Goleta Valley Beautiful News
December 2004

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1. GVB Volunteer/Community Service opportunities - Jr.High to College Students welcome!.  

-Dec 6 -- Young Tree Pruning Workshop  9 AM to Noon -Meet at Lyon Place and Encina Road. Learn and practice techniques of young shade tree pruning under supervision of a Certified  Arborist.  Call 252-1952 to rsvp.   Equipment provided. No experience required.  All work done on small trees performed from the ground  
-Dec 6 --  Young Street Tree Maintenance - Monday, 12:15 - 2:30 PM - Meet next to Fire Sta 14 , 320 Los Carneros Road. Equipment provided.  No experience required. Project supervised by a Certified Arborist.
-Dec 11 -- Parkway Tree Plantings Beginning at 261 Santa Barbara Shores Dr-various addresses. Sat., 9 AM to Noon Call 252-1952 to rsvp.Equipment provided.  No experience required
-Dec 13-- Young Street Tree Maintenance - Monday, 12:15 - 2:30 PM - Meet next to Fire Sta 14, 320 Los Carneros Road. Equipment provided.  No experience required. Project supervised by a Certified Arborist.
-Dec 18-- Parkway Tree Plantings Beginning at 270 Coronado Dr-various addresses.  Sat., 9 AM to Noon Call 252-1952 to rsvp.Equipment provided.  No experience required.
-Jan-Mar-05 -- Tree Planting Project Leaders-Winter Term - UCSB students wanted for organizing 13  tree planting projects in the Isla Vista community under the direction of a Certified Arborist. $8 per hour stipend.  Send inquiries to kennethknight@cox.net 
  -Ongoing-- Develop your own Goleta Valley Beautification project! Goleta Valley Beautiful will provide resources and expertise to youth groups interested in developing their own tree planting, maintenance, educational and clean-up programs. Good opportunity for 4-H, Boys and Girls Clubs, Scouts, school groups, fraternity/sorority, church groups and any youth groups in the Goleta Valley area. Call 252-1952 to develop a project.
-Ongoing-- Graffiti Cleanup - Report acts of graffiti to Ed Graper at 964-7117 or e-mail edgraper@yahoo.com  Contact Ed if you would like to help remove graffiti in your area. Supplies and training provided.
-Ongoing    Anti-litter cleanup - - Report litter problem areas to Judy Nason of Cambridge Drive Community Church at 964-0436, and volunteer to help with clean-up crews. 
Upcoming events
-Dec 3-- GVB Member and 3rd District Supervisor Gail Marshall^s retirement party, Friday evening December 3 at the UCSB Corwin Pavilion 
-Dec 7 -- City of Goleta Street Tree Subcommittee Meeting-2:30 PM Goleta Valley Community Center, 5679 Hollister Ave.  Discussion of Prop 12 tree species selection & report on 2002 GVB street tree plantings for the City of Goleta
-Dec 8 -- Tree Walk - Meet CDF State Urban Forester John Melvin for a tour of Goleta Valley^s newly planted (2004) street and park trees using Proposition 12 funds.  Meet at El Collegio and Storke at 10:30 AM 
-Dec 9 --- Annual Goleta Valley Beautiful Holiday Party Thursday 6-8 PM Camino Real Cafe. Reservation form above

2. GVB Residential and Business Awards of the Month
Residential November - 153 Vereda Cordillera, owners Ron and Sandi Marotto
Business November- 475 Cambridge Drive,  Kellogg Elementary School
Nominate your favorite place by downloading our nomination form here on Goleta Valley Beautiful website at Clicking here to see and download the nomination form  For residential properties, contact Bonnie Freeman at  683-1878.  For commercial/office/homeowner associations call Marc Bradley at 967-3738.  Look for articles in the Valley Voice, the South Coast Beacon and the SB News Press.  

3. GVB News Tidbits

-Annual membership letter -- In the first week of December, you should receive your annual membership letter requesting 2005 calendar year support for Goleta Valley Beautiful.  Please respond as this is the only mailing we will make for membership.  We don^t want to deluge you with repeated requests, and we don^t have the funds to do so. If you miss your membership letter, you can always use the membership application at the bottom of each newsletter. 

-Devereux Greenhouse Project --  The clients at Devereux have been planting hundreds of shoots and seeds at the Devereux Greenhouse, preparing for many native trees to come.  Goleta Home Depot Manager Mike Klingsporn stopped by to survey our work recently.  The Home Depot Foundation provided the funds for this project.

