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February 2003
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Water Kings and Queens-No rain in early Feb. forecast.  For all trees planted in the past year, please put a hose on low flow at the base of the tree for a few hours every two weeks till it rains. 

February 2003 Highlights
1. GVB Volunteer/Community Service opportunities 

2. Other Notable and Upcoming Events
3. Residential and Business Awards of the Month
4. Sponsor of the Month
5. News Tidbits
6. Event results/Thank you

7. Member information

1. GVB Volunteer/Community Service opportunities - Call 252-1952 or e-mail kennethknight@cox.net 

 February 7, 14, 21 & 28 -  Tree plantings - Kellogg Avenue - Every Friday morning in February, 8:30 to Noon Meet at the corner of Berkeley and Kellogg at 8:30.  Planting 15 gallon Australian Willows with root shields in the parkway (between the sidewalk and the curb) to replace previously removed Liquidambars.  No experience required.  Tools and refreshments provided.   RSVP 252-1952
 February 9,         Tree Pruning and Maintenance Workshops - Sundays 1:30 to 4:30 PM.
                                    Meet at the NW corner of Glen Annie and Cathedral Oaks Road at 1:30.
                                    Maintenance and formative pruning along the Honor Row of trees on
                                    Cathedral Oaks Road.  No experience required.  Pruning tools and
                                    refreshments provided.  Please wear garden gloves.  All work done from
                                    the ground, with no ladders, under supervision of a Certified Arborist.
                                    Refreshments provided.  RSVP 252-1952
 February 16,23  Tree Pruning and Maintenance Workshops  Sundays 1:30 to 4:30 PM.
                                    Meet at the Stow House Parking Lot, 304 North Los Carneros Road at 1:30.
                                    Maintenance and formative pruning on newly planted trees in Los Carneros Park.
                                    No experience required.  Pruning tools and refreshments provided.  Please
                                    wear garden gloves.  All work done from the ground, with no ladders, under the supervision of a Certified Arborist.  Refreshments provided.  RSVP 252- 1952

 March/April        Tree Plantings on N. Kellogg, Butte, Stow Canyon, Pembroke  Fridays, 8:30 to Noon.  
                                    RSVP to 252-1952
                                    March 7-N. Kellogg
                                    March 14 and 21- Butte
                                    March 21 and 28 - Stow Canyon
                                    April 4 and 11- Pembroke 
March/April           Tree Pruning and Maintenance Workshops - Sundays 1:30 to 4:30 PM
                                    RSVP to 252-1952
                                    March 2 and 9 - Dos Pueblos High School
                                    March 16 - Brandon and El Rancho Schools
                                    March 23 - La Patera and Kellogg Schools
                                    March 30 - Hollister School 
                                    April 13 - La Goleta, Stonebridge, Oro Verde Open Spaces
                                    April 19 (Saturday) Queen Anne, Mathilda Open Spaces, Momouth Ave.
                                    April 27 -Hastings, San Federico, El Gaucho, 4400 Cathedral Oaks

2. Other Notable and Upcoming Events

March 9              California Arbor Day And Luther Burbank^s Birthday.  Look for announcements of & various Arbor Day projects at local schools during the month of March.  This year we are dates in March  emphasizing the value of maintaining a tree once it has been planted and how people of all ages can help.  Details in the March Newsletter.  If you would like to participate, call 252-1952. 

April 26               Goleta Boys and Girls Club Playground Planting - Installation of drip system, planting of native trees and shrubs, and clearance of invasive weeds.  This will be an Eagle Project for Troop 105 scout Trevor Scoggins.  To volunteer, please contact Trevor at 968-0128
            Award Committee Members  The Chairs of the Residential and Business Award Committees are looking for part-time participants to help in the review and selection of homes and businesses for our monthly award program.  If you would like to spend a few hours participating in this prestigious process,call Business Chair Kathy Curtis at 967-5240 or Residential Chair Ross Harris at 563-7247.    

 Develop your own Goleta Valley urban forestry project! Goleta Valley Beautiful will provide resources and expertise to youth groups interested in developing their own urban forestry projects, or assisting with a GVB project. Good opportunity for 4-H,Boys and Girls Clubs, Scouts (Eagle Projects!), school groups and any youth groups in the Goleta Valley area.  Call 252-1952 to develop a project.

3. GVB Residential and Business Awards of the Month
Neighborhood Residential  February

                                             - January - No award (see help wanted notice above)

 Commercial  February - Superconductor Technologies, 460 Ward Drive.  Carol Veron-Owner,
                         Steve Harper-Facilities Manager, Mike Holiday of Design Arc-Building Architect,
                         Robert Fowler-Landscape Architect, Kitson Landscape Management-Maintenance. 
                        January - Heritage House  5200 Hollister Avenue, Alexander Saunders Maintenance Manager.
Nominate your favorite place by downloading our nomination form from the Goleta Valley Chambers website at www.goletavalley.com .  For residential properties, contact Ross Harris at 563-7247, for commercial/office call Kathy Curtis at 967-5240.  Look for articles in the Valley Voice, the Beacon and the Santa Barbara News Press.

