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June 2003
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GV 2003 Heritage Tree and Nursery Tour June 29th

Water Kings and Queens begin summer watering this month!

June 2003 Highlights
1. GVB Volunteer/Community Service opportunities

2. 2003 Heritage Tree and Nursery Tour - Sunday - June 29th
3. Residential and Business Awards of the Month
4. Sponsor of the Month
5. News Tidbits

6. Event results/Kudos
7. Annual Banquet Review
8. Water Kings and Queens
9. Member information

1. GVB Volunteer/Community Service opportunities - Call 252-1952 or e-mail kennethknight@Cox.net

June 6Project Playground at Goleta Boys and Girls Club 5701 Hollister Ave - Friday 8:00 AM to Noon. More renovations to the playground at the rear of the Goleta Boys and Girls Club, which is located behind the Goleta Community Center Lunch and refreshments available for volunteers. Sponsored by Home Depot, Outback Steakhouse ,Cumulus Media, Inc. RSVP 252-1952.

June 8 Treegator Distribution Sunday 8:00 AMto 5:00 PM.
Meet atGlen Annie and Cathedral Oaks Road, NW corner, or call to reserve any time during the day. Annual distribution and installation of Treegators (portable tree irrigators) and mulch throughout theGoleta Valley. All ages, please wear garden gloves.RSVP 252-1952

June 15 Tree maintenance and irrigation Sunday1:30PM to 4:30PM.
Meet at Glen Annie and Cathedral Oaks Road, NW corner.  Mulching and irrigation of trees on Goleta UnionElementary School campuses. Please wear garden gloves. RSVP 252-1952

June 20 Tree maintenance and IrrigationFriday 8:30 AM to Noon.

Meet at the parking lot of the Stow House, 304 N. Los Carneros Road. Mulching and irrigation of oaks in LosCarneros Park. Tools provided,please weargarden gloves. RSVP 252-1952

June 22 Tree maintenance and irrigation Sunday 1:30PM to 4:30PM.
Meet at Glen Annie and Cathedral Oaks Road, NW corner. Mulching and irrigation of shade trees in EastGoleta Valley unincorporated public areas. Please wear garden gloves. RSVP 252-1952

June 27 Oak Tree Repotting Friday 9:00 AM to Noon
Meet at the NW corner of Glen Annie and Cathedral Oaks Road. Repotting 250 native grown oak trees into larger containers under the supervisionof a Certified Arborist. Tools provided. Please wear garden gloves. RSVP 252-1952

July 4 29th Annual Old-Fashioned 4th of July Celebration at Historic Stow House Friday, 11 AM to 5 PM
Goleta Valley Beautiful will have a booth at this family-oriented event sponsored by the Goleta Valley Historical Society, and we encourage ourvolunteers to sign up to help at our booth. Also volunteers are needed to help the Goleta Valley Historical Society for set-up, decorating, booth hosts and clean-up. Volunteer opportunities and hours vary from4 to 8 PM July 3, and 7 AM to 6 pm July 4th. To volunteer, call 252-1952, or Robin Cederlof,GVHS, at 967-7426

OngoingDevelop your own GoletaValleyurban forestry project!
Goleta Valley Beautiful will provide resources and expertise to youth groups interested in developing their own urban forestry projects, or assisting with a GVB project. Good opportunity for 4-H, Boys and Girls Clubs, Scouts (Eagle Projects!), school groups and any youth groups in theGoletaValleyarea. Call 252-1952 to develop a project.

2 June 29 2003Heritage Tree and Nursery Tour Sunday10:30AM to 5:00PM

This is our annual tour of Goleta Valley trees to benefit Goleta Valley Beautiful. Join tour leaders Jerry Sortomme and Dan Condon for a delightful excursion around the Goleta Valley aboard a comfortable air conditioned bus courtesy ofSanta Barbara Airbus. Please check our website for ticket information by Clicking here to see the file or call 252-1952.

3. GVB Residential and Business Awards of the Month

Residential - May - 1030 May Court, Perry and Ellen Berk, owners - June - To be announced-see July^s newsletter

Commercial - June - Jordano^s 550 S. Patterson

Nominate your favorite place by downloading our nomination form from theGoletaValley Chamber Of commerce
website at www.goletavalley.com
For residential properties, contact Ross Harris at 563-7247, for commercial/
office call Kathy Curtis at 967-5240. Look for articles in the Valley Voice, the Beacon and the Santa Barbara News Press.

