Goleta Valley Beautiful News
February 2004

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Feb 27- Workshop - Young Trees - Overcoming Urban Challenges

February 2004- Highlights
1. GVB Volunteer/Community Service opportunities
2. Residential and Business Awards of the Month
3. Sponsor of the Month
4. News Tidbits
5. General Plan Policies
6. Event results/Kudos
7. Water Kings and Queens
8. Member information1. GVB Volunteer/Community Service opportunities - Call 252-1952 or e-mail kennethknight@Cox.net

1. GVB Volunteer/Community Service opportunities

Students please bring your community service forms.Tools, drinks, snacks provided. No experience required.  All projects under the supervision of a Certified Arborist. Feb 6-Tree Planting - Friday 1PM to 5PM - Girsh Park, 7050 Phelps Rd
Planting 6 Honor Trees.  RSVP 252-1952 Feb 7 Tree Planting - Saturday 9AM to Noon - Girsh Park, 7050 Phelps Rd Planting 7 Honor Trees. RSVP 252-1952
Feb 13-Tree Planting - Friday 1 PM to 5 PM - Fire Department Administration Building grounds, 4400 Cathedral Oaks Road. Oak tree planting. For details call 252-1952
Feb 21 Oak Tree Pruning and Care Workshop - Saturday 1 PM to 4 PM Optimist Grove behind the Goleta Railroad Depot in Lake Los Carneros Park. 300 N. Los Carneros Road Oak tree pruning and maintenance of Honor Trees. Training provided by a Certified Arborist. Call 252-1952 to RSVP Feb 27- Young Trees-Overcoming Urban Challenges Workshop Friday 8 AM to 4 PM Goleta Union School District Board Room, 401 N. Fairview Ave. 6 CEU Credit Approved Top arborists from around the state will be gathering to convey the latest in choosing, planting, and caring for young trees in cities. Limited scholarships available. Discount for advance registration by 2/20-call 252-1952
Feb 28-Tree Planting - Saturday 9AM to 3 PM Devereux Campus, 7055 Seaway Drive Planting of 41 15-gallon trees as part of an Eagle Scout project. For details call 252-1952
Special 30th Anniversary Committee - President Sam Alfano needs volunteers to help prepare for the GVB^s 30th anniversary awards banquet on May 15. Larry Crandell has agreed to MC, which always makes for a fun evening. Volunteers are need to work on our Silent Auction, to prepare table-top displays of past and current winners, someone to organize our paper and digital photographs and other important tasks. Call Sam at 967-0595.
Special- GVB Board Committee openings-Government Committee Monitor, Volunteer Coordinator.  Call 252-1952
Ongoing Student Interns 30-hour structured, project-oriented internships, for high school, university and photography students interested in urban forestry, volunteer development, report and grant writing, displays, food product testing and training programs. Flexible hours. Call 252-1952

Ongoing Develop your own Goleta Valley tree planting and maintenance project!

Goleta Valley Beautiful will provide resources and expertise to youth groups interested in developing their own tree planting and maintenance projects. Good opportunity for 4-H, Boys and Girls Clubs, Scouts (Eagle Projects!), school groups, fraternity/sorority, church groups and any youth groups in the Goleta Valley area. Call 252-1952 to develop a project

2. GVB Residential and Business Awards of the Month Residential January - 7017 Armstrong. Audrey Weiss and Jon Busch, owners

Residential February - 4950 Trocha Way, Rod and Kathleen Valenta, owner
Business January - 5486 Calle Real, Maravilla. Brian McKague, Executive Director

Business February - 6500 Hollister Avenue, First Virtual Properties, Mark Mongiello, Director of Property Management, Landscape Maintenance-Kitson Landscape Mgt

Nominate your favorite place by downloading our nomination form on the Goleta Valley Beautiful website For residential properties, contact Ross Harris at 563-7247, Merlyn Cummings at 964-7802, or Ellen Hamilton at 895-3134. For commercial/office/homeowner associations call Janet Gripp at 705-6832 or Kathy Curtis at 967-5240. Look for articles in the Valley Voice, the Beacon and the SB News Press.

3.Business Sponsors of the MonthThanks to all our business sponsors!

Cox Communication
22 S. Fairview Avenue
Goleta CA 93117
Phone 683-7751- www.cox.com/santabarbara

Cox Communications is a multi-service broadband communications company with approximately 6.6 million total customers, including 6.3 million basic cable subscribers. A full-service provider of telecommunications products, Cox offers an array of services, including Cox Cable; Cox High Speed Internet residential high-speed Internet access; advanced digital video programming services under the Cox Digital Cable brand; Cox High Definition Television and Cox Digital Video Recorders services; commercial data services via Cox Business Services and local advertising opportunities for businesses through Cox Media in both North and South County.

Cox Communications Santa Barbara has been recognized for support of the community through various programs in education, social services, the arts and cultural activities, receiving the 1999 Philanthropist of the Year Award, the 1999 Business of the Year from the Goleta Chamber, the 2000 United Way Community Service Award, the 2003 Member of the Year from the Santa Barbara Chamber and various National awards for producing local television shows.

