Goleta Valley Beautiful News
December 2003
GVB Holiday Party December 11-Reservation Form will be sent separately

December 2003 Highlights
1. GVB Volunteer/Community Service opportunities 
2. Residential and Business Awards of the Month
3. Sponsor of the Month
4. News Tidbits
5. GVB Holiday Party December 11
6. Event results/Kudos
7. Water Kings and Queens
8. Member information

1. GVB Volunteer/Community Service opportunities
- Call 252-1952 or e-mail kennethknight@Cox.net

Students please bring your community service forms. Tools, drinks, snacks provided. No experience required. All projects under the supervision of a Certified Arborist. RSVP 252-1952

Dec 6- Tree Care - Saturday, 9:00 Am to Noon Learn structural pruning, and care of young trees along Cathedral Oaks Honor Row. Meet at Glen Annie and Cathedral Oaks Road, NW Corner. RSVP 252-1952

Dec 12 - Tree Care Friday, 9:00 AM to Noon. Meet at Glen Annie and Cathedral Oaks Road, NW corner.  Mulching, weeding and formative pruning of young shade trees in public areas. RSVP 252-1952
Dec 20 Tree Care - Saturday 1:00 PM to 4 PM Meet at Glen Annie and Cathedral Oaks Road, NW corner. Mulching, weeding and formative pruning of young shade trees in public areas. RSVP 252-1952
Jan 2 - Tree Planting - Friday 9AM to Noon - Fire Department Administration Building For details call 252-1952
Jan 10 Tree Planting - Saturday 9AM to Noon Devereux Campus Planting of 40 trees as part of an Eagle Scout project. For details call 252-1952
Jan 18 Oak Tree Pruning and Care - Sunday 1 PM to 4 PM Annual Honor Tree maintenance at the Optimist Grove, Lake Los Carneros Park. Call 252-1952 to RSVP
Jan 24 Tree Planting - Saturday 9 to noon Planting 17 trees at Goleta Valley South Little League/Page Youth Center. For details, call 252-1952
Feb 27 Young Tree Care Workshop Friday 8 AM to 4 PM Co-sponsored with the California Urban Forests Council.  More details in next month^s newsletter. Save the date
Ongoing Student Interns 30-hour structured, project-oriented internships, for high school, university and photography students interested in urban forestry, volunteer development, report and grant writing, displays, food product testing and training programs. Flexible hours. Call 252-1952
Ongoing - Develop your own Goleta Valley tree planting and maintenance project! Goleta Valley Beautiful will provide resources and expertise to youth groups interested in developing their own tree planting and maintenance projects. Good opportunity for 4-H, Boys and Girls Clubs, Scouts (Eagle Projects!), school groups, fraternity/sorority,church groups and any youth groups in the Goleta Valley area. Call 252-1952 to develop a project.
2. GVB Residential and Business Awards of the Month

