Goleta Valley Beautiful News
May 2005

GVB cell phone 252-1952, E:mail kennethknight@cox.net
GVB Annual Award Banquet on May 14
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1. GVB Community Service opportunities - General public welcome, especially jr.high to college students

- May 1- Tree Planting at Trigo-Pasado Park in Isla Vista, Sunday 1 PM to 4 PM Tree Planting prior to the grand opening later in May of this newly redone park. Contact Tanya Novak at tlnovak@umail.ucsb.edu to volunteer.

- May 7-Tree Planting at Trigo-Pasado Park in Isla Vista,  Sat 9 AM to Noon Follow-up on May 1 planting  Equipment provided, no experience necessary.  RSVP 252-1952 

- May 14,28 Anti-litter cleanup - Report litter problem areas to Judy Nason of Cambridge Drive Community Church at 964-0436, and volunteer to help with clean-up crews on 2nd & 4th Sat., 9 to 11 am.

- May MWF Transplanting- Devereux Greenhouse  Join Devereux clients/staff in transplanting young native trees from the Devereux Greenhouse to the Devereux campus nursery. Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:30 to 11:00 am  Equipment provided, no experience necessary.  Call 252-1952 for specific location and more information.

- May 14      Treegator Installation - Sat 9 AM to Noon Meet at GVB Storage area on Santa Felicita Rd. Annual installation of portable tree irrigators on newly planted trees at various sites. Take Storke Road towards UCSB and make a right onto Santa Felicita behind Home Depot. Make the first left off Santa Felicita into the parking lot next to the Girsh Park bioswale. Look for GVB sign  Don^t be late! RSVP 252-1952 

- May 21     Treegator Installation - Sat 9 AM to Noon Meet at GVB Storage area on Santa Felicita Rd. Annual installation of portable tree irrigators on newly planted trees at various sites.Take Storke Road towards UCSB and make a right onto Santa Felicita behind Home Depot.  Make the first left off Santa Felicita into the parking lot next to the Girsh Park bioswale. Look for GVB sign.  Don^t be late! RSVP 252-1952

  - June 4      Tree Planting - Sat 9 AM to Noon Meet at GVB Storage area on Santa Felicita Rd.  Take Storke Road towards UCSB and make a right onto Santa Felicita behind Home Depot.  Make the first left off Santa Felicita into the parking lot next to the Girsh Park bioswale. Look for GVB sign.  Don^t be late! RSVP 252-1952 

- Ongoing   Graffiti Cleanup - Report acts of graffiti to Ed Graper at 964-7117 or e-mail edgraper@yahoo.com  Contact Ed if you would like to help remove graffiti in your area. Supplies and training provided.To download self removal instructions justClick here

-Ongoing    Administrative Assistants - Part time volunteers, variable hours, work from your home. Assist in maintaining and verifying  membership and volunteer information, and grant compliance reports.  Experience in Microsoft Word and Excel preferred.  Call 252-1952

       Upcoming events
- May 14      31st Annual Awards Banquet and Silent Auction Holiday Inn in Goleta. See Item 7 below.See below

2. GVB Residential and Business Awards of the Month
- May    1070 Colleen Way, Carol Lane and David Widmer, owners
- April      5371 Agana,  Vicky Collins and Bill Ringer owners 

-  May    To be announced
- April -  Airport Plaza, Fairview Avenue, Bermant Development Company

Nominate your favorite place by downloading our nomination form here on Goleta Valley Beautiful website at Clicking here to see and download the nomination form For residential properties, contact Bonnie Freeman at  683-1878.  For commercial/office/homeowner associations call Marc Bradley at 967-3738.  Look for articles in the Valley Voice, the South Coast Beacon and the SB News Press.  

    3. GVB News Tidbits
   - GVB Board member Al Turnbull World War II Experiences Featured- Al^s remembrances as a bomber pilot during the last year of World War II are featured in a May 1 page 2 article in the News Press and in a Monday May 2,  9 pm KCET Channel 10 program  "Victory in the Pacific" .
          - City of Goleta General Plan Meetings - Look for upcoming meetings and GVB testimony concerning the need for comprehensive urban forest policies.  

