El Collegio (very dirty with lots of small pieces chopped up by a mower), Upper Fairview,  and Cathedral Oaks Fairview to Los Carneros. 

 Judy and her group do projects on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month.  GVB will sponsor cleanups with your neighborhood groups at your request, just call 252-1952 

Shoreline Preservation Fund Update
 We are now searching for homeowners in western Isla vista to accept trees on their property, whether in county right-of-way or not.   We are still looking for more tree planting and maintenance volunteers to carry on this work over the summer.  Call 252-1952 

4th Annual Goleta Valley Heritage Tree and Nursery Tour-
Thirty-four tourgoers, including Goleta Councilmember^s Margaret Connell and Cynthia Brock, participated in our tour of Goleta Valley^s heritage trees through the generous support of Santa Barbara Airbus.  We raised $776 at the event and also raised the awareness of those attending about our wonderful arboreal treasures.Tour guides Jerry Sortomme and Dan Condon provided incisive commentary, and Dan (who left the day after the tour for his new home in Michigan) sang the world premier of "The Goleta Good-Land", sung to the tune of ^This Land is Your Land^

                    The Goleta Good-Land by Dan Condon
Verse 1    This land is your land, the Goleta Good Land,
                From Santa Barbara, to the Ellwood Mesa,
                From our mountain foothills, to Pacifics^ sea...strand,
                This land was made for you and me.

Verse 2    When I go out walking, through the urban forest,
                I see all around me, a bountiful harvest,
                Of shade and beauty, of arbor history,
                A gem for all of us to see.

Verse 3    From Joseph Sexton in eighteen sixties,
                On to present day time with the Goleta Vee Bee,
                We value all Trees, more than just amenities,
                So please help us to better care for trees;
                A good Lorax will always speak for trees;
                And this good land is here for you and me.

Thanks to Thom Myall and Sam Alfano for organizing the tour, and to the businesses and agencies that allowed us to visit their grounds, including the Witness Tree at the Sizzler Restaurant, Randy Baldwin at San Marcos Growers, the Sexton Gardens at Pacifica Suites, Fairview Gardens, the City of Goleta^s Stow Grove Park, the Goleta Valley Historical Society^s Stow House Gardens, and the gardens at Bishop Ranch.   For those of you who didn^t make it, an earlier self-guided version of our Heritage Tree Tour is on our website at www.goletavalleybeautiful.org.  

     5. Water Kings and Queens. - 
If you have a portable tree irrigator (Treegator) installed on your street tree, you must fill it once every two weeks in overcast weather, and once a week in hot sunny weather until the fall when the rains start.  Please remove weeds and grass but do not remove mulch at the base of the tree and check that mulch is not touching the bark of the trunk.  Please do not use any herbicides such as Round-Up near the base of the tree- the newer varieties are strong enough to kill the tree!.  Please report any insect, disease or tree  damage problems to GVB at 252-1952.  Also let us know if you think you need a Treegator.  We^ll deliver one at no charge and we^ll pick it up in the Fall when it is no longer need for the year.  Generally, if your tree has been planted for less than 2 years, or if you do not have an irrigation system in place, you probably need one. 

   6. Welcome New/Renewing donor members
R designates renewing member, + designates exceeding minimum contribution for that category
Donor:  Don Hartley, Madelyn Cole
Supporting Donor: Mike Eskenazi, Randy Rosness(R), Frederick and Anne Eissler, Brian Frick (R)
Family Donor: Kathy Lucian (R)+

Thanks for discounts/donations/reduced prices and services from Pacifica Suites, Camino Real Marketplace, CopyRight, Growing Solutions Restoration Institute, West Covina Nurseries and all of our business sponsors and silent Auction donors listed on our website www.goletavalleybeautiful.org.  We appreciate the ongoing coverage of our events in the Santa Barbara News Press, The Independent, the Valley Voice the South Coast Beacon and the Independent.

7. 2005 Annual Donor Membership Information -