Goleta Valley Beautiful News
March 2004
Celebrate California Arbor Day on March 7, and Arbor Week 7-14

GVB cell phone 252-1952, E:mail kennethknight@cox.net

March 2004 Highlights
1. GVB Volunteer/Community Service opportunitie
2. Residential and Business Awards of the Month
3. Sponsor of the Month
4. News Tidbits
5. Event results/Kudos
6. Water Kings and Queens
7. Member information
8. 2004 Renewing Membership Survey Results

1. GVB Volunteer/Community Service opportunities - Call 252-1952 or e-mail kennethknight@Cox.net

Students please bring your community service forms. Tools, drinks, snacks provided. No experience required. All projects under the supervision of a Certified Arborist. Note to Teachers-GVB is still taking requests for Arbor Day education programs for students all during the month of March.

March 4 Tree Planting - 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM Kellogg School Kindergarten Area 475 Cambridge Drive

March 5 Tree Walk - 1:00 PM to 2 PM Mountain View School 5465 Queen Anne Lane

March 6 Tree Planting - Saturday 9 AM to Noon - Rosemead and Baxter Roads Planting. 15-gallon Australian Willow Trees. To volunteer call 25-1952

March 7 Tree Planting - Sunday 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM La Goleta Open Space, Manzanillo and Paseo Palmila

March 13 Tree Planting - Saturday 9 AM to Noon - Food Bank 4554 Hollister Avenue. Planting 10 15-gallon oak and pine trees. To volunteer call 252-1952

March 24 GVB Advisory Council - Wednesday 11:45 AM to 1:30 PM Southern California Edison Conference Room, 123 Love Place. Annual review of Goleta Valley Beautiful programs. To participate, call 252-1952

March 20 Tree Planting - Saturday 9 AM to Noon - Devereux Campus, 7055 Seaway Drive, Planting 8, 15-gallon Magnolia trees. To volunteer call 252-1952

March 27 Tree Planting - Saturday 9 AM to Noon - Santa Barbara Shores Drive

Street Tree Planting For specific locations and to volunteer, call 252-1952

April 10 Tree Planting- Saturday 9 AM to 3 PM Devereux Campus, 7055 Seaway Drive Planting of 41 15-gallon trees as part of a rescheduled Eagle Scout project. To volunteer call 252-1952

Special 30th Anniversary Committee - President Sam Alfano needs volunteers to help prepare for the GVB^s 30th anniversary awards banquet on May 15. Larry Crandell has agreed to MC, which always makes for a fun evening. Volunteers are need to work on our Silent Auction, to prepare table-top displays of past and current winners, someone to organize our paper and digital photographs and other important tasks. Call Sam at 967-0595.

By downloading our form and returning by April 16.Click here to see and download the form

Special - GVB Board position opening-Experience in Fundraising desirable. Call Sam at 967-0595

Special Short term Projects- Spend one afternoon or more on pamphlet delivery, follow up phone calls, educational programs and non-planting aspects of urban forestry. Flexible hours. Call 252-1952 for information.

Ongoing Graffiti Cleanup - Prompt reporting of graffiti to Ed Graper at 964-7117 or e-mail edgraper@yahoo.com
Contact Ed if you would like to help remove graffiti in your area. Supplies and training provided.

Ongoing Develop your own Goleta Valley tree planting and maintenance project! Goleta Valley Beautiful will provide resources and expertise to youth groups interested in developing their own tree planting and maintenance projects. Good opportunity for 4-H, Boys and Girls Clubs, Scouts (Eagle Projects!), school groups, fraternity/sorority, church groups and any youth groups in the Goleta Valley area. Call 252-1952 to develop a project.

2. GVB Residential and Business Awards of the Month

Residential February - 4950 Trocha Way, Rod and Kathleen Valenta, owner

Residential March - 166 Vega Drive, Rico and Marcie Casillas, owner

Business February - 6500 Hollister Avenue, First Virtual Properties, Mark Mongiello, Director of Property Management, Landscape Maintenance-Kitson Landscape Mgt

Business March - 5300 Shoreline Drive, Two Boot Farm, Martha and Diana Miller, co-owners. Jose Yanez maintenance.

Nominate your favorite place by downloading our nomination form on the Goleta Valley Beautiful website at Award - Residental
For residential properties, contact Ross Harris at 563-7247 or Merlyn Cummings at 964-7802. For commercial/office/homeowner associations call Janet Gripp at 705-6832. Look for articles in the Valley Voice, the Beacon and the SB News Press.