Thanks to Helen McPherrin for her donation of 64 packaged snacks and to Charles Beer for his donation of 6 five-gallon Island Oaks (Quercus tomentella) that he grew and donated to GVB

- New Business Benefactor Advertising Opportunities

- Water seeped into the transmission of our one-ton truck during the recent rains and caused transmission failure.  In order to recoup some of the $4300 unbudgeted repair cost, the Executive Committee has authorized a new category of $1000 Business Benefactor members, limited to 5 per year.  Each Business Benefactor will receive a 3^ x 3^ advertising space on the side of the GVB truck.  Each advertising space will be put in place for one year.  Signs of paint, tape or magnets will be the responsibility of the advertiser.  To reserve a location, call 252-1952. 

    4. Event results/kudos
  - GVB Tree Planting and Care last month 
  Trees- Species- Location - Date - Hours-  Action
  11 - Pine, Syc,Bau,Pod - Page/GVSLL -4/2/05 - 47-  Planted/mulched
  5- Alder, Sycamore - Devereux Campus- 4/4/05- 15- Planted/mulched
  7 - Tipu, Podacarpus, Syc- Page/GVSLL- 4/9/05- 24- Planted/mulched 
     30 - Various-  Devereux Campus- 4/11/05- 12- Mulched
  35 -  Various-  Goleta Valley Jr High-  4/16/05 - 163  - Planted/mulched
  7 - Olive/Sycamore- Greek/Children^s Park-IV - 4/17/05 - 66 - Planted/mulched
  40 - Various - Devereux Campus - 4/18/05- 18 - Mulched
  9 - Alder, syc, Liquidambar- Goleta Valley Jr High - 4/20/05-  51- Planted/mulched
  29 -  Various- Ellwood Elem. School - 4/23/05- 161-  Planted/mulched
  31- Oak, various- Devereux Campus - 4/25/05 - 21 - 1 Planted, 30 mulched
  1 - Pine - Kellogg Elem. School- 4/29/05- 20- Planted, mulched
  1 - Oak - Ellwood Elem. School- 4/30/05- 6- Planted, mulched
  15 - Various -Dos Pueblos High School  -4/30/05- 30 - Weeded, mulched 
  106      Total trees planted      634 volunteer hours
       Thanks this month to tree volunteers Bob Lugo and the Devereux crews, Dan Hernandez and Los Prietos Boys Camp, UCSB Project leader Heather Moine and Hermanos Unidos, Goleta Valley Junior High Project Coordinator Maureen Kincannon, Ellwood Elementary School Project Coordinator Jeff Haight, UCSB Circle K Club, Bonnie Freeman and Beautify Dos Pueblos Coordinator Robin Cederloff, and to the hundreds of hours of student and staff volunteer assistance from Dos Pueblos High, Goleta Valley Junior High, Ellwood and Kellogg Elementary School students, particularly Thomas Donati and our hard working 61st hour volunteer Dylan Griffin.  This was one of our busiest and most productive months on record!
  - Neighborhood Cleanups  -On April 9, Don and Judy Nason picked up about 2 orange bags worth of trash in 3 man-hours along Cathedral Oaks from Santa Margurita to Glen Annie and Calle Real from Fairview to La Patera. On April 16, 23 and 30, they collected in about 6 man hours about 5 1/2 orange bags worth of trash on Cathedral Oaks from Carlo to Glen Annie, North Los Carneros, some of Calle Real and today South Kellogg from South of the Toyota dealership to where Kellogg turns (the trashiest roadside they^ve ever cleaned up in the Goleta area!).   Judy and her group do projects on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month.  GVB will sponsor cleanups with your neighborhood groups at your request, just call 252-1952 
  - Devereux Greenhouse Update  Devereux clients have filled the 500 15 gallon containers outside the greenhouse with soil and we have now begun transplanting the shoots that have been growing in perlite since November.  The first shoot transplants have been Western Sycamores and Cottonwoods.  We^ll be transplanting all during the month of May and we could use your help on Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 8:30 to eleven.  
  - Shoreline Preservation Fund Update We are now searching for homeowners in western Isla vista to accept trees on their property, whether in county right-of-way or not.   We are still looking for more tree planting and maintenance volunteers.  Call 252-1952 
  5. Water Kings and Queens.
  - The late April rains should be sufficient to keep your new trees watered until GVB Completes portable tree irrigator (Treegator) installation in late May.  Please remove weeds and grass but do not remove mulch at the base of the tree and check that mulch is not touching the bark of the trunk.  Please do not use any herbicides such as Round-Up near the base of the tree.  Also check for erosion of soil and replace around roots but not above the root crown.  Please report any insect, disease or damage problems to GVB at 252-1952.
  6. Welcome new/renewing donor members 
 - R designates renewing member, 
 + designates exceeding minimum contribution for that category 
      Donor - Scott Bull, Mary Jane Blau
  Honor Tree - CommunityWest Bank
  We^ve been so busy planting and maintaining our trees this month that our membership information is running behind.  We^ll catch-up in May, particularly with our Honor Trees. 
        Thanks for discounts/donations/reduced prices and services from the Santa Barbara and Goleta Union School Districts, Pacifica Suites, Camino Real Marketplace, CopyRight, Western Farm Service, Growing Solutions Restoration Institute, and West Covina Nurseries. We appreciate the new coverage in the Santa Barbara News Press, Valley Voice, South Coast Beacon and the Independent.
  Our Silent Auction donors will be recognized in our Awards program and on our website,(Supporters), along with a complete listing in our June newsletter
  7. Goleta Valley Beautiful Announces 2005 Annual Awards, President Retires
  The awards will be presented at the 31st Annual Goleta Valley Beautiful Awards Banquet and Silent Auction on Saturday May 14 from 6 to 9 pm at the Goleta Holiday Inn.  Master of Ceremonies will be David Edelman of Cox Communications. 
    The winners include the following categories;
  1. Single Family residence – 6269 Avenida Ganso
  2. Multifamily or apartments-Storke Ranch
  3. Sustainable Development – Walnut Park Townhomes Bioswale and Biofilter
  4. Homeowners Association Common Area – Rancho Goleta Homeowners Association
  5. Preservation of Goleta Valley Heritage – Ellwood Mesa Open Space Acquisition
  6. Commercial – Hidden Oaks Golf Club
  7. Public Institutional - UCSB Recreation Center II
  8. Public Park or Open Space – Goleta Presbyterian Church
  9. Shopping Center – Fairview Center
  10. Firescape Design – 1075 N. Patterson Avenue
  11. Commercial Orchard – La Patera Rancho
  12. Open Category – Iris Avenue Parkway