4.Business Sponsors of the Month

Kitson Landscape Management,Inc. 5787 Thornwood Drive, Goleta 93117 - (805) 681-7010

Kitson Landscape Management has over 33 years of horticultural experience in Goleta and Santa Barbara. The company was founded by Brent and Sally Kitson under the name of Kitson Nursery, but in the year 2000 the name was changed to better reflect the array of services provided to the community. Kitson Landscape Management, Inc. specializes in commercial, municipal and industrial sites, as well as planned residential communities. They promise to deliver honest value by consistently tailoring their services to meet the specifications of their customers.  Kitson Landscape Management, Inc has over 75 full time employees, a fleet of 30 well-maintained vehicles, and a full selection of reliable equipment ranging from hand tools to a bulldozer. Feel free to visit their headquarters at 5787 Thornwood Drive in the heart of Goleta, or give them a call at 681-7010 to speak to their managing horticulturalists, Sarah Kitson and Dave Fudurich.

The Towbes Group, Inc www.towbes.com
The Towbes Group, Inc. is a Santa Barbara based construction, development and asset management company dedicated to customer satisfaction through quality projects and services, attention to detail, responsiveness, reliability, integrity and fairness.  They develop residential, commercial, industrial and retail properties, and their services range from development and construction to maintenance and management of these properties for their own account and for their clients.  they are long-term managers, and they take great pride in both the quality of their developments and their exacting management standards.
The Towbes Group has a history of over 45 years of professional experience in all aspects of real estate development. They have a proven track record for producing quality projects while meeting the needs of the community. They have developed more than 5,000 residential units, including many affordable housing projects, and over 1.2 million square feet of commercial uses. They currently manage 1.3 million square feet of commercial space and approximately 1,700 residential units. Their development experience is well known, bringing that something extra to a project. Their company has been built on a history of achievement, pride and community service based on their core purpose: "Striving to make our corner of the world a better place; one project, one idea and one person at a time."

5. GVB News Tidbits

GVB Board of Directors Nominating Committee The GVB Nominating Committee is continuing its search Board of Directors candidates to serve one year terms beginning in August, 2003. Candidates should be familiar with the mission and goals of Goleta Valley Beautiful (see the end of this Newsletter) and be willing to provide policy direction for implementing these goals. Goleta Valley Beautiful is committed to a diverse representation of interests on the Board that reflects the Goleta Valley population. If you are interested in serving, please contact Sam Alfano at 967-0595.

"Professor and the Potman" Radio Show - SBCC Environmental Horticulture Professor Emeritus and GVB Heritage Tree Tour guide Jerry Sortomee discusses all of your horticultural issues and questions on his radio show with a special first anniversary show on Saturday June 7.GVB Beautiful will be donating a Redwood tree as part of the celebrations. "The Professor and the Potman" on KEYT AM 1250 radio airs from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM every Saturday. You can call& Jerry and co-host Brent Freitas during their show at 962-8255, or contact them by e-mail at profanpot@hotmail.com


  • Bottled water, packaged snacks forvolunteer workers

  • Garden hoses, any length

  • Waterproof storage containers with lids

  • Heavy duty tarpaulins

  • Coffee Thermos-Pump Style

  • Portable shade structure

  • Pitchforks/spade forks

  • Ice chests

  • Month-to-month office space

6. Event results/Kudos

Volunteer Tree Maintenance Efforts We only had one rainout this month, and that was ironically Water Awareness Day. Otherwise it was a full month. On May 2, 9 and 30, Tri-Counties Boot Camp crews spent 109 hours pruning, weeding and mulching and maintaining 152 trees along the Cathedral Oaks Rd Linear Honor Tree Grove, at Queen Ann, Evergreen, Mathilda, Stonebridge and La Goleta Open Spaces, an on Momouth, Hastings, Kingston, Lyon Streets. Eagle Scout candidate Trevor Scoggins led 18 volunteers in 113 hours of weed removal and new native plantings in the rear recreation area of the Goleta Boys and Girls Club. Well done, Trevor!

Tree Plantings - In a light but varied month, GVB volunteers planted 1 Black Cottonwood in back of the Goleta Valley Girls and Boys Club, one Australian Willow in front 654 Edgewood, and one New Zealand Christmas Tree in Girsh Park.