Residential November - 1001 Vereda del Ciervo,  Dick and Irene Fulton, owners Kitson Landscape Management, Inc Design and Maintenance
Residential December - 6239 Avenida Gorrion. Barbara Daly, owner, designer and maintenance
Business November/December - 326 Holipat Center Drive, Holipat Apartments. Cathy Sanders, Manager, Genaro Salazar, gardener.
Nominate your favorite place by downloading our nomination form on the Goleta Valley Beautiful website at www.goletavalleybeautiful.org.  For residential properties, contact Ross Harris at 563-7247, Merlyn Cummings at 964-7802, or Ellen Hamilton at 895-3134 for commercial/office/homeowner associations call Janet Gripp at 705-6832 or Kathy Curtis at 967-5240.  Look for articles in the Valley Voice, the Beacon and the Santa Barbara News Press.
3.Business Sponsors of the Month Thanks to our business sponsors! Goleta Valley Community Center 5679 Hollister Avenue Goleta CA 93117. (805) 967-1237 Randy Rosness, Director randyr@gvcc.sbcoxmail.com
If you go to the midway point of Hollister Avenue, the longest continuous street in Goleta, you will find yourself in front of a Victorian style MTD Bus Stop, looking past a wooded park that is the entrance to the Goleta Valley community Center. The picturesque gazebo and winding brick path on the front lawn tell you that you have come to the ^town center^, the ^Heart of Goleta.^
The seven-acre facility was built as a school in 1927, and remained open for nearly 50 years before new earthquake standards for schools forced its closure. In 1977, the Coastal Conservancy provided a sizable grant to purchase the school from the Goleta Union School District. Through the efforts of Supervisor Bill Wallace and Assemblyman Jack O^Connell, the 25,000 square foot building was saved from being The Center now serves over 350,000 guests annually. It is home to the Central Coast Headquarters of the Community Action Commission, the Goleta Senior Center, food programs, dance classes, Day Care Centers, Legal Aid, Karate, Jazzercise, business seminars and training sessions, and several churches. The raised gazebo, with its international flag display, provides a popular meeting found for political announcements and media gatherings.
The newly renovated property includes lighted parking for 190 cars, a tennis court, outdoor basketball courts, soccer field, certified kitchen facilities, an auditorium, dining hall, meeting rooms, and a beautiful courtyard patio.
Annual events for the community are highlighted by the Tree Lighting Ceremony held on the first Friday of December each year, and a Veteran^s Day Ceremony and Barbecue November 11th.
Whether it was the children of the 1920^s or the throngs of people who frequent the Center in to the year 2004, the Goleta Valley Community Center has long held the ^pulse^ of the Goleta Valley. It^s a healthy heartbeat!
4. GVB News Tidbits
Intern/Community service opportunities UCSB Intern Kevin Brighton is finishing work for GVB this term conducting a review of the vacant sites in the City of Goleta where new street trees could be planted in the future. We will need more 30-40 hour per term interns to complete the project beginning in January.  We also need help with preparing for our 30th anniversary celebration in May by preparing displays of past GVB award winners. Photographers needed! We are also looking for a 30 hour project to clean and repair several hundred used Treegators during the rainy winter months. Finally, we need a product tester to help us revise our products for the Goleta Lemon Festival - we need someone handy in the kitchen to test recipes. Call 252-1952 for information.
Tree Planting Requests -Within City of Goleta areas, GVB is working with City staff and the Design Review Board to develop a process that will allow tree planting species to be decided and acted upon. Until we do, please let your tree planting desires made known to the appropriate government departments in addition to GVB. In the City of Goleta, send your requests to the Community Development Department, 6500 Hollister Ave Suite 120, Goleta CA 93117. In the unincorporated areas of the County, contact either the County Parks Department at 610 mission Canyon Rd., SB 93105-2911 or the Public Works Department at 123 East Anapamu St., SB 93101. You can mention that you would like to work with GVB in planting trees in public areas. We^ll have a list of approved City and County trees on our website next month. In the meantime, contact 252-1952 for information.
Membership Campaign - We^ve added over 100 new members in the last month and counting. The membership committee composed of Kathy Curtis, Tami Mason and Laura Funkhouser will also be contacting current members regarding their 2004 membership renewals. Please note that you can now use your Visa or MasterCard for membership donations. Please consider giving an Honor Tree as a holiday gift that will be long remembered.
Tree Planting Projects Delayed, Maintenance continues- Once again, we have been delayed in initiating our grant-funded tree planting projects that we planned to begin in September and are now scheduled the beginning of the year. California Department of Fire and Forestry officials have not yet completed the administrative processing of grants awarded last June. In the interim, we^ll be concentrating on maintenance and non-grant projects.
GVB Board Member changes - Arborist Dan Condon is joining our Board of Directors until he leaves for Michigan sometime next year Also joining the Board is CopyRight Printing Systems Owner/Notary Public Phebe Mansur. GVB Treasurer Harry Hagen regretfully announced his resignation effective December 12 due to time requirements of his employment and commitment to family. The GVB Nominating Committee is looking for a Treasurer candidate to serve the remainder of one year terms that began August 2003. Candidates should be familiar with the mission and goals of Goleta Valley Beautiful (see the end of this Newsletter) and be willing to provide policy direction for implementing these goals. Goleta Valley Beautiful is committed to a diverse representation of interests on the Board that reflects the Goleta Valley population.  If you are interested in serving, please contact Sam Alfano at 967-0595.

Board members in the news include Dan Condon, who was honored at a Nov. 15 Lobero Theater concert with a world premiere of "The Trees Speak" performed by guitarist Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey. Cherie Welsh performs with the Canticle Choir at San Roue Church on Dec. 12-14. Call 566-4646 for ticket information

Live Christmas Trees - Every year after Christmas, we get calls offering us live Christmas trees for planting after the holidays. If you are buying a live tree, please do not buy an Aleppo or Monterrey Pine as they are susceptible to disease. Better choices are Elderica and Norfolk Island Pine, Redwood, and Deodar Cedar. If you have a planting location that you know of that will accept and later maintain them, please let us know how to contact the owners.

Free Tree offer for donor members and volunteers - If you have a non-irrigated location with room for a Coast Live Oak or a Valley Oak, we have free oaks in 2, 5 and 15 gallon containers grown from native (Ellwood Canyon) acorns. The trees were provided courtesy of the Santa Barbara Farm Bureau. If your location is well-irrigated and you have the space for it, we also have several 15 gallon Coastal redwoods available free to a good home with first priority given to current Goleta Valley Beautiful donor members or volunteers who have offered their services in the past year. We also have a limited supply of Eastern redbud trees in 2 gallon containers, and 1 15 gallon Deodar Cedar (an excellent holiday tree). Call 252-1952.