      “I’m pleased to see such a fine selection of awardees in a wide variety of categories”, said retiring Goleta Valley Beautiful President Sam S. Alfano in a recent press release. Mr. Alfano is retiring in July from the President’s role that he has held since 1992.  “There has been a great advancement in landscaping and design standards since I became President 13 years ago.  The Goleta Valley has seen great physical improvements as a result of cooperative efforts with schools, local governments and non-profit organizations, improved anti-litter programs, and our grants program to improve our urban forest.”  Mr. Alfano will continue in Goleta Valley Beautiful as President Emeritus and Historian.

    The Banquet will also include a tribute to the retiring leader, along with a recognition of the monthly residential and commercial award winners, and presentations of Honor Trees to Retiring Goleta Valley Beautiful Board Member Dan Condon, to the County Parks Department –South County Operations and Maintenance as they transition from their role as stewards of the City of Goleta Parks, to the Santa Barbara Elks Lodge 613 SR 154 Clean Up Crew, and to the Home Depot Foundation for their support of the Devereux Greenhouse Program.  The Golden Shovel Award for the Goleta Valley Beautiful Volunteer of the Year will be presented to Bonnie Freeman.  Presidential Recognition Certificates will be given to Judy and Don Nason for their continuing clean-up projects around the Goleta area, to the El Encanto Heights Block Captains for their 2004 Beautification Project, Growing Solutions Restoration Institute for their ongoing partnership with GVB , and the Devereux Institute for their partnership with GVB on the Greenhouse Project  