Student volunteers We always appreciate student volunteers volunteering for GVB as part of their community service requirements. Sabri Ballin refurbished GVB Beautiful Award signs and repotted trees, Kurt Brueckner installed honor tree plaque supports, and Summer Talbot worked on general grant formats, part of 122 volunteer hours contributed this month. Wes McCullough and Natalie Giusti have spent the past month working on a Pilot Project for a Tree Inventory Geographic Information System, and Natalie has also volunteered to work on 3 grant applications for GVB. Thanks to all.

Thanks to Ken Doty,President of the Santa Barbara County Farm Bureau for his donation of 300 oak tree seedlings to Goleta Valley Beautiful. Ken personally collected the acorns at his Ellwood Ranch and grew them. We^ll put them to good use immediately for plantings at Tajiguas Landfill in conjunction with the County Public Solid Waste Department. GVB Volunteer Lauren Gleason suggests that we use them in planting oaks along Cathedral Oaks Road next to the new bikepath. What do you think?

7.Annual Banquet Review

Eighty attendees at our May 17th Annual banquet were very appreciative of the efforts of the Board and our sponsors. Sam did a stellar jobas MC without Larry Crandell, getting us through way before 9:00 PM. Kathy and Cherie^s work on the decorations was imaginative and fitting for a Goleta theme, and very economical. Ross and Kathy^s presentation was distinctive, professional and moved right along. And the certificates prepared by Kathy and Cherie were very professional. GVB finished the evening with a very positive image in the community, as was noted in a subsequent front page article in the Valley Voice.
In case you missed them, the 2003 winners in the 8 Annual Award categories are 1. Preservation of Goleta Valley^s Heritage -Fairview Gardens Farm 2. Public Space Improvement- Calle Real Median from Kellogg to Patterson 3. Residential Property Renovation-The Richards Family Home, Via Lara Lane 4. Commercial Property Renovation-Turnpike Shopping Center 5. Sustainable Development-Bren School of Environmental Science 6. Single-Family Residential Property-660 N. San Marcos Road, 7. Multi-Family Residential-Mountain View Ranch 8. Commercial Property-Heritage House, 5200 Hollister Avenue.
President Sam Alfano presented certificates of appreciations to GVB Advisory Council Members and noted volunteers in the community including Harriet Phillips, Judy Thiele, Jerry Berry, Kathy Lucian, and Friends of the Ellwood Coast. Honor Tree Awards were presented to Councilmembers Jean Blois, Cynthia Brock, Margaret Connell, Jonny Wallis and Mayor Jack Hawxhurst, to Mark Ingalls, Camino Real Marketplace, Jim and Doreen Farr, Ed Graper, Randy Rosness, Art Flores, Al Turnbull, and Venoco, Inc.
A note of appreciation to Merlyn Cummings, who prepared 5 Goleta Lemon Label crates for presentation to our benefactors. The crates were awarded to Benefactors Michael Bennett, Al Turnbull, Jim Farr off the agenda. These crates are originals that are gratefully appreciated by the recipients, so thanks again to Merlyn.

Cherie Welsh used her best skills at putting the Silent Auction together, and then being the top bidder for items! Our banquet sponsors are thanked below.

8. Water Kings and Queens.

Sometime during the first two weeks of June, Water Kings and Queens will be receiving instructions on the summer care of their trees and in most cases a Treegator (Portable Tree Irrigator). If you don^t receive notice from GVB by June 22, please call 252-1952.

Water Kings and Queens is the term we have given to our volunteers who have had trees planted adjacent to their property within the past two years. Generally, GVB doesn^t plant a tree unless there is someone to take care of it during its first two year establishment period. The duties of a Water King and Queen are simple. The primary responsibility is to insure that a newly planted tree receives deep watering every week or two during the summer dry months. If the tree you are responsible for is served by a piped irrigation system, then supplemental watering is not needed. For all other trees, if the tree is big enough, GVB will provide a Treegator for summertime watering. When properly placed around a tree, a Treegator will slowly deliver 20 gallons of water to the rootball. If the tree is too small to use a Treegator, a berm will be necessary. GVB volunteers will contact you in June regarding the tree or trees you are responsible for.

