Goleta Valley Beautiful News
February 2005

GVB cell phone 252-1952, E:mailkennethknight@cox.net

Reserve by Feb 3 for Saturday Feb. 5 Free Basic Young Tree Care Workshop -see below

2005 annual GVB membership renewals now due

1. GVB Community Service opportunities - General public welcome, especially jr.high to college students

-Feb 5        Basic Young Tree Care Workshop Saturday 8-noon Goleta Union School District Board Room, 401 N. Fairview.  Top experts in tree care explain the basic nuts and bolts of tree care. Includes lunch. Free admission with pre-registration by February 3. More details below
-Feb 12       Park Tree Plantings - Camino Corto Open Space - Saturday 1-4 PM Meet at Camino Corto and Abrego Call Tanya Novak at 895-6539 to RSVP.  Equipment provided, no experience required.
- Feb 12, 26 Anti-litter cleanup - Report litter problem areas to Judy Nason of Cambridge Drive Community Church at 964-0436, and volunteer to help with clean-up crews on 2nd & 4th Sat., 9 to 11 am.
- Feb 13       Park Tree Plantings - Camino Corto Open Space - Sunday 1-4 PM Meet at Camino Corto and Abrego Call  252-1952 to RSVP.  Equipment provided, no experience required.
-Feb 19 -      Park Tree Plantings -Meet at Girsh Park Community Room - 7050 Phelps Rd. Sat., 9 AM to Noon Call 252-1952 to rsvp. Equipment provided.  No experience required
- Feb 21       Maintenance Day-Calle Real from Colusa to Daffodil Monday (President^s Day) 10 AM to Noon.  Weeding and maintenance of 75 plants and trees along Calle Real.  RSVP 252-1952
- Feb 26      - Team Depot Volunteer Day at the Devereux Greenhouse -Saturday 8-5 Meet at Devereux Greenhouse, take Slough Road, left on Devereux Way, left on Falberg Way & follow signs to Greenhouse.  Maintenance and repair of greenhouse-no experience necessary.  Info 252-1952.
-Feb 27     -  Park Tree Plantings - Trigo/Pasado/Little Acorn Parks- Sunday 1-4 PM Meet at Little Acorn 6500 Sabado Tarde Call  252-1952 to RSVP.  Equipment provided, no experience required 
- Jan-Mar   - Tree Planting Project Leaders-Winter Term - UCSB students wanted for organizing tree planting projects in the Isla Vista community under the direction of a Certified Arborist.  Stipend provided or completed projects.   Send inquiries to kennethknight@cox.net 
  - Ongoing -    Develop your own Goleta Valley Beautification project! Goleta Valley Beautiful will provide resources and expertise to youth groups interested in developing their own tree planting, maintenance, educational and clean-up programs. Good opportunity for 4-H, Boys and Girls Clubs, Scouts, school groups, fraternity/sorority, church groups and any Goleta Valley area youth groups. Call 252-1952 to develop a project.
Ongoing   - Graffiti Cleanup - Report acts of graffiti to Ed Graper at 964-7117 or e-mail edgraper@yahoo.com  Contact Ed if you would like to help remove graffiti in your area. Supplies and training provided.
Upcoming events-DATE CHANGE Please note that the date for the GVB 31st Annual Awards Banquet and Silent Auction has beenchanged from May 21 to May 14 at the Holiday Inn in Goleta.

  2. GVB Residential and Business Awards of the Month

Thanks to Mrs. Tico of Cambridge Ave. for helping us find the GVB award sign that was taken from its December award location outside Kellogg School.  We appreciated the efforts of the community to help successfully recover the sign. 


Nominate your favorite place by downloading our nomination form here on Goleta Valley Beautiful website at Clicking here to see and download the nomination form For residential properties, contact Bonnie Freeman at  683-1878.  For commercial/office/homeowner associations call Marc Bradley at 967-3738.  Look for articles in the Valley Voice, the South Coast Beacon and the SB News Press.  