      For information on ticket reservations call 252-1952, e-mail kennethknight@cox.net,  or fill out the attached form and send it to GVB, PO Box 6756, Goleta CA 93160 so that we receive it by May 10
    GVB 2005 Awards Banquet Reservation Form and Reply CardClick here to open the file
  8. 2005 Annual Donor Membership Information -

Board of Directors: Sam S. Alfano-President, Lori Roper -  Vice President, Doug Winter - Secretary, Tami Mason - Treasurer. Board members: Merlyn Cummings, Alan Cavaletto, Al Turnbull, Thom Myall, Laura Funkhouser, Kristen Amyx, Phebe Mansur, Marc Bradley, David C. Fainer, Jr., Scott Bull   Executive Director - Ken Knight- Member California ReLeaf Network -
Board of Directors meetings at Pacifica Suites, 5490 Hollister Avenue, from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM on the first Friday of the month. 
Our mission: To ensure and improve the beauty of the Goleta Valley through our 5 goal areas,  (1) Urban Forestry Management (2) Neighborhood Responsibility (3) Business Responsibility    (4) Education (5) Public Area Beautification.

Goleta Valley Beautiful - Board of Directors Meeting - May 6, 2005
Board Members Present: Sam Alfano, Phebe Mansur, Doug Winter, Merlyn Cummings, Laura Funkhouser, Dave Fainer, Scott Bull, Alan Caveletto, Thom Myall, Al Turnbull, Lori Roper, March Bradley and Ken Knight.
1 Call to order – Sam
11 Sam called the meeting to order at 7:00 am at the Pacifica Suites.
12 Sam acknowledged Al Turnbull for his appearance in the KCET WWll presentation which included Al’s experience on the USS Bunkerhill during a kamikaze attack.
2 Secretary’s Report - Doug
21 The April minutes were approved as written by the Board.
3 Presidents Report – Sam
31 Banquet and Silent Auction.
311 Phebe is producing the Program handout. She needs the following information on or before May 9th: foundation grants listing, benefactors, business level sponsors, and silent auction sponsors
312. Lori emphasized the importance of the Board Members promoting attendance of the banquet for the success of the silent auction. Lori announced that this year there were 72 donors with a potential value of $6,253. The 2004 auction had 58 donors with a value of $5,057.
313 Ken said that we should target for 120 attendees. As a minimum GVB should clear $3,000 from the silent auction.
314 Sam reported that we can not use the Holiday Inn meeting room for our rehearsal on Friday night, May 13. The rehearsal was scheduled for Thursday night, May 12th at 7:00 pm.
315 Each Board Member will be responsible to an award presentation. The Board Member will contact the awardee to determine if they are going to attend the banquet and to develop any special information. The presentations should begin by 7:30 and end by 9:00 pm. The assignments were as follows:
3151 Bonnie – Single Family Residence 3152 Lori – Storke Ranch 3153 Phebe – Sustainable Development 3154 Scott – Elwood Mesa Open Space 3155 Marc – Hidden Oaks 3156 Merlyn – Goleta Presbyterian Church 3157 Tami – Fairview Center 3158 Doug – Public / Institutional 3159 Thom – Firescape Design 31510 Alan – La Patera Rancho 31511 Laura – Iris Avenue Parkway 31512 Al – Golden Shovel Award History 31513 David – Rancho Goleta Home Owners Association 316 David Edelman will by the MC. 317 Randy Rosness will give the invocation. 318 Erin Satterway, the Goleta Teen of the Year will be our guest. 319 Sam will present Laura as the new President of GVB.
3110 Sam wished to acknowledge the hard work of Kathy Curtis who has been preparing 52 award certificates.
Cherie Welsh has been working on the silent auction as well.