8. Welcome new/renewing donor members/Membership information - (R) designates renewing member

Benefactor- Marborg-R
Business Sponsors BEI Industrial Encoders-R, Enerpro-R,Santa Barbara Orchid Estate-R, South coast Inn-R, The Towbes Group-R, Greg Janee-R, Patterson/101 Allstore-R
Basic-Frederick and Mary Tschech, Astrid Smith, Ken Kruger-R, Craig Prater, Howard and Rose Cleek-R,
Supporting-Betty Rosness-R, Amy Smith-R, Evalyn Robbins-R, Emilio Casanueva-R, Richard & Judy Jenkins-R, Don Kendig-R, Mike & Noemi Buyco, Ernestine Horn-R, Al Turnbull-R, Doug and Debbie Sharpe-R, Thomas Owens/Suzanne Owens
Family-Dr. R.J. & Jackie Parker-R, Ron & Diane White-R, Richard and Barbara Main, Ron and Sandi Marrotto-R, Thom and Barbara Myall-R
Donations-Special thanks to Al Turnbull for his $1,000 donation to sponsor the Golden Shovel Award for the next ten years. Also thanks for general operating support donations from Kathy Lucian and Al Sandow.
Banquet Sponsors- Anna^s Bakery, Best Western South Coast Inn, Camino Real Cafe, Cold Spring Tavern, Gold^s Gym, Peter and Heather Georgakis, Holiday Inn, Home Depot, Knapp Nursery, Nexxus Products, Orchard Supply Hardware, Patterson/101 Allstore, Pacifica Suites, Ramada Limited, Santa Barbara Orchid Estate, Sac-Art, Terra Sol Garden Center, Mid State Bank and Trust, Cherie Welsh/Venoco, Inc. and Western Farm Service.
Also thanks to ongoing Discounts/donations/reduced prices and services from Pacifica Suites, Camino Real Marketplace, Island Feed and Seed, Tri-Valley Trophies, CopyRight, and West Covina Nursery.

Donor Membership Renewal For those of you who haven^t renewed your donor membership since September 2002, our Annual Banquet mailing includes a note on the outside envelope that says when your donor membership expires, or a request to consider donor membership if you are not a donor member. Much of our general operating expense is covered by the generosity of our member donors. We will also continue to offer volunteer memberships that are oriented primarily to students and lower-income families who choose to support with "sweat equity".

Donor Membership Information - Clip here and mail to:
GoletaValleyBeautiful Membership,PO Box 6756,Goleta,CA93160-6756
Yes, I want to help Goleta Valley Beautiful^s efforts to beautify and green theGoletaValley.

Here^s my membership gift of:
___ $35 Supporting - Includes a laminated originalGoletaLemon Association label lithograph

___ $25 Basic, includes e-mail newsletter

___ $60 Family - Includes a GVB Polo-shirt, GV baseball cap or 4 commemorative labels

___ $125 Honor Tree - Includes membership and a handsome certificate sent to whoever you designate with plaque - Includes membership, a certificate and a plaque at the base of your tree
___ $250 Benefactor - Includes an original miniatureGoletaLemon crate handcrafted by GVB Board Member Merlyn Cummings.

___ $___ Donations - All contributions and memberships are tax deductible
___ $100 Business Sponsor - Includes business spotlight in our e-mail newsletter, publishing of name in our annual report, family member benefits

_______ Service membership - Please contact me about volunteering for the GVB community

New option - Visa/MasterCard number________________________ Expiration ____________


If Business, contact person _______________________________________________________


City, State, ZIP_________________________________________________________________


E-mail (used only for Newsletter/GVB special events) ___________________________________________________________________________

GVB is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, federal tax id # 23-7392774
GoletaValleyBeautifulP. O. Box 6756Goleta,CA93160-6756 www.goletavalleybeautiful.org Phone  252-1952
Board of Directors: Sam S. Alfano-President, Judy Thiele-2nd Vice President, Doug Winter - Secretary, Cherie Welsh - Treasurer. Board members: Ross Harris, Merlyn Cummings, Alan Cavaletto, Al Turnbull, Thom Myall, Kathy Curtis,  Kristen Amyx.  Executive Director - Ken Knight
MemberCaliforniaReLeaf Network
Board of Directors meetings at Pacifica Suites,5490 Hollister Avenue, from7:30 AMto8:30 AMon the first Friday of the month. Our mission: To ensure and improve the beauty of the Goleta Valley through our 5 goal areas,  (1) Urban Forestry Management (2) Neighborhood Responsibility (3) Business Responsibility (4) Education (5) Public Area Beautification.
To remove your name from this e-mail list, send a return email with the word ^remove^ in the subject area, or call 252-1952.


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