At the end of November,  several hungry squirrels/raccoons found their way into the greenhouse, dug up and ate much of our seed crop.  We are taking steps to secure the greenhouse and replant our crop of oaks.  None of the shoots of Alder, Walnut, Cottonwood, or Sycamore was harmed, and they are growing well.  If you would like to arrange for a visit, call 252-1952. 

-February 5 Young Tree Workshop -- GVB is working with the Central Coast Regional Council of the California Urban Forest Council to conduct a free Young Tree How-To workshop open to the public.  Planned topics include planning for the right tree in the right place, firescape considerations,  planting, maintenance, pest control, and legal/organizational issues of dealing with public trees.  More information in next month^s newsletter. 

                    -Future projects -- GVB is working on tree-planting grant projects with the Coronado Preserve/Land Trust of Santa Barbara County, with Ellwood School/Goleta Union School District, and Goleta Valley Junior High/Santa Barbara School District.  Also, thanks to Peter New of CalTrans for his assistance with an EEM grant proposal for landscaping the southwest portion of the Highway 101/Los Carneros Interchange right of way. 

  -Tree Planting/Maintenance Requests --  We^ll respond to your requests for public trees, or you can contact local governments directly.   In the City of Goleta, send your requests to the Community Services Department, 6500 Hollister Ave Suite 120, Goleta CA 93117.  In the unincorporated areas of the County, contact either the County Parks Department at 610 Mission Canyon Rd., SB 93105-2911 for trees in public parks or the Public Works Department at 123 East Anapamu St., SB 93101 for trees in the public right of way.  You can mention that you would like to work with GVB in planting trees in public areas. 

4. Event results/kudos

GVB Tree Planting and Care last month 
Trees--Species-- Location --Date--Hours--Action
150^ --Root Shields--Coronado & SB Shores--11/6/04 --31--Installation
3--Chinese Pistache--Paseo Palmilla--11/15/04--12--Planted
2--Coast Live Oaks--Calle Real-Calaveras--11/20/04--33--Replant/mulch

Thanks this month to tree volunteers at Los Prietos Boys Academy, Bob Lugo and the Devereux crews.

-Neighborhood Cleanups  -- Judy Nason and her Cambridge Drive Community Church volunteers are continuing their anti-litter campaign along our roadsides.  On November 6 they conducted a clean up but we^ve misplaced the results.  We^ll catch up next month. 
 Also thanks to DeAnn Sarver and 16 volunteers with the Santa Barbara Shores Homeowners Association who spent 32 volunteer hours on November 13 collecting 15 bags of debris from Santa Barbara Shores Park with the aid of GVB ^grabber^ equipment. 
Thanks also to our supporters at Marborg for disposing of all the collected trash.   GVB will sponsor neighborhood cleanups at your request, just call 252-1952 

-Dos Pueblos High School Community Service Fair -- Thanks to Bonnie Freeman for signing up new GVB service members at the annual fair held on November 17.  For those students reading this for the first time, we hope you take advantage of our many community service opportunities, and please consider developing your own special project.  Does anyone know if San Marcos High does something like this? 

-El Encanto Beautification Project -- We^ve had some crews out over the past month to do a little fine-tuning work on the El Encanto Beautification Project.  Michele Sullivan and 4 Circle K volunteers joined a Los Prietos Boys Academy crew in moving mulch, trash pick-up and replanting a few of the oaks that didn^t survive transplant shock.  We still have a little more cleanup and mulch redistribution to do from San Mateo to Colusa.  Service volunteers welcome.  

-Summer Water Kings-- Kudos to Evan Elder and Nicholas Conti  for watering the new oaks at Oro Verde this past summer and earning 23 community service hours.

5. Business Sponsor of the month- 
Bella View Windows and Doors
310 Pine Avenue, Suite C
in Old Town Goleta, 683-4838
Goleta^s BELLA VIEW WINDOWS & ENTRY DOORS is your local expert.  Family-owned and operated for 22 years, this company takes care of its customers!  Rigo (Mr. Energy) and son Erron (Mr. Perfection) Vela, get the job done professionally with their efficient staff.  Bella View features quality products, reliable service and workmanship at the very best prices.  Senior citizen^s and other discounts available.  Your home will sparkle with energy saving window and door replacements.  It will be quieter and more comfortable any time of the year.  There are wonderful choices on low maintenance vinyl frames and attractive types of glass.  Get creative-open up a room with a bay window or French doors.  You can relax and know that your product guarantees will be coordinated by the Velas.  Contractors license 765135.  References available. 
Come to the BELLA VIEW Showroom at 310 Pine Avenue, Suite C, Goleta CA 93117 or call (805) 683-4838 to schedule a free estimate.  Ask for the Goleta Valley Beautiful discount.