4. GVB News Tidbits

Intern/Community service opportunities - We will need several 30 to 40 hour per term interns to help Interns Akane Karasawa and Leslie Regan complete a vacant tree planting sites survey in the City of Goleta.

We also need help with preparing for our 30th anniversary celebration in May 2004 by preparing displays of past GVB award winners. We could also use a person with a digital camera to develop a digital notebook of our present and proposed tree planting sites. We are also looking for a 30 hour project to clean and repair several hundred used Treegators during the rainy winter months. Call 252-1952 for information.

Tree Planting Requests - In the City of Goleta, send your requests to the Community Development Department, 6500 Hollister Ave Suite 120, Goleta CA 93117.City of Goleta tree planting projects will be limited to the number of trees that the Design Review Board will be able to accommodate in their quarterly review cycle. We meet with the Design Review Board on February 3 and work wit individual homeowners so that we can start planting in March.
In the unincorporated areas of the County, contact either the County Parks Department at 610 Mission Canyon Rd., SB 93105-2911 or the Public Works Department at 123 East Anapamu St., SB 93101. You can mention that you would like to work with GVB in planting trees in public areas. In the meantime, contact 252-1952 for information on Honor/Memorial Trees in public areas.

Membership Campaign - Our 2004 membership campaign resulted in 280 new and renewing members for calendar year 2004 so far. We still have over 100 members who have not renewed their memberships for 2004. Please note that you can now use your Visa or MasterCard for membership donations

Free Tree offer for donor members and volunteers - Young oaks, redwoods, redbuds, cypress available free to a good home with first priority given to current Goleta Valley Beautiful donor members or volunteers who have offered their services in the past year. Call 252-1952.

Fresh fruit/vegetable/cookie snacks for volunteers
Garage shelving
Pitchforks/spade forks
Garden storage sheds, any size
First-aid kit
Recycled 6^-8^ wood tree stakes
Cases of water/soda

5. Scholarships available fo Young Tree Workshop -on Friday, February 27, from 8 AM to 4 PM

Goleta Valley Beautiful, along with the Central Coast Chapter of the California Urban Forest Council is co-sponsoring a workshop on young Trees-Overcoming Urban Challenges. The workshop will be held on Friday, February 27 from 8 AM to 4 PM at the Goleta Union School District Board Room, 401 North Fairview Avenue.  the workshop will be similar to a workshop previously conducted in Folsom by Brian Kempf, who will be the principal speaker at the Goleta workshop. This course has been approved for six CEU credits.

The agenda includes presentations on ^Establishing Young Trees in a Downtown Area^, ^Choosing Quality Tree Stock^, ^The Value of Using Native Trees^, ^Proper planting of Young Trees with an onsite demonstration^, ^Pruning young trees for structure and form^, ^Structural Soil for New Construction^, ^Irrigation choices^, and ^The Pros and Cons of Root Barriers^.

The early registration cost of the workshop is $105 for non California Urban Forests Council members and $85 for members, with an additional $20 charge after Feb 22. Goleta Valley Beautiful successfully applied for a Network Exchange Grant from California ReLeaf that will allow nine scholarships for admission to the workshop. Eligible agencies include California ReLeaf Member agencies and potentially emerging urban forest agencies. Only one scholarship will be allocated per agency.

Application Process - Applicants should submit an e-mail request by 2/9/04 to Ken Knight at kennethknight@cox.net

The request should include the name, address, phone, e-mail and agency of the applicant (please do not include the registration form). Please also identify if the agency is a California ReLeaf and/or a California Urban Forests Council Member. The first nine eligible applicants will be selected on a first come first serve basis. If more than 9 applicants, priority will be given to agencies with budgets under $250,000 and/or one or less paid staff. The selected scholarship applicants will then be required to submit a CaUFC registration form to CaUFC. CaUFC will not accept registrations without payment or a scholarship award notice. Applicants will be notified by e-mail on 2/9/04 of their scholarship status. Contact Ken Knight, Goleta Valley Beautiful Executive Director 252-1952 with any questions.

6. Event results/kudos
Mid State Bank and Trust Foundation Grant - The Mid Sate Bank and Trust Foundation awarded a grant of $1000 to GVB for our work with youth organizations, particularly our ongoing relationship with the Los Prietos Boys Camp/Tri-Counties Boot Camp. Thanks to the Foundation for their continuing support.

Goleta Council Approves Interim General Plan Policies- Despite GVB testimony, The Goleta City Council did not approve any of the interim urban forest policies (See January Newsletter for a review of the proposed policies). The Council did approve a policy of protecting oak trees, but the administration of these policies is still unclear. GVB is still advocating that the City adopt a tree protection program as part of the land development process. GVB also addressed several projects on the DRB calendar where standardized tree protection programs have yet to be included the formal Design Review process.