Fresh fruit/vegetable/cookie snacks for volunteers
operating pickup/3/4 ton truck
Garage shelving
Pitchforks/spade forks
Garden Storage shed, any size
Pipe wrenches
5. Goleta Valley Beautiful Holiday Party Invitation
The Goleta Valley Beautiful Board of Directors invite you to join us for a Holiday Dinner Party on Thursday, December 11 from 6:00 to 7:30 pm at the Camino Real Cafe in the Camino Real Marketplace. The party is open to all.  Take a break from holiday preparations and enjoy a gourmet dinner. Please bring a gift valued under $5 for a gift exchange at the end of the dinner. Dinner includes your choice of soup or salad, a non-alcoholic beverage, and home made Goleta Lemon Cake for dessert. Entrees include Roasted Tri Tip, Kona Teriyaki Salmon, Ginger Chicken, or Pasta Gorgonzola.  Reservations are $25 per person including tax and tip. Please phone for reservations by December 8 to 252-1952.  We will send a separate reservation form that you may also use. Hope to see you there.
6. Event results/Kudos
Tree Care during November- On November 1, John (not Dave as indicated last month) Nickels and 5 boys provided pruning, stake and tie maintenance and weeding of 50 young trees on the Dos Pueblos High School campus for 20 service hours. On November 7 John Nickels and 6 boys removed several hundred treegators from locations around the Goleta Valley for 24 service hours. On November 12, Carolina Hoover and 12 boys and Girls planted 4 15 gallon Clematis ligusticifolia vines in the playground behind the Goleta Boys and Girls Club for 24 service hours. On Nov 15, Dan Hernandez and 10 boys trimmed and weeded 29 trees in the rear parking lot of the Page Youth Center for 50 service hours.  Also on Nov 15 was an all Kiwanis Day where some 20 Kiwanis volunteers from around the south coast converged on the Page Youth Center and Goleta Valley South Little League field to install and renovate drip irrigation. We^ll be following up with a tree planting project in January. Thanks to all the Kiwanis for their volunteer and financial support, along with assistance from Mike Cicileo of Cicileo Landscapes and also Dave Fuderich from Kitson Landscape Management, Inc. The service hours from the Kiwanis are somewhere over 50 hours. On Nov 22, John Nickels and 7 boys provided 28 service hours in moving GVB equipment and materials into our new temporary storage shed, provided rent free for three months by the good folks at Marborg. Thanks also to Camino Real Marketplace for providing GVB with a place to store our shed and our fledging nursery. On November 29, John Nickels and 7 boys provided 28 service hours by removing Treegators at various locations, and helping move part of our nursery to our new location within the Camino Real Marketplace.
GVB Website. Our website, www.goletavalleybeautiful.org, is getting even better. Thom Myall has loaded several forms onto the site including honor tree applications, GVB Award Nomination Forms, and Membership Application forms. Please check it out and let us know how we can improve it.
Media Support - Thanks to our friends in the media for the articles and promotions in the Beacon, Valley Voice, NewsPress and Independent.
7. Water Kings and Queens.
GVB volunteers removed and stored Treegators during November. If we missed your Treegator, please let us know and we^ll have GVB volunteers come around to pick it up. There are some trees that have been watered for two years and are now approaching the end of the use of Treegators. These trees should be acclimated by now, and although they could use an occasional deep watering with a garden hose, the Treegator would not be necessary on an ongoing basis. Thank you for your diligence.
In order to help quantify the amount of effort that you^re making, would you please keep track of the number of hours that you (and any other volunteers working with you) have spent watering this past summer, and send a short e-mail message to kennethknight@cox.net with this information, or leave a message at 252-1952. The information will be helpful in soliciting community and foundation support for our programs.
8. Welcome new/renewing donor members/Membership information - (R) designates renewing member
Basic -
Marcie Casillas, David and Marsha Hill, John and Carol Nelson-R, Donald and Barbara MacCallum, Jane Galbraith, Vernon and Jacqueline Huth, Dennis and Marsha Cooper, Janet Atkins, Bram and Elvira Roukema, Russell and Sharon Rumberger, Margaret Fancher-R, Don Henderson-R, James Bonsell, Paul and Therese Robillard-R, Christian and Jane Brun-R, Joan Hanna-R, Charles Coker-R, Brian Frick-R, Harlene Swartz,
Supporting - Karen Bunker, Bonnie Freeman, Cathy Sanders-R, Barbara Bennett, Frederick Tschech-R, Ernestine Horn-R, Robert and Helen McPherrin-R, Dennis and Lynn Kirby-R, Ed Graper-R, Gordon Durenberger, Dan and Connie Wynn-R, Margaret Allaro/Doug Allard-R, Michael Miller, Micki Stern-R, Sam Capra
Family-Tami Mason, Russ Twedt, Alan Gregersen, Dan and LuAnn Condon, Amy Smith-R, Brian Fahnestock and Julie Ladner, Frank Stapelmann, Patricia Trattner Richards-R, Ronal White-R, William and Bonita Dutton, Marguerite and James Downing
Business Sponsors - Agoura Group-Jennifer Bigelow McGovern, Goleta Valley Community Center-Randy Rosness-R, Santa Barbara Orchid Estate-R, Margaret Connell-R
Honor Trees- Rosemary Varga, David Jones and Paula Gregoire Jones-R, Donna Yamasaki,
Thanks for discounts/donations/reduced prices and services from Pacifica Suites, Camino Real Marketplace, CopyRight, and West Covina Nurseries.