6. Water Kings and Queens. -
As of the end of November, there was only a smattering of rain since the downfalls in mid-October.  Until the next rains come, this would be a good time to put a slow watering (no runoff) hose on those young trees that were planted during 2004.  Also, please leave mulch placing during planting at the base of the tree but not touching the bark.  This helps keep the weeds and grass from growing around the trunk, which in turn means that you won^t damage the trunk with a lawn mower or weed trimmer.  Please report any insect, disease or damage problems to GVB at 252-1952. 

  7. Welcome last month^s new/renewing donor members - R designates renewing member    

  Supporting - Patricia Montemayor
Family - Diane and Albert Zonana 
Business Sponsor -  Goleta Building Materials, Ken Hall owner
Thanks for discounts/donations/reduced prices and services from Pacifica Suites, Camino Real Marketplace, CopyRight, Western Farm Service, San Marcos Growers, Marborg Industries, Kitson Landscape Management, Growing Solutions Restoration Institute, and West Covina Nurseries. 

8. 2005 Annual Donor Membership Information -

Yes, I want to help Goleta Valley Beautiful^s efforts to beautify and green the Goleta Valley. Here^s my 2005 calendar year membership gift .

To down load your Membership Application and become a member :Click hereand mail to:

Goleta Valley Beautiful
P. O. Box 6756
Goleta, CA 93160-6756 

GVB is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, federal tax id # 23-7392774

Goleta Valley Beautiful P. O. Box 6756 Goleta, CA 93160-6756 Phone  252-1952 E-mail kennethknight@cox.net

Board of Directors: Sam S. Alfano-President, Lori Roper -  Vice President, Doug Winter - Secretary, Tami Mason - Treasurer. Board members: Merlyn Cummings, Alan Cavaletto, Al Turnbull, Thom Myall, Laura Funkhouser, Kristen Amyx, Dan Condon, Phebe Mansur, Marc Bradley.  Executive Director - Ken Knight
-- Member California ReLeaf Network and National Tree Trust Grant Recipient--
Board of Directors meetings at Pacifica Suites, 5490 Hollister Avenue, from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM on the first Friday of the month. 
Our mission: To ensure and improve the beauty of the Goleta Valley through our 5 goal areas,  (1) Urban Forestry Management (2) Neighborhood Responsibility (3) Business Responsibility    (4) Education (5) Public Area Beautification.