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3. GVB News Tidbits

- Feb 5 Basic Young Tree Care Workshop - Goleta Valley Beautiful e-mail subscribers have the first opportunity to register for our free tree care workshop on Saturday February 5.  This workshop is aimed at the members of the general public who want to learn more about planting and caring for trees.  No background in tree care is necessary, although with the powerhouse of professionals we have coming, even if you are experienced you will learn something new.  The workshop is structured to have short classroom presentations with lots of photos as well as demonstrations of tree planting on the grounds outside.  Lunch at the workshop is made possible through a grant from the California ReLeaf Network Exchange.   The guest speakers include some of the most knowledgeable tree care experts locally and from around the state. 

PRIOR REGISTRATION REQUIRED.  Limited seating.     See the form at the end of this newsletter

- Team Depot Day at the Devereux Greenhouse - Home Depot is sponsoring a Team Depot Day at the Devereux greenhouse.  The public is invited to join Home Depot volunteers from stores in the tri-county area to help renovate the Devereux Greenhouse.  Volunteers will help extend irrigation lines, fix planting tables, replace broken fiberglass panels and numerous other maintenance projects.  These efforts will help create a better workplace for developmentally disabled clients at Devereux to get involved in horticultural activities and assist GVB in growing native trees for Goleta Valley public areas.  To participate in part or all of the daylong event, call 252-1952.

- Annual membership due- We^ve sent letters and e-mails to request 2005 calendar year support for Goleta Valley Beautiful.    If you haven^t been contacted yet, you can always use this membership application Membership Form

- Tree Planting/Maintenance Requests -  We^ll respond to your requests for public trees, or you can contact local governments directly.   In the City of Goleta, send your requests to the Community Services Department, 6500 Hollister Ave Suite 120, Goleta CA 93117.  In the unincorporated areas of the County, contact either the County Parks Department at 610 Mission Canyon Rd., SB 93105-2911 for trees in public parks or the Public Works Department at 123 East Anapamu St., SB 93101 for trees in the public right of way.  You can mention that you would like to work with GVB in planting trees in public areas. 

Thanks to Joy Gilles and Cecilia Brown for the donation of fresh oranges for our volunteers

4. Event results/kudos

GVB Tree Planting and Care - Janurary 2005
Trees - Species - Location - Date- Hours - Action
4 - Pistache- SB Shores/Coronado- 1/14/05- 18- Planted/mulched
4- Oak,pine, olive,cypress - Girsh Park- 1/15/05- 21- Planted
13- Coast Live Oaks- County Fire Admin- 1/21/05- 18 - Planted/mulched 
25 - Coast Live Oaks- Optimist Grove- 1/22/05- 21- Pruned 
13- Coast Live Oaks- Camino Corto Open Space - 1/25/05- 30    Planted/mulched
6- Coast Live Oaks- Devereux Campus - 1/29/05- 20- Planted/mulched
11- Coast Live Oaks - Camino Corto Open Space -1/29/05 - 51- Planted/mulched
7-Coast Live Oaks-Devereux campus -1/31/05-18 -Planted/mulched

Thanks this month to tree volunteers Bob Lugo and the Devereux crews, UCSB Circle K Club, UCSB Project leaders Kelly Meehan and Benjamin Buckman, Hanna Fleshel, the Northside/University/Goleta Optimist Clubs and a whole lot of great volunteers.

- Neighborhood Cleanups  - After a rainout on January 8, on January 22 Judy Nason and her Cambridge Drive Community Church volunteers cleaned Los Carneros from Hollister to El Collegio, collecting 6 trash bags of litter with 9 volunteer service hours.  Thanks also to our supporters at Gold^s Gym for helping dispose of all the collected trash.   Judy and her group do projects on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month.  GVB will sponsor cleanups with your neighborhood groups at your request, just call 252-1952 

- Native Tree Project at Devereux - We have trapped ground squirrels inside the greenhouse at Devereux-they are the likely culprits that have been eating the seed we^ve been planting over the last few months.  We are working on a non-lethal solution to keeping them out.  In the meantime,  we have been temporarily transferring our seed plants to a greenhouse in Isla Vista courtesy of Growing Solutions and the IV Park and Rec District.

5. Water Kings and Queens. -

There should be no need for any tree watering during the month of February due to the rains of early January .  Please check that mulch at the base of the tree is not touching the bark of the trunk.  It may have floated there during recent rains.  Please report any insect, disease or damage problems to GVB at 252-1952. 

