2007 Annual Awards
2007 Residential Awards

The January 2007 award

goes to 75 Castilian in Goleta. Biomechanics Institute completed a renovation of the site in August 2006. To achieve a "modern tropical" landscaping theme, a variety of palms were added. Hearty ground covering and drought tolerant plants consisting of flax, Cottoneaster dammeri "Low Fast", and Society Garlic create dramatic borders in the flower beds. Blue Fescue, Fuchsias, Impatiens, and Birds of Paradise add splashes of color. Drip irrigation was installed. Kitson Landscape Design completed the design, installation, and now maintains the site.

The February 2007 award

goes to 7218 Evanston Place in Goleta. Homeowners Al and Joni Gregson sought to create a year-round, low maintenance landscape, and with the aid of Gil’s Landscape Services they came up with a design. Working around the original Japanese Pine, pygmy palms and grasses were added, along with a ton of local boulders and stone for the dry creek bed. Recycled materials were used wherever possible. A wide Arizona flagstone walkway draws you through the garden as it curves its way to the entry, with solar lighting marking the path.

The March 2007 award

goes to Sunrise Machining Co. and Precision Welding at 5790 Thornwood in Goleta. The landscaping features a personalized "Hawaiian Tropical" theme using unique mixtures of palms and rare Cycads with Kangaroo Paw and Bird of Paradise for accent color. Rock and quaint wood fencing are incorporated into the landscape design. Planted over ten years ago, this drought tolerant and low maintenance site continues to flourish and grow. This is a rare find in a commercial/industrial zone.

Brent Kitson of Kitson Landscape Design completed the installation. Kitson Landscape Design maintains the site.

The April 2007 award

goes to 944 N. Patterson Avenue in Santa Barbara County. Homeowners Jim and VeLoyce Schmidt enrolled the help of son-in-law Peter New, a Cal-Poly graduate in Landscape Architecture, to give a timeless update to their landscape. That was 15 years ago and the same low maintenance plants thrive today. New Zealand ‘purpurea’ flax, three queen palms and a lavendar star flower, Grewia occidentalis, make up the bones while blue festuca ovina glauca and Dymondia margaretae play against the beautiful flagstone pathway. A family installed project.

The May 2007 award

goes to 5055 Del Monaco Drive in Santa Barbara County. Recently retired, Mary Jo and Paul Chrestenson spend a lot of time in their gardens and it shows. A cottage garden that also pays great attention to wildlife, scents and sounds, there are vignettes at every turn and a charming fence topped with copper newels made by Paul. The Honey Locust tree (GLEDITSIA triacanthos), orange tree and bedding plants come alive in spring. Mary Jo said they compost everything and “conserve inside so they can spare water outside.”

The June 2007 award

sits above the cliffs at 5242 Austin Road in Santa Barbara County. Gordon and Patricia Feingold inherited this dramatic seaside landscape along with their new contemporary home in 1994, but since 1996 Patricia Feingold has been editing and caring for the large collection of palms (Queen, Canary Island, Pygmy, King, Mexican Fan) Salvias, Tagetes lemmonii, and grasses, to name a few. A wide dry creek bed dotted with tons of local stone winds through the entire property, while a living wall of Oleander encloses it. Annual mulching keeps weeds down, covers drip lines, and aids the drought tolerant plantings.

The August 2007 award

goes to Jonathan and Diane Bartel at 6188 Stow Canyonin Goleta. When invasive liquid amber trees had to be dug up a few years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Bartel decided to redo their entire front yard and drive-way. Working closely with Santa Barbara Garden Designs Landscaper Joan Bolton, a low maintenance garden was installed amidst a set of willow chairs on a high point. An Eastern Redbud stands guard over Convolvulus sabatius (ground morning glory), Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’, deepred Kangaroo Paws, Society garlic, daylilies, dry stream bed, and a Black-eyed Susan vine at the edge of this corner garden that holds Manzanita, Russian sage and much more beyond the lens.

The October 2007 award

goes to Jane Sevier at 166 N. La Patera Lane in Goleta. After completing a home remodel several years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Sevier took on a total landscape renovation desiring a natural, peaceful setting with drought tolerant plants. Working with Landscape Architect Cheryl Jensen of ARCHART, a design was conceived with a pink and purple theme featuring fruitless Olive trees, ornamental Plums, and Bauhinias (Orchid Tree) for structure, and a winding brick pathway setting off Lavendar, Wistringia, Ceonothus, Cistus and other wildlife-attracting shrubs. Christopher Van Begelen contracted and Renaldo Cardenas maintains.
Photo by Bonnie Freeman

The December 2007 award

goes to Jeff and Nancy Watson of 284 Vereda Leyenda in the Rancho Embarcadero area of Goleta. When AIA Architect Murray Duncan topped off their remodel with a beautiful portico, the Watsons’ stage was set to add a landscape. A natural design from Landscape Architect Robert Andrew Fowler allowed the Watsons’ to take on the contracting. Jeff did much of the stonework and plant installation, all the while checking with Nancy. Water conservation was a main concern so they limited a grassy area and installed wide borders of flowering white, yellow and blue plants. Birch trees, a Jacaranda and flowering Magnoliadot the garden. A path of ‘Aztec Gold’ stone, and a wall of Santa Barbara sandstone presents a welcoming setting against the nearby hills
Photo by Bonnie Freeman

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Here is the schedule we worked out to finish out the years’ worth of awardees leading up to the banquet in May of 2008 AUGUST 2007 BONNIE Residential SEPTEMBER 2007 PHEBE Commercial OCTOBER 2007 BONNIE Residential NOVEMBER 2007 PHEBE Commercial DECEMBER 2007 BONNIE Residential JANUARY 2008 PHEBE Commercial FEBRUARY 2008 BONNIE Residential MARCH 2008 PHEBE Commercial APRIL 2008 BONNIE Residential

2007 Goleta Valley Beautiful Annual Awards

Residential – Single Family – 7910 Rio Vista

Multifamily or Apartments – Elwood Beach Apartments

Sustainable Development – 48 Via El Cuardo

Home Owners Associations – Brookside

Commercial Business/Office – Occam

Preservation of Goleta Valley Heritage – Timbers Restaurant

Public / Institutional – UCSB- Engineering Science

Public Space – North Kellogg Open Space Project

Commercial Retail – SB Humane Society Education Center

Commercial Orchard – Bottiani Family Orchard
Open Category – The Specimen Trees of Bishop Ranch

Golden Shovel - 2006-2007 Awarder – Scott Bull

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