3.Business Sponsors of the Month

Thanks to all our business sponsors!

Sares Regis Group Sares Regis Group is one of the West Coast^s leading and most diversified builders, developers and managers of commercial and residential real estate. The company has acquired or developed approximately 30 million square feet of commercial properties and 15,000 residential homes and apartments since its inception.

Currently, Sares Regis Group manages over 9,000 apartment units and 12 million square feet of commercial real estate. Sares Regis Group is currently redeveloping Cabrillo Business Park in Goleta, a former Delco Defense Facility, and Hollister Center, the former Applied Magnetics Corporation Facility. click here to go their web site

Goleta Valley Beautiful Board Of Directors who are also Business Sponsors!

Ross Harris 886-2264 e-mail rharris@ColdwellBanker.com

When Ross isn^t profiling the best looking homes for our GVB monthly awards, he is teamed up with Nina Baratiak at Coldwell Banker as Realtor experts in the field of new home sales. This sales duo was recognized as a 2002 International President Premier Team, top 1% in the world.

Cherie Welsh 745-2100 e-mail cwelsh@venocoinc.com cwelsh@venocoinc.com Cherie has served as Treasurer and Education Committee Co-Chair when she isn^t busy with her human relations position at Venoco, Inc. Cherie^s membership contribution was matched dollar for dollar by Venoco, Inc. Cherie will be leaving the Board this month and we are thankful for her past support of GVB.

Merlyn Cummings -964-7802 e-mail mcummings@townncountry-realty.com - mcummings@townncountry-realty.com Profiled in the January 2004 Newsletter

Al Turnbull Although Al is retired, you would hardly know it for the active schedule he keeps. Al is particularly fond of the schools and of gardening projects for the children. Al^s generosity to GVB is shown in his support of the Annual Golden Shovel Award, as well as Benefactor support for our truck insurance and general operating support.

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4. GVB News Tidbits

Intern/Community service opportunities- Interns Akane Karasawa and Leslie Regan are still working on a vacant tree planting sites survey in the City of Goleta. They can use some help.

We also need help with preparing for our 30th anniversary celebration in May 2004 by preparing displays of past GVB award winners. We could also use a person with a digital camera to develop a digital notebook of our present and proposed tree planting sites. We are also looking for a 30 hour project to clean and repair several

Tree Planting Request - In the City of Goleta, send your requests to the Community Development Department, 6500 Hollister Ave Suite 120, Goleta CA 93117.
In the unincorporated areas of the County, contact either the County Parks Department at 610 Mission Canyon Rd., SB 93105-2911 or the Public Works Department at 123 East Anapamu St., SB 93101. You can mention that you would like to work with GVB in planting trees in public areas. In the meantime, contact 252-1952 for information on Honor/Memorial Trees in public areas.

Membership Campaign- 2004 donor memberships are for January through December 2004. Please note that you can now use your Visa or MasterCard for membership donations and use the form found by clicking here .

Free Tree offer for donor members and volunteers - Young oaks, redwoods, redbuds, cypress available free to a good home with first priority given to current Goleta Valley Beautiful donor members or volunteers who have offered their services in the past year. Call 252-1952.


  1. Fresh oranges/tangerines for volunteers
  2. Shovels, rakes, hoes
  3. Pitchforks/spade forks
  4. Recycled 6^-8^ wood tree stakes
  5. Cases of water/soda for volunteers
Thanks to GVB supporter Louise Keeler for the donation of a brand new 3^ x 8 ^ Garden Shed and for Board Member Doug Winter putting it together. Also thanks to Peggy Stanwood for the donation of a First Aid Kit.

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5. Event results/kudos

Young Tree Workshop - Ninety-two people attended our Feb 27 Young Tree Workshop cosponsored with the Central Coast Chapter of the California Urban Forest Council and with a grant from the California ReLeaf Network. This was the first time in almost a decade that a tree training event of this magnitude has been staged in this area. Brian Kempf presented a different view of selecting and pruning young trees as a result of his experience with planting over 20,000 trees. Don Hartley of Growing Solutions presented an overview of native trees that work well in the urban landscape. And other speakers enlighten the audience with discussions of structural soil, irrigation techniques and root deflection products. The program would not have been possible without the joint efforts of many GVB Board and Committee members, especially Janet Gripp, Bonnie Freeman, Sam Alfano, Thom Myall, and Jim Downing.