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6. Welcome new/renewing donor members -
R designates renewing member, + designates exceeding minimum contribution for that category 

     Donor - Steven Glikbarg-R, Loren McFarland-R, William and Marylin Gully, Anita Staples-R, Marilyn McKinney Martin-R, Patricia and James Breyman-R, Patricia Corwin-R, Yvonne Degraw and Dr. Craig Prater-R  

   Supporting - Betty Jeppesen-R, Gerald Liponi-R, Rich Herzog and Marla Mercer-R, Denise Lockhart-R,  Tom and Lorin Burton-R, Thelma Bowser-R+, Robert and S. Catherina-Nelson-R, Frederick Tschech-R, Goleta Valley Historical Society, Bonnie Freeman-R, Peter and Joanne Logan-R, Jane Honikmann-R, Patricia and Edward Cassidy-R, Dennis and Judy Lillard Ensign-R+, Sharon Rumberger-R,James and Ella Markham-R, William and Martha Lannan-R+, Victoria and Ralph Kornahrens-R, Linda Graver-R, George Rellis-R, Ed and Judy Savage-R, Fermina Murray-R, RA and Geraldine Nordsieck-R, Edward and Marika Bookin-R, Joan Bolton-R, Jim Pierson and Melanie Jacobsen-R, Steve Cousens-R, Betty and Hank Rosness-R+, Don Kendig-R, Albert Borgaro-R, Susan and Harry Loberg-R, Connie and Danny Wynn-R, Hurston and Joyce Buck-R, Connie and Randy Burns-R, Betty and Lawrence Fitch-R  

        Family -  
Rosemary and Joseph Bauer Jr.-R, Tami Mason-R, Hope and Sydney Smith-R, Joe and Margaret Connell-R, Helen and Bob McPherrin-R, Donald and Barbara MacCallum-R, Ron and Diane White-R, James and Barbara Bonsell-R, Joe Whitham-R,  

     Special Thanks to Our Returning Business Sponsors -
Rigo and Erron Vela/Bella View Windows-R, Nicholas and Sue Vincent-R, ZAD, David and Mario Borgatello-R, Denny Franks/Toyota of Santa Barbara-R, Brent Kitson/Kitson Landscape Management, Inc.-R, Urban McClellan/The Bishop Ranch-R, Alice Gripp/Santa Barbara Orchid Estate-R,   

         Honor Tree Members -
Jonathan Bartel, Joan Churchill-R, William and Norma Irvine+, Barbara Holzwarth-R, Carol Morgan, Tami Mason

  Thanks for discounts/donations/reduced prices and services
from Pacifica Suites, Camino Real Marketplace, CopyRight, Western Farm Service, San Marcos Growers, Marborg Industries, Kitson Landscape Management, Growing Solutions Restoration Institute, and West Covina Nurseries.

7. Business Sponsor of the Month-Goleta Building Materials

Goleta Building Materials was established in 1958 and is now the oldest building material business in the area.  Owned by Ken Hall and managed by John Wilbur, the firm prides itself on fast and friendly service, informed advice and quality materials.  “Real” folks answer the phone!  Local contractors and homeowners can find stones, masonry materials, landscape supplies and U-cart delivered ready mix concrete.  Arizona Flagstone is a featured item.
Want a boulder?  There’s Sandstone, granite and volcanic lava.  Landscape gravels are a specialty with more than 20 varieties available.  Need stepping stones?  Goleta Building has a large assortment as well as pre-cast concrete stair treads, drain boxes, car stops and piers.  And there’s more:  in stock items include concrete block & slumpstone in many different sizes, colors & finishes.  Allan block retaining wall systems are available as well as manufactured stone veneer products.
Visit the store at 91 Frederic Lopez Road, 1 block off Hollister Ave. on Airport property.  Open Mon – Sat 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.  967-5413.

8. 2005 Annual Donor Membership Information -
Board of Directors: Sam S. Alfano-President, Lori Roper -  Vice President, Doug Winter - Secretary, Tami Mason - Treasurer. Board members: Merlyn Cummings, Alan Cavaletto, Al Turnbull, Thom Myall, Laura Funkhouser, Kristen Amyx, Dan Condon, Phebe Mansur, Marc Bradley, David C. Fainer, Jr.  Executive Director - Ken Knight