Goleta Valley Beautiful
Board of Directors Meeting
November 5, 2004

Board Members Present: Sam Alfano, Doug Winter, Phebe Mansur, Al Cavaletto, Laura Funkhouser, Marc Bradley, Lori Roper, Thom Myall, and Ken Knight.  Bonnie Freeman was also in attendance.  Guest Dave Fainer was also in attendance.
1.      Call to order – Sam
1.1.   Sam called the meeting to order at 7:00 am at the Pacifica Suites.  Sam introduced Doug Winter’s guest Dave Fainer who is a practicing attorney locally. Dave was present to observe the Board meeting proceedings as a potential new Board Member.
2.      Secretary’s Report - Doug
2.1.   There were no questions or corrections and the minutes were approved as written by the Board.
3.      Report on Oct 21 Executive Committee Meeting – Sam
3.1.   Sam reviewed the October 21st Executive Board Minutes.  Please review these minutes for details.
3.2.   Ken mentioned that the entire Board Membership receives the Executive Board Minutes and that in the interest of saving time, the Board should be asked if there any questions or changes.
4.      Treasury Report – Ken for Tami
4.1.   Tami distributed her reports by email prior to the meeting.
4.2.   Ken reviewed the income figures.
4.2.1.      GVB is about $600 behind budgeted revenues.  This is due to a Lemon Festival budgeted revenue shortfall of about $1200 after expenses.  There is a $200 cleaning deposit which may be returned to GVB.            Ken feels that GVB should not take part in retail sales at future Goleta Lemon Festival events as it is too risky and requires too great an effort for the returns.  Retail competition, particularly for food products is too strong.  On the positive side, the lemon popcorn and lemon churros were successful products.            As an alternative to retail sales, Ken suggests that GVB have a table where we distribute our literature and talk about our mission for Goleta Valley.  The Board unanimously concurred.  This means that some other fund raiser will be needed to replace the lost revenue stream from the Lemon Festival.
4.2.2.      Ken mentioned that the Workman’s Compensation Insurance deposit has increased by about $800 from the budgeted figure.
4.2.3.      Doug noted that GVB is about $21,000 behind the expense budget.  He asked Ken if GVB would continue to be below the budgeted expense figure for this fiscal year.  Ken responded that he expects GVB to catch up and surpass the expense budget.  Most expenses are related to Prop 12 projects which need to be imitated.  It is expected that expenses will catch up with the budget in the March/April time frame.
4.2.4.      The State will audit GVB books on November 18th relative to Workman’s Compensation Insurance.
4.2.5.      Ken explained form 990 which any nonprofit organization, with revenues in excess of $100,000., must complete as a public record.  The form typically identifies where our revenue comes from and how it is spent.
5.      Membership – Lori, Laura and Phebe
5.1.   Four final letters are ready for distribution.  The brochure will not be included with the letters for renewal to the business community or the residential community.  Brochures will be included with the two letters to new prospective members.  One letter will be sent to the 93117 residents who are within the City.  The other letter will be sent to residents in the 93111 and 93110 zip codes who are in the unincorporated area.  5.2.   Phebe described several changes in the brochure: Al Turnbull’s picture has been moved to the back page, the annual event calendar for GVB has been added plus some artwork changes. 
5.2.1.      Ken mentioned that Lori suggested that the $25 Basic Membership level be deleted from the application form which leaves the $35 Supporting Membership level as the entry level.  The price increase is to help defer increased operating costs.  Ken mentioned that people who might not be able to afford the $35 fee could write something in on the line marked “Other”.
5.2.2.      Sam recommended increasing the Business Sponsor to $125.
5.2.3.      Ken said that the Benefactor will be increased to $1,000.  The Benefactor will receive two free tickets to: Annual Banquet, Annual Tree Tour, and the Holiday Party.
5.3.   The letters are to be mailed ASAP before Thanksgiving.  Follow up phone contacts will be imitated in the first week of January.  Our goal is to bring our active membership to 500 members.  The mailing envelope will have a sentnence reminding the recipient that this will be the only mailing.  A member feedback survey will be included for renewing members.
6.      Business Committee – Marc
6.1.   The November winner is the El Camino Presbyterian Church on Calle Real and Encanto Heights.
6.2.   The December award will go to Kellogg School.
6.3.   Ken and Marc feel that the winners should receive their certificates at the Annual Banquet where they can be recognized by the community.
7.      Neighborhood Committee – Bonnie
7.1.   The November winner is the residence of XXXXXas appearing in the Valley Voice. 
8.      Education Committee – Bonnie
8.1.   The El Encanto Heights project is completed.  This project was a large scale project involving coordination of donated labor from the tree pruners, backhoe operator and Marborg as well as local neighbors, UCSB students and the Boy Scouts.  Well done Bonnie!
8.2.   Goleta Valley JR High has asked GVB to help them to get a LEAF IT TO US Grant for tree planting on campus.  Somebody from the PTA or the school will be needed to run the project.
8.3.   Elwood School is also interested in getting a grant for tree planting.
9.      Government – Sam
9.1.   Sam has been meeting with Marty Scholtz and other City officials.  On various Urban Forrest issues.  He reports that the new City has so many high priority issues and tasks before it that it can be frustrating to get a timely response on our concerns.
9.2.   GVB met with the City concerning the Environmental Enhancement Mitigation Fund.  This is a $50,000 grant where we proposed to replant some of the “dead” medians along Los Carneros.  Unfortunately we are unable to meet the November 19th grant submission deadline.  Ken will talk to CalTrans to see if we can do something to supplement the landscaping along Highway 101 at the Los Carneros interchange or the Glenn Annie/Stork interchange.

10.  Web Site – Thom
10.1.                    Thom is working to improve the format by adding more color.
10.2.                    Ken asked Thom to look at the cost/benefit of setting up the web site to permit membership enrollment and renewal.

11.  Fundraising – Ken
11.1.                    GVB is trying to secure funding for an office/storage trailer and a mobile portapotty to support field projects.  These assets would be stored on Camino Real Market Place property where the storage sheds are.
11.2.                    In December we will have a status for the Outhwaite Foundation