Goleta Valley Beautiful News
March 2003
GVB cell phone 252-1952, Website www.goletavalleybeautiful.org
Celebrate California Arbor Day on March 7 and all month long!

March 2003 Highlights
1. GVB Volunteer/Community Service opportunities 
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6. Adopt-A-Highway Survey- PLEASE RSVP to survey by 3/14.  
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1. GVB Volunteer/Community Service opportunities - Call 252-1952 or e-mail kennethknight@cox.net

March California Arbor Day/Month (Luther Burbank^s Birthday). Arbor Day at local schools
This year we are emphasizing the value of maintaining a tree once it has been planted and how people of all ages can help. Call 252-1952 to participate. March 4 Brandon School, 1:05 to 2:10 and 2:10 to 2:50 March 5 El Camino School, 12:45 to 1:05