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July 2002
 GVB cell phone 252-1952, Website www.goletavalleybeautiful.org
Tree Plantings on July 6 and 14

July 2002 Highlights
1. Volunteer/Community Service opportunities for July/August
2. GVB Events in July /August
3. Residential and Business Awards of the Month
4. Business Sponsors of the Month
5. News Tidbits
6. Event results/thank yous
7. Welcome new members-Membership Renewal information

1. Volunteer/Community Service opportunities - Call 252-1952 or e-mail kennknight@aol.com for more information
July 6 - Saturday     Momouth Street Tree Planting  9 AM to Noon
Planting up to 15 Tristania conferta (Brisbane box) on both sides of Momouth between Valdez and La Patera.
Call Rick/Theresa Savage 683-1259
July 13 - Saturday     La Goleta Open Space Tree Planting  9 AM to Noon
           Planting 9 Coast Live Oak trees in the La Goleta Open Space, Manzanillo and La Goleta Roads.  NOTE: KEYT-TV crews will be taping examples of our work for inclusion in a future broadcast of the TV show Santa Barbara Treasures featuring Goleta Valley Beautiful.
Call Ron and Diane White, 964-9742 or 252-1952
July 1-30  Flexible time Community Outreach
Distribute doorhangers describing August/September GVB planting programs.  Call 252-1952.
July 7,14,21,28 -Sunday  Refilling Treegators with water  truck at Lake Los Carneros Park, and Cathedral Oaks Road
Morning (8 to noon) &/or afternoon (noon to 4) shifts.  Good community service opportunity f
Nominate your favorite place.  For residential properties, contact Ross Harris at 563-7247 , for commercial/office call Kathy Curtis  at 967-5240 or Mark Ingalls at 685-3458.

4. Business Sponsors of the Month -
Santa Barbara Airbus 5755 Thornwood Drive, Goleta, CA 93117 (964-7759, (800) 423-1618, Fax 683-0607.  www.sbairbus.com
Eric Onnen and his staff provide daily scheduled service between Los angeles International Airport and the Santa Barbara/Goleta area since 1983.  Charter service is available in 25 and 47 passenger buses.  They were recently recognized as the Small Business of the Year 2001 by the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce.  Please check their website for a variety of Day Trips and Adventures, or call them if you would like to receive their monthly Day Trips and Adventures calendar at 964-7759.
GVB thanks all of the sponsors, donors and volunteers who made our recent Goleta Valley Heritage Tree and Nursery Tour possible.  Special thanks to Eric Onnen and Santa Barbara Airbus for providing us a bus and driver, to Mike Howells and the Sizzler Restaurant for accommodating our luncheon group, to Bill Ehrlich of the Larwin Company for access to Bishop Ranch, and to the Valley Voice, Santa Barbara News Press, The Independent, the South Coast Beacon  for media coverage before and after the event.  Also thanks to all the volunteers including our entertaining and informative guide Jerry Sortomme, Doug Zylstra of West Covina Nursery, Randy Baldwin of San Marcos Growers, Santa Barbara County Park Ranger Valerie Smith, Goleta Valley Historical Society Representatives Julie Dyer and Fermina Murray, Jason Rambo of Pacifica Suites, Jack Engle of the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County, and Linda Giles and Ken Marshall with the Bishop Ranch property,  

5. GVB News Tidbits
    New GVB Board member Kathy Curtis  Kathy Curtis Sterken joins the Board this month to assist in our business recognition program, among other items.  Kathy is a customer service representative with Manchester Insurance just off Turnpike Road here in Goleta. We still have two vacancies on the Board of Directors, particularly for people with strengths in fundraising, membership development, and/or neighborhood organizing.    Call 252-1952 if you are interested in being a Board member, or come to our July 5 Board meeting to see how we operate.  Board member Thom Myall will probably not be there--he^s been called out of retirement to be an Incident Commander for the forest fires in the Durango, Colorado area.
Budget discussions with the County and City  GVB efforts to persuade the County to allocate funds for urban forestry work in the unincorporated areas of Goleta Valley ended up several steps backward.  The County Board cited State budget cutbacks and not only did not approve any funding for new efforts in the unincorporated Goleta Valley, but also substantially cut tree trimming in Parks and cut contract arborist services altogether.
Although the Goleta City Council did not approve any funding for higher service level urban forestry projects at this time, they are amenable to further discussions, and there are good indications that another funding proposal for urban forestry management will appear before the Council sometime or students, call 252-1952.
July/August - Develop your own urban forestry project!
Treegators, the trees were again uprooted and the Treegators again slashed.   Thanks to the neighbors but we can^t sustain these type of losses (over $800) and we will not replant in those areas.  However, the other 350+ trees we^ve planted this year are well for the most part, except most are thirsty due to the continuing dry weather we^ve had this year.  
One digital camera ($300)
One eight foot step ladder (for pounding tree stakes into place) $100
One first aid kit.  (Donation offered, in process of confirmation)
Three spade forks (for distributing mulch) ($30 each)
Two picks ($30 each)
One power auger ($1,000)   
Replacement of 20 Treegators ($400)