Tree Planting and Care during January - Robert Danduran^s Jan 10 Eagle project at the Devereux campus resulted in the planting of 44 trees with the help of 28 Troop 105 volunteers who contributed 131 service hours. Also on hand was John Nickels and 6 Los Prietos Boys Camp crew who contributed another 24 service hours.
On January 18, GVB coordinated with 10 members of the Optimists and the UCSB Excursion Club to conduct a pruning workshop and field work at the Optimist Grove in Lake Los Carneros Park.  Despite 25 service hours of work, we^ll be back there in February to do some more work.

On January 21, GVB teamed up with ;Bruce Byers, Gary Gray and 18 Kiwanians to plant 21 trees at the Goleta Valley South Little League and at the Page Youth Center. Also on hand was Dan Hernandez and 10 Los Prietos Boys Camp crew who contributed 40 service hours. Thanks to the Goleta, Santa Barbara and Suburban Kiwanians who contributed $700 to help install and fix the drip irrigations systems in support of the trees.

On January 31, John Nickels and 7 Los Prietos Boys Camp crew contributed 21 hours in planting 3 Geijeras at the Logan residence at 655 Edgewood, and with the help of Water King Frank Cassidy, planted 2 Coast Live Oaks in the Rhodes Open Space. Later in the afternoon, GVB member Harry Hagen and daughter Amanda planted 3 Growing Solutions-grown Coast Live Oaks at University Open Space for a total of 5 service hours.

The Fire Department and Girsh Park plantings that were rained out in January are rescheduled to February.

Median Tree Trimmings Over 50 of the median trees along Hollister and Storke in front of Camino Real Marketplace are being trimmed by GVB Arborist Ken Knight in appreciation for all the support GVB has received from the Marketplace over the years.

We found willows Thanks to Sarah Kitson and the Bamboo Pipeline for finding 10 Australian willows (Geijera parviflora), although at more than twice what we normally pay. We have 7 left that are scheduled for planting on Baxter and Rosemead Streets in March. None other on the horizon.

Stagecoach signs GVB Board members Thom Myall and Doug Winters rescued downed Stagecoach sign Number 18 from the intersection of San Marcos and Cathedral Oaks. It is being repaired by Benton signs and should be back in action later in the month. See our website for a complete list of all the Stagecoach sign locations.

More hardworking GVB Board members - Cherie Welsh helped us make copies of our membership brochure and informational fliers, Phebe Mansur contributed the design for the membership brochure and printed 2004 GVB Membership Cards (available upon request or the next time we see you), Ross Harris also helped with copies of the membership brochure, Alan Cavaletto helps keep our truck running, Sam is everywhere. These are a few of the dedicated Board members that make GVB work.

The shirts are in As an urban forestry organization, we try not to use terms like backlog, but Tri-Valley Trophies provided us with a new supply of GVB polo shirts to handle the recent inflow of new members. If we owe you one and we missed you, please give us a call.

GVB Website Our website, www.goletavalleybeautiful.org, changes each month. Thom Myall will be adding the new Goleta Valley membership Brochure and a special registration form for our Feb 27 Young Tree Workshop Please check our website and let us know how we can improve it.

Media Support -Thanks to our friends in the media for the articles and promotions in the Beacon, Valley Voice, NewsPress and Independent.

7. Water Kings and Queens -Fortunately it is still damp enough to not require supplemental watering. Now is a good time to check around the root collar and remove any excess dirt around the trunk, along with any ivy, grass or other competition for the trees roots.  Also be sure there is no water ponding around any trees.

8. Welcome last month^s new/renewing donor members - R designates renewing member
We are still working on processing the information from the returning member surveys.  We^ll try again to have a report by next month. If you haven^t seen your name below, get ready for a call from Kathy, Laura or Phebe, or better yet, fill out your membership renewal and mail it in now.

Basic - Nancy Arnold-R, R. O. Sandow-R, Sharon Keigher-R, Ed and Carolyn Easton-R, Shelly Ruston-R, Catherine Burbiano, Tammy Dobrotin-R, Marilyn Martin-R, Ed and Judy Savage, George Relles-R, Susan Loberg, Marjorie Hummer, Jane and TC Honikman-R, EA Hasch, Denise Lockhart/Kim McInturff-R, Susan Van Atta-R, Joan Bolton-R, Mary Giffin, Margie Brown-R, Howard and Rose Cleek-R, Robert and Susan Nelson-R, Monte and Carolyn Radeke-R, Lynn Reed-R, Robert and S. Catherina-Nelson, Bernard and Donna Wright-R

Supporting -Darryl and Linda Perlin-R, John K., Nexxus-R, Albert Borgaro-R, Beverly Ruprecht-R

Family- R. A. Nordsieck, William Nelson-R,

Business Sponsors -Nicholas and Sue Vincent, ZAD-Kegi Bouse, Cherie Welsh-R, Wynmark-R, Ross Harris-R

Honor Trees-Marie Butcher, Paul Robillard-R, Catherine Hetyonk

Benefactors-California Releaf Network Exchange, Kiwanis, Mid-State Bank and Trust

Thanks for discounts/donations/reduced prices and services from Pacifica Suites, Camino Real Marketplace, Marborg, CopyRight, Growing Solutions, Island Feed and Seed, Western Farm Supply, San Marcos Growers and West Covina Nurseries