4 Treasury Report – Tami
41 Tami distributed her reports by email prior to the meeting.
42 Tami reported that our revenues are $8,000 below budget.
43 There is about $4,000 in un-reimbursed expenses.
44 Ken reported that if GVB made about $3,000 from the silent auction, we would still be about $8,000 to $9,000 short of the annual budget which ends July 31st. About $4,400 of that is an unbudgeted truck repair. GVB has not identified three, $1,000 donors as budgeted.
5 Membership – Ken for Lori
51 Ken has contacted the non-renewing donor/members to thank them for their past participation and to inform that they are being dropped from the list. Out of 50 emails that went out, six folks decided to renew.
52 Ken has a list of about 1,000 potential donors which he needs help contacting. 6 Business Committee –Marc
61 Neither the May or June awardees have been identified due to Marc’s deep involvement in the silent auction.
62 Sam suggested that if suitable candidates for either the Business Award or the Residential Award can be identified, it should be acceptable to “skip a month”. The Board concurred.
63 Ken mentioned that our contract with the Valley Voice is about complete. Ken says that they could give us exposure on a community service basis based upon space available.
7 Neighborhood Committee – Bonnie
71 The May recipient is the home of Carol and John Widmer at 1070 Colleen Way.
72 The June recipient is the home of Jeff and Karen Thompson at 458 Merida.
8 Education Committee – Al
81 Orchard Supply and the Santa Barbara University Optimist Club will donate a storage shed, valued around $900, to Isla Vista School in June. This shed will be used to store garden tools for the school garden.
82 Ken is working with the Goleta Union School District to develop a long range tree planting plan for each of the schools. Ken is finding 30 to 40 potential tree planting sites at each school. The long term plan should be completed in about 2 months.
83 Ken spoke at Dos Pueblos Earth Day, on April 27, about volunteerism and GVB. 9 Government – Ken
91 At the Goleta Planning Commission meeting, Cynthia Brock and Margaret O’Connell argued for getting items into the General Plan in support of Urban Forestry. Staff was directed to move forward with it. There was no opposition from the other three Council Members. This followed Ken’s presentation of a letter stating the General Plan did not deal with the Urban Forrest.
92 Ken received unofficial notification that GVB will receive a $25,000 grant from the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council for identifying trees as capital assets. Official notification will come from the Secretary of Agriculture. The City of Goleta will be used as a test case to show general plans provide the information identifying trees as capital assets. The City of Sacramento will also be used as a test case. This grant will provide funding in the next fiscal year.
10 Web Site – Thom Monthly hits have doubled from 200 to 400. Thom found out that his links to the City were providing the additional activity. The Business Awards are realizing the greatest activity.
11 Urban Forestry – Ken
111 Ken reported that GVB planted 106 trees which is the greatest monthly number since February 2002. The Leaf It To Us projects at Goleta Valley Junior High School and Elwood School were the main contributors.
112 The June projects will be relatively limited as Ken will have knee surgery on June 6. He should be out of circulation for 3 to 4 weeks.
12 Executive Directors Report – Ken
121 GVB liability insurance cost will increase from about $1,100 to about $2,500 per year. This increase is due to GVB membership growth.
122 There is a new project in Winchester Canyon. The City of Goleta has given GVB $250 to cover mailing costs to the residents to poll them for their position on the project. View corridors along Cathedral Oaks are an issue with some of the residents.
123 GVB was not successful in developing a grant for Prop 12. GVB hoped to plant 150 trees in Girsh Park. The State disqualified the project as Girsh Park is not publicly owned. With the loss of the Girsh Park site, GVB was unable to offer enough sites to qualify for Prop 12 funding.
13 New Items and Board Comments Sam
131 Sam has called the Board Members and found that everyone was agreeable to continue in their assignments. Sam asked if everyone was agreeable. There were no objections.
132 We need to develop a silent auction item for the Heritage Tree Tour. Thom said that the tour is scheduled for June 26. The donated bus will depart the “Witness Tree” at noon and proceed as follows: San Marcos Growers, Stowe House, Stowe Park and other sites. The cost is $30 per person.
133 Marc Bradley informed the Board that he has decided to resign his position as a Board Member. He will be available for selected projects. His hard work and wonderful sense of humor will be missed.
Sam adjourned the meeting at 8:05.
Eva Turnenchalk from the Sustainability Project provided a short presentation to the Board following the regular meeting. She stressed that the project was about reimaging the Goleta Valley and asked the question, “How can we apply sustainability to the Valley?” On May 21 a workshop will be held.