6. Event results/Thank Yous
San Federico Ave. - Thanks to our 23 volunteers who spent 57 hours arranging for 11 Fern Pines (Podacarpus gracillior) trees to be planted, staked and Treegatored at San Federico Avenue between Santa Lucia and San Gonzalo.  These figures include use of the Tri-counties Boot Camp Crew, neighborhood outreach, refreshment contributors, et al.  
Honor Tree Dedications - On June 8, GVB held a dedication ceremony for Honor and Memorial Tree plaque recipients along the Cathedral Oaks Honor Row west of Glen Annie Road.  Honorees in attendance included Larry Crandell, Supervisor Susan Rose, Jim Isaac, Scott McGolpin, Jim Clark, Donna Simons, Dick Sandow, Phoebe Mansur, Brent, Sally, Sarah Kitson and Dave Fuderich.  You  can have your own Honor Tree dedication plaque by calling 252-1952 for details.Ramada Party   - GVB Board members Merlyn Cummings and wife Helen, along with Board Member Doug Winter provided popcorn to guests at the June 28 party.  GVB members helped identify new people interested in GVB, along with providing information about the urban forest and how the Honor Tree process works.
Water Kings and Queens -  Thanks to our royal members who have agreed to ^adopt^ the refilling of Treegators at the following locations;
El Rancho School - Lynn Bean, Maria
La Patera School - Rick and Theresa Savage and their scout troop
Brandon School- Marcia Hill and Julie Salinas
Hollister School - Jennifer Slayman and Meredith Sedgwick
San Federico Avenue-Diana and Blair Jennings, Fidel Avina, Lisa Holmes, Marvin Dzierski, Eleanor Heister, Rowena Taylor, Dennis and Susanne
Goleta Valley Beautiful will provide financial resources and expertise to youth groups interested in developing their own  urban forestry projects this summer.  Good opportunity for 4-H, Boys and Girls Clubs, Scouts, and any youth groups in the Goleta Valley area.  Call 252-1952 to develop a project.  
Internships July to Aug.  (5-20 hrs/week unpaid) and Fall semester - Assistant to the Executive Director  and Tree Inventory  
     Call 252-1952.  Good community service opportunity.

2.  Goleta Valley Beautiful July Events
  July 4 - Thursday Goleta Valley Signature Art and Signature Series Postcard Display     UCSB Harder Stadium 5 PM
Want to see Goleta postcards?  GVB is co-sponsoring a contest for painters and photographers to develop original artwork for a Goleta Valley postcard, along with the Goleta Valley Art Association, Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce and CopyRight Printing Systems.  Artists who register early will have their work displayed at the Goleta
Valley Historical Society^s Old Fashioned Fourth of July picnic on the Stow House grounds July 4, and later at Borders
         in Camino Real marketplace.  Contest open till July 25. All winners selected by People^s Choice voting, with cash prizes
         and a chance to see your artwork on a Goleta postcard.
For more details, call Phoebe at CopyRight 685-2277 or 252-1952.
July 5 - Friday GVB Board of Directors Meeting 7:30 - 8:30 AM
Monthly meeting of the Board of Directors at the Fireside Room of Pacifica Suites, 5490 Hollister Avenue. Breakfast available for purchase. Members and visitors welcome to provide input into next years budget and business plan.

3. GVB Residential and Business Awards of the Month
Neighborhood Residential - July -- Erik and Debra Lindrose residence, 512 Inwood Drive
Commercial - June/July -- Hollister Professional Buildings, 5266 and 5276 Hollister Avenue, Stonebrook Square, Ltd., and James P. Knell of SIMA Management Corporation, owners soon.
Vandal 10, GVB 0 - Vandal uprooted ten oak trees at El Rancho School and slashed the Treegators supplying them with water.  Despite the heroic efforts of neighbors who helped replant them and install new Polozzo, Marilyn, Gabriel and John Contreras, and William Henderson.
 A continuing thank you to the Kitson Landscape Management Co. for making their truck and water trailer available to GVB.
7. Welcome new/renewing members/Membership information
Membership has increased to 212 as of 6/30/02. This does not count the members who have or will be taking advantage of our new service membership category. We still need donor memberships to help our organization continue to provide services.  Thanks to those below who have contributed to our cause.
Family Members Business Sponsors
Curtis, Kathy , Santa Barbara Airbus (Eric Onnen)

Supporting Members Honor Tree Sponsors
Robbins, Evalyn
Dzierski, Marvin and Patricia
English, Patricia
Basic Members
Murillo, Cathy
Wood, Beth
Kitson Landscape Management Company (Watertrailer and truck during June)
 Heritage Tree Tour Donors - Sam Alfano, Cecilia Brown, John Bury, Sally Cappon, Dr Gary Channer,  Margaret and Joseph Connell, Brian Dennison, Patricia English, Rose Ann Hill, Dorothy Honer, Ken Knight, David Pritchet, Cathy Murillo, Dr. RJ Parker, Joseph Rauch, Evalyn Robbins, Gerry Sottak,  Kathy Curtis, Jim Sterken, Nicki Stern, Al Turnbull Ruth E., Cherie Welsh, Beth Wood    
R - Renewing member     

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