4. Sponsor of the Month  California ReLeaf  Martha Ozonoff, Executive Director, Elisabeth Hoskins, Grant Coordinator.  1107 Ninth Street, Suite 1050, Sacramento, California 95814  916 557-1673.    California ReLeaf is a program of the Trust for Public Land.  As the Trust for Public Land^s urban forestry program, they work with the California Department of Forestry and over 50 Network partner nonprofit organizations to involve the residents of California in urban and community forestry on a local level.  In mid-2003, California ReLeaf will become a program of the National Tree Trust.

    GVB is the recipient of a $5,000 California ReLeaf Capacity Building Grant Program for the GVB 2003 Tree Maintenance Project.  You^ll note from our schedule the increased number of Sunday afternoon tree pruning and maintenance projects, funded in large part from this grant.  Our intent through this grant is to develop a stronger volunteer base educated in proper shade tree pruning and maintenance techniques, who in turn will help promote the GVB goal of individuals taking responsibility for the nurturing of our public forest.  This is the third competitive grant we have received from California ReLeaf in the last two years, and we are grateful for their support.          

5. GVB News Tidbits

Membership Campaign - If you receive an e-mail or phone message from Membership Coordinator Janel Smit, that means your donor membership renewal is overdue.  Much of our general operating expenses is covered by the generosity of our member donors.  If you haven^t yet mailed in your donor membership, the new Goleta Valley Beautiful forest green polo shirts have arrived, free with a $60 membership.  Note that the date of donor membership expiration is on the outside front of the flier we mailed in September.  If you misplaced your flier, please use the form in this newsletter.  Please don^t wait for us to contact you, as we may have an incorrect e-mail, phone or mail address.
Water Kings and Queens - We^ve had no rain in January, and as of the beginning of February there is no rain in the forecast.  So we ask all of you who have been watering your trees this past summer to please put a hose out to the edge of your tree^s rootball (generally about 1 foot from the trunk) and leave the water on for about an hour or two every two weeks until it rains.  The water should not flow off the tree site, if it is, turn down the flow of water. 
            This is a temporary measure until the rains return.  We^ll be installing Treegators later this spring on trees that need them.    
GVB Board Members Vacancies - Due to an unexpected increase in workload at work, recently inducted new Board member Emilio Casaneuva from UCSB has regretfully resigned from the GVB Board.  We now have two Board member vacancies.  Members are always encouraged to participate occasionally on our 5 primary Committees: Urban Forestry, Residential Awards, Business Awards, Public Area Beautification/Government Monitoring, and Educational Programs, as well as ongoing fundraising and membership programs. Call 252-1952 to participate.
                Bottled water, packaged snacks for
                    volunteer workers
               Garden hoses, any length
                Waterproof storage containers with lids
               Heavy duty tarpaulins
                Coffee Thermos-Pump Style 
                Portable shade structure
               Pitchforks/spade forks
                Ice chests
                Month-to-month office space with room for 1 desk 
    We^ve had a few items drop off the wish list thanks to GVB supporters including a large wooden tool chest donated by Merlyn Cummings, a portable tool chest donated by Mike Lunsford, and children^s books on trees donated by Lee Alfano.  

6. Event results/Thank You
Optimist Grove Tree Maintenance -  On January 12 and 26, 25 volunteers contributed 60 volunteer hours and made several mountains of debris from pruning the 90 oaks at Optimist Grove in Lake Los Carneros Park.   We also replaced two oaks that we think succumbed to gopher damage.   Thanks to media ads, we had a lot of dedicated volunteers.  We got through approximately 2/3 of the trees, and we^ll be back to finish later in February.  Special thanks to Arborist Dan Condon, to Optimist Club and Goleta Valley Beautiful volunteers, and to County Park staff for removing all the trimmings. 
Page Youth Center Tree Maintenance -  Volunteer turnout was very light at Page Youth Center tree maintenance event held during the Martin Luther King Holiday Weekend.  But we managed to trim most of the trees in the front of the Center.  We^ll schedule another session to take care of the trees in the rear of the center and in the parking lot.      
Tree Plantings - GVB received approval in January to initiate it^s tree planting contract with the City of Goleta.  During January, we^ve planted 5 Chinese Pistache on Lyon, and 16 Australian Willows along N. Kellogg with the help of Tri-Counties Boot Camp crews.   We^re planting about 5 trees a week, which includes installing root shields in previously root infested areas.  Now that we^re planting, we^re getting calls from people who previously said they didn^t want any trees.  Several have changed their minds and now want a tree.  We^ll accommodate all our budget will allow.
    In addition, we planted 15 replacement oak trees at Los Carneros Park using tree stock grown from local acorns by Dougal House.  We also replace 3 Brisbane Box trees along Cathedral Oaks Road, casualties of the heavy rains early this year which drowned some

7. Welcome new/renewing donor members/Membership information - (R) designates renewing member 
Basic Duke McPherson (R), Pat Corwin (R), Dennis and Lynn Kirby (R), Dick Sandow (R)
Supporting Daniel and Enza Henderson (R)
Honor Trees Ken and Nancy Knight (R), Christina Franquet
    Thanks to discounts/donations/reduced prices and services from Pacifica Suites and Camino Real Marketplace.
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