Arbor Day Resolutions-The Goleta City Council approved the 2004 Arbor Day resolution on March 1, and the Board of Supervisors will address the unincorporated area resolution on March 9. Thanks to California ReLeaf for a letter writing campaign to local officials stressing the importance of ;Arbor Day. This resolution will keep the City and County eligible for 2004 Tree City/County USA status. We should hear soon about the 2003 Tree City USA applications.

Tree Planting and Care during February - On February 7, John Nickols and 9 Los Prietos Boys Academy crew joined GVB volunteers John Davis and Prospero in planting seven Chinese Pistache and one Southern Live Oak Honor Trees at Girsh Park for a total of 44 service hours. On February 13, John Nickols and nine boys returned to plant 3 more Honor Trees at Girsh Park, and installed Honor Plaques on each of the trees for 36 service hours. February 21 was our most challenging day, when John Nickols and nine boys braved intermittent light showers to plant six Coast Live Oaks at the Fire Department Headquarters for 36 service hours. This task was more difficult because we also installed chicken wire in the wet ground around the tree holes to guard against gophers eating the tree roots. Later the afternoon of February 21, Dan Condon and Ken Knight led a group of 4 GVB volunteers in pruning 20 trees at the Optimist Grove for 14 service hours. During the Young tree workshop on Feb 27, we planted one Western Redbud on the School Administration Building grounds for 1 service hour. Finally on February 28, John and none boys planted 10 Olive trees on the Devereux Campus. for 36 service hours

Honor Trees - The reason we planted the Chinese Pistache so close to the existing London Planetrees at Girsh Park is that Girsh officials are planning to remove the London Planetrees.  London Planetrees generally don^t do well in this area, despite horticultural texts which claim they work well here. Certificates will be delivered to Honor Tree recipients within the next week or so. 

More volunteers Ross Grayson contributed 2 hours of community service on Feb 22 cleaning and replacing pruning sheers and saw blades.  Ken Knight spoke at the SB Town and Country Women^s Club on Feb 19, after which they became GVB Donor members

Media Support - Thanks to our friends in the media for the articles and promotions in the Beacon, Valley Voice, NewsPress and Independent.

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6. Water Kings and Queens - No supplemental watering required this month. Now is a good time to check around the root collar and remove any excess dirt around the trunk, along with any ivy, grass or other competition for the trees roots. Also be sure there is no water ponding around any trees.

7. Welcome last month^s new/renewing donor members - R designates renewing member

Basic - Laura Funkhouser-R, Betty Jeppesen-R, Kevin Young, Town and Country Women^s Club of SB, Patricia English-R, Goleta Valley Historical Society-R
Supporting - Carolina Blokdyk-R, Audry Weiss, Jan Busch, Brian Larinan-R, Walt Guina-R, Stephanie and Dana Carlyle, Claudia Tyler and Peter Slaughter
Family- Victoria and Ralph Kornahrens-R
Business Sponsors - Sares Regis-R, Superconductor Technologies, Gold^s Gym-R, Gary Ross and Allison Thomas, Venoco Inc-R
Honor Trees- Susan Kaaz
Benefactors- Kiwanis Club of Santa Barbara Suburban, Al Turnbull, California Urban Forests Council, California Releaf

Thanks discounts/donations/reduced prices and services from Pacifica Suites, Camino Real Marketplace, Marborg, CopyRight, Growing Solutions, Island Feed and Seed, Western Farm Supply, San Marcos Growers and West Covina Nurseries.

8. 2004 Renewing Membership Survey Results
Our membership renewals this year included a survey of priorities that 62 members returned. Next year we^ll get our survey to both new and renewing members.

    The responses are listed in priority order below:

  1. Urban tree planting, inventorying, monitoring and maintenance in public areas (i.e. parkways, medians, parks)
  2. Assist neighborhoods in developing and implementing beautification projects in their areas, including graffiti removal and clean-up
  3. Media Coverage
  4. Educational Programs at schools including Arbor Day
  5. Monthly Neighborhood residential award
  6. Contractual agreement for young public tree planting/maintenance
  7. tied Offering Volunteer Training and Guidance programs
  8. tied Bi-monthly business award
  9. tied Annual Banquet/Recognition awards
  10. tied Monitoring and comment of local government programs
  11. Developing partnerships with local/statewide organizations

Board of Directors meetings at Pacifica Suites, 5490 Hollister Avenue, from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM on the